How To Stay Inspired And Avoid Blogger’s Burnout


A lot of people enter blogging every day. But only a few of them become successful and continue on the blogging journey.

A big part of this blogging community stops blogging after a short time.


  • Because of blogger’s burnout.

If you feel blogging gets annoying sometimes and you’re starting to feel burned out, stick to this post.

I have laid out some excellent tips on staying inspired and avoiding getting to this stagnant stage.

In this quest of being a professional blogger, I have worked quite hard to discover some of the best ways to avoid blogger’s burnout.

10 Ways Of Staying Inspired As A Blogger

1. Set And Maintain A Regular Target

Set And Maintain A Regular Target
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This is a fundamental step to avoid burning out.

For most bloggers, blogging is a part-time (and passionate) means of talking about a personally important topic.

Even though we blog, we still have to manage family, offices, relatives, and friends. As you need to spend a big portion of time with them, it can be quite difficult to find some precious moments for your blog.

To stay inspired during those busy days, make a posting plan. But be careful. Setting up an unrealistic goal is entirely useless. Start slow. Even three posts a week is enough for a blog.

There are some misconceptions around when to post. Some people think you need to post daily, but that’s not true. The secret is to maintain a sustainable speed of posting. Set a realistic posting target and maintain decent time management.

Everything else can be worked out from this foundation.

2. Routine

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Routine is a must for bloggers who want to avoid burning out.

Think about a day of blogging like taking a meal. Divide twenty-four hours of the day equally for mapping, planning, writing, editing, proofreading, posting, publishing, and marketing. Every one of these tasks is equally important. If you do not give regular attention to these important tasks, you will lose focus and find yourself being uninspired.

A great way to follow this routine is by starting your day researching your favorite topic. Then, create a plan and start writing in the morning. Whenever you lose concentration, give yourself a break and start again a few minutes or hours later. But make sure the breaks don’t transition into procrastination.

When the writing is complete, you can proofread and edit in the evening. And finally, you can publish at night. This sort of scheduling is very helpful in keeping you motivated.

3. Develop Ideas

Develop Ideas
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The best way of keeping up the blogging inspiration is by developing new ideas.

For example, you may be fond of photography and like to write posts about it. But don’t just stick to a single topic. Let your mind develop new styles. You may switch from writing camera reviews to reviewing photography-related projects. This shifting lets you discover and study new things.

4. Start Fresh Every Day

It’s hard to get burned out when you start fresh every day.

Whatever makes you start the day fresh, do that. Maybe you can keep your favorite book near your bed, or read a romantic poem after opening your eyes, or maybe you want to journal first thing in the morning. If starting your day with confusing, abstract thinking sounds bad, then don’t do it.

“Soft” things in the morning will typically keep you feeling energetic all day long. Some successful bloggers have suggested taking a walk in the park. It is not a waste of time; rather, it’s a way to energize your brain for writing.

Staying fresh always keeps one inspired to write. This freshness will be reflected in your posts.

And there will be no chance of burning out.

5. Find The Issues

Blogging is not only about writing. There is something more to it.

You need to know how to convey mutual interests between you and everyone else. One common thing about successful bloggers is the ability to highlight an issue that is relatable to their audience.

For instance, if your favorite part of life is fashion, you can create articles around various fashion faux pas. People interested in fashion will be able to relate.

Whereas those who are not interested in fashion won’t be able to relate. But luckily, you do not need to attract that audience.

As soon as you figure out the issue, go into detail about it. The more you can dig in, the more you can stay inspired.

Once you learn how to master the art of researching a topic in depth, the art of blogging will simply be a natural extension of that. Thus, no blogging burnout will occur!

  • For further reading: Research: The Core of Content Marketing

6. Study

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Do not stop studying in other subjects just because you’re a “one-niche” blogger. Posting about food does not mean you aren’t interested in fashion.

The most vital point to becoming a great blogger is having the patience for becoming a prominent reader. A good reader knows the secrets of writing well. There are a lot of inspiring niches in the world.

When you know how to write well, you can write about anything in a compelling way. There are a lot of inspiring niches in the world, and by being a good writer, you can write good articles about something you’re interested in.

Also start looking to history for motivation. You can find thousands of historical biographies and inspirational speeches from years prior. All of these are great things when you need to be reminded of why you are doing what you are doing.

The knowledge of things outside of your own personal context helps in making your blog posts more attractive.


People do not like to stick to a single topic for a long time. When you can mix things up, but stay relevant in your niche, your posts will resonate in the hearts of your audience. You will notice the vibe from the comments and the positive reactions from your circle.

This encouragement will surely keep you inspired.

7. Social Networks

Blogging needs continuity and community. But in order to master continuity, you need to master community. And in order to master community, you need to master social networks.

They are time-killers if you do not know how to properly use them. They help to improve your posts and identify popular topics. They also form connections that help in making your blog more attractive with social proof.

But socializing too much on these sites can kill the valuable time you need to spend blogging. Soon, your inspiration will fade away.

Consider your regular activity in social networks. You log in and start seeing posts of other people. You post comments, like photos, and share things. You click on a news article and it takes you to a new site. You click on a viral video and it redirects you to a new site. Then you do something else and you go to another site. Finally, you notice that you have spent almost 2-3 hours on things that have in no way prepared you for your upcoming post.

This is how people lose their zeal, and the passion of blogging gradually burns out.

To avoid such time-wasting, you need to manage your activities well. Create a list of who you need to contact. After that, you can discuss your topic with them and search for things related to your niche. Stay alert on not visiting remote places of your networks.

By not wasting your time with social media, your posts will be better, and you can get much more inspiration from socializing.

8. Identify Competitors & Observe Their Strategy

A primary reason for quitting or losing inspiration in blogging is competition. A blogger must not get jealous.

Instead of having this negative mind setup, learn to create a healthy competition with the other bloggers in your niche. Do not fight or make any controversial issues.

Healthy competition in developing ideas on the same topic can actually enrich you, as well as provide an incentive for continuing blogging.

Looking at the strategy of other successful bloggers is a good way to increase your audience. You can also figure out what mistakes you’re making and strive to create an ever better blog.

If you think that you are better, but do not have as much of an audience as other bloggers, continue your research and put in some extra effort in producing a better post. This effort to succeed, along with your intention to make your blog better, will keep your batteries charged.

There will be less chance of you losing your concentration. Keep researching, and you can avoid blogger burnout.

9. Be A Serious Blogger

Sometimes we blog for fun, or just to pass time.

But have you ever thought about a blog post changing a life? Let me tell you, it happens.

If you want to take it seriously, you must get out of your living room. You need to stop watching TV. You need to get off of Facebook during work time.

A good way to avoid such disturbance is to have an office. It can be a particular room of your house, or a private room, or even your garage. If you can get out of the living room (or wherever the distractions occur), your blogging will be more professional, and you will taste the real meaning of inspiration.

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This “seriousness” will come across in your posts.

For example, you may blog about gardening part-time. But if you’re posting seriously, your audience will start to understand how serious you are through your writings. They will also subconsciously process that seriousness.

Becoming a professional blogger is inspirational. Just like in a business shoot for success. The feeling of remaining busy in your passion will not let you burn out.

10. Create A Circle

Finally, have some friends with a similar interest. You should gather with all of your friends and connect with them regularly.

It is more efficient than socializing on social networking sites.

When you’re trying to do something challenging, having a bunch of supporters is mandatory.

Your circle of friends will admire, criticize, and suggest ways of improving your blog.

If someone does not like your post, do not lose hope. Make it a part of your thinking process, out of 10 people, 5 will never like your work & this is perfectly fine.

Try to understand what they don’t like and see if you can convince them otherwise. The best way of convincing someone is knowing his/her interest. When you can touch their soft points, include this person in your circle and continue taking feedback from them.

Having lots of people in your corner helps you in avoiding burnout. You cannot stop writing when your supporters will keep bringing you back to blogging.

Note: Admirers are also useful for similar reasons.

BONUS: Get Organized

Here is a bonus tip for staying inspired.

You must have and maintain an organized mindset.

Keep time for family, friends, and of course, blogging. Do not abandon or ignore your friends or family members. They are often some of the most important people with us on our journey.

Avoiding Blogger’s Burnout

Follow these 10 tips when you feel you’re burning out.

Here’s a tip: Always keep a notebook and write the ongoing fulfilling moments of blogging in that notebook. Take a glance at that notebook every night before going to bed.

Overall, feel confident and write for your audience. Blog for passion, and blog for love.

Happy blogging everyone!

What are some things you do to avoid being burned out when blogging? Share some of your tips with me in the comments below.

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  1. Rajkumar@Techie Word

    Hi Shakir,

    Good to have you back brother. Yes, it is true and i agree with you. I have learned a lot from different bloggers but I follow one few bloggers because not only they have a pattern of applying methods that work and they are also relevant. I always work on developing ideas and consistency at what I do. I have started a full timer and even today I’m a full-time blogger.

    Thank you for sharing the tips with us.

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Best of luck, Rajkumar.

  2. Nisha Singh

    I remember once Harsh told that we should avoid alcohol. Apart from that doing meditation and reading SEO blogs (including helps a lot to stay inspired and to stay focused. And apart from that i stay active, research more and i save my strategy on paper, which helps me to know which steps need to be taken next.

    Also, i got a new printer, which helps me to get colorful graphs of last month traffic, bounce rate, CTR etc which i put on my notice board. Looks professional and has many benefit.

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  5. Ash

    For some of us, we can’t even afford something like blogger burnout. When blogging becomes the sole purpose of your being, or if your business depends on it, or if you do it for yourself or for others, burnout is dropout.

    Shakir, every point you listed out is more of a mandate than just tips for me. I’d have to work to stay inspired, keep myself focused, find an office or a shared workspace to work from, and sometimes kill myself just to produce 1200 words worth of a post.

    Thanks for the tips, buddy.

    1. Shakir Hassan

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    I have seen, many new bloggers see successfull bloggers’s big income. And they try to make big money from first. They quickly ruin their blog with making bombing posts.
    They need to learn first, understand the hardwork of successful bloggers, focus on their content quality and traffice, then on money.

    Good to you!!

    1. Shakir Hassan

      Hi Nisha,

      Yep, you’re right.

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    Thank you Shakir. I think another great strategy is reading as many blogs in your niche as you can. That way you’ll always be thinking about the subject – and it will create you to think more.

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    Hello Shakir,
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