5 Mistakes To Avoid to Become a Successful Blogger

Every human makes mistakes in their life but if you learn from your mistakes and never make that mistake again then you can become successful in every field in your life. In the early days of my blogging I made lots of mistakes but I learn from them and now I am a successful blogger. In this article I’m writing about those mistakes a blogger should avoid to become a successful blogger.

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1. Blogging Without Your Own Domain

This is a common mistakes, everybody starts blogging with a free domain. The main reason behind starting from a free blog is that its free of cost. But one should keep one thing in mind that free blogs can never give you complete control over your blog. So I suggest new bloggers to start your blog with your own domain and own hosting.

2. Irregular Posting

Regular posting is the key to success in the world of blogging. You should always avoid irregular posting. Lots of bloggers start-up well and use to write everyday but after some time they start posting with irregularity. This is not a good sign for the readers of your blog. So always avoid the habit of irregular posting and post regularly.

3. Too Many Ads

Lots of bloggers think that they can earn money overnight from their blog by putting so many ads. But this can irritate your readers. I am not against putting ads on the blog in early days but you should not put too many ad network ads on your blog. Also, using too many ads will affect your search engine ranking according to latest page ad layout algo by Google.

I recommend you to refer to Adsense heatmap to add ads at suitable places on your Blog.

4. Choosing A Niche You Have No Interest

This is another common mistake of new bloggers. They read about the success stories of another bloggers and they start following them and start the blog of same niche. But they don’t have any interest in it. So it can cause a big set back for your blog as you can’t write for long time on any topic if you don’t have any interest in that topic. So always keep your interest in mind before selecting the niche of your blog.

5. Giving Up Too Early

Everybody wants to earn money online and they start thinking that they can become rich overnight by blogging. But when they start blogging and they didn’t earn anything for some time then they give up blogging. Everyone who want to become blogger he/she should keep in mind that blogging is not as easy as it looks. It takes lot of hard word and patience. You can never get success overnight in blogging. So never give up too early. If you work hard and have patience then you will get success in blogging. Hard work and patience is the key to success in blogging.

These are the mistake which I made in the early days of my blogging career. Please do share your experience in the comments section.


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I m working as chief editor of a website. I started my blogging journey three years back and now i am a successful problogger. Read my blogging journey and other money making tips on my blog makemoneytips.co.uk.


COMMENTs ( 46 )

  1. says

    Amazing Post. I am one of the top fans of ShoutMeLoud. Everytime I star reading any of your post, I can’t stop at once. I start reading other then other and so on. This is because of your great posts and dedication.

  2. Dk Patel says

    Excellent written article, Very true bro I have also tried for 2 years and still got nothing because whatever I were started those were crap Now I am focusing on one niche content.
    I got too much experience from my mistake in these two years.
    Thanks again for this article.

  3. Cipto says

    Yes, I apprciate for all your advices. I also felt like that in the beginning of blogging. By reading the other success blogs, we become understand how to monetize our blog effectively and avoid what shouldn’t do and never give-up, that’s the main key of blogging.

  4. sudha says

    Thank you for this simple easy to read list! I am going to work hard and keep persisting with my blog now that you have helped me customise the design!!

  5. vrunda says

    i am agree with you … nice post thanx for shaing.. i am following the 5 steps… so i am going towards successful blogger… post.. great… thanx again..


  6. vrunda says

    great points… thanx for sharing… last point is really hard but it must… don’t give up… it really takes time to make a blog successful…

  7. Naga@Current Affairs Blog says

    I am moving from the bottom of the list. Only the top one of not having your own domain is to be corrected. Will do it soon.

  8. arun kamath says

    Most people read about blogging success stories and think that it is easy money. When they find out that it is not; they give up.

  9. fayaz ahamed says

    your post is great post , please make a post about how to get google adsense quick and its requirements for getting the approval

    thank u

    • Loveish says

      Thnx Fayaz

      Next time when I write a guest post on ShoutmeLoud. I will try to write about google adsense :)

      • Basant Singh says

        @Fayaz you can refer to an article at Ezine for getting the basic guidelines of AdSense Approval like when is the right time to apply, do you need to wait for 6 months, Is there a separate approval guidlines for AdSense publishers from India & China etc. http://ezinearticles.com/?id=3655396

    • Loveish says

      Sudharshan its my personal advice for u, I checked your blog and its really gud. So don’t give up so easily. You can get success in blogging If you have patience.

  10. Jaspal says

    nice write up .. i think personal domain name is really needed … it might not be that important sometime back .. but now .. its greatly essential

  11. Technologian says

    “…you should not put too many ad network ads on your blog”. You mean, if you are using adsense, bidvertiser, or infolinks- it would be better if you will just serve few ad network? Mine, I’m just using Adsense and infolinks… What you think?

    • Loveish says

      I m also using only adsense and infolinks on my site. I don’t like to put much ads because its annoying for readers and they start thinking that you are blogging only for money. Currently i m using only 2 ad slots of Adsense and infolinks. :)

      • Technologian says

        exactly… this is what most bloggers tried, to maximize only at least 2 ad networks… because you can also place affiliate ads on some slot…

  12. S.Pradeep Kumar says

    Nice one dude.. !

    Yes you mentioned all the valid tips. It will be really nice if everyone has their own domain name..!

    • Loveish says

      Well I saw ur blog and you are still making the mistake of irregular posting. There is a gap of 6 days between the first and second post of your blog. Try to post regular so that you get loyal and regular visitors for your blog

  13. Rajesh Kanuri @ TechCats says

    choosing a niche which u were not interested is the sickest one and IMO starting with a free blog never hurts one.. One can (should) always test out the things before he goes live . .

  14. Mini-Stylista says

    Thank you for this simple easy to read list! I am going to work hard and keep persisting with my blog now that you have helped me customise the design!!!
    So much

  15. Aaron says

    Very sound advice. As usual from shoutMEloud. Not meaning to go off topic but you’re setting some incredible records dropping your Alexa ranking huh?

  16. Dana @ Blogging Update says

    I admit that not start with own domain is big mistake. And if your free domain become success blog, it even more difficult. If you move, you will lost all the PR and may the readers, but if you do not move, you waste the great possibilities in own domain.

    • Loveish says

      I think this is the biggest mistake of my blogging career that I didn’t start with my own domain. Thats why I include this in this article, so that it will help new bloggers and they start blogging from their own domain .

  17. laviej says

    I agree. Though most of the bloggers keep in mind the points you have listed here, the very essential thing they would be missing out is blogging in their own domain. Great points that are clear and straight to the core.

      • Rakesh waghela @Webiyo.com says

        Loveish , I certainly don’t agree on the Domain front !

        Perhaps you are missing a point here : Context + Context is a king !


        are the people who have made it with a sub domain blog too !