How To Set Up Home Office For Blogging (Practical Tips)

Home office setup
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Blogging and YouTube has not become one of the best way to become your own boss.

There are lots of techies who found career as a creator to be so interesting and lucrative that they decided to select content creation as their career.

Choosing to blog, vLogger, Podcasting or freelancing as a career has lots of advantages.

Unlike other business, you do not need a huge investment for starting your new blog, and you can start earning after only 2 or 3 months of hard work.

To make your own blog, you need to purchase a hosting service and a domain name.

But there is something else you should keep in mind before starting your blog:

  • You don’t need to pay rent for an office space.

You can set up an office inside your home and start making money online today.

The fact is many professional bloggers, like Harsh, who work from home have to make many changes in their day to day routine in order to keep the motivation for blogging strong.

  • Could you work in your pajamas 365 days a year?

You need to have a system so that your body and mind don’t get spoiled.

This can all easily be achieved with the help of setting up a home office.

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How will I set up an office at home?

There are a few checkpoints which you should take note of when setting up your home office:

1. Table and chair

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You shouldn’t have to sacrifice good posture to do blogging.

Many bloggers find it fun to blog from bed.

But you should opt for a table and chair instead. It will definitely increase your productivity.

Use a chair with an adjustable height, tilt adjustment, and wheelbase so that you can feel comfortable and stable while working.

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a table/chair, you can easily find used furniture on Craigslist.

This is especially true if you are noticing back pain, or feel lazy throughout the day.

2. Under Desk TreadMill

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Now, if you are going to be spending more than 6-8 hours in your home office, you need something that keeps your physical body active. I could always suggest to do some stretching but let’s be realistic, we often forget about it. This is where an under desk treadmill come into the picture.

In the market, there are multiple options and the one which is simple and easy for your pocket is the Walkingpad folding treadmill.

You can always fold it and keep it inside your work desk, or unfold it and use it while you are on a Zoom call or doing some active work.

3. Use proper desktop or laptop

Use proper desktop or laptop
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You can choose a desktop or laptop according to your needs.

If your work involves traveling, then you should choose a laptop, but if you are blogging from your home, then you should opt for a desktop computer.

I suggest the iMac which is a powerful and efficient machine.

Especially if you do a ton of video editing, you should consider getting a powerful desktop system. iMac or Mac Mini with a screen is the most ideal scenario for you. Make sure to buy a device that gives you an option to upgrade as with Artificial intelligence, the hardware technology will get outdated really fast.

Moreover, you can opt for dual-screen monitors, or you can arrange a laptop and desktop together.

  • A dual-screen depends on your specific needs. If you really need an extra monitor, you can use your home TV as an extended screen, or you can buy an extra monitor for yourself and extend it using an HDMI or video monitor cable.

Remember, your computer is your productivity tool. So get the best computer you can.

4. High Speed Internet connection

For blogging and especially video uploading, you need an internet connection with reliable speed and proper connectivity.

The biggest distraction of any blogger is a broken internet connection.

You should rely on a well-reputed ISP provider. Also, you get a speed of more than 10 MBPS for effective blogging.

Above all, you should get a backup internet connection in the form of a data card, a 4G package on mobile, and so on.

If you are into video blogging, make sure that you get a broadband connection which gives a decent upload rate. Most of the time, the broadband provider offers good download speeds, but the upload time sucks.

5. Effective environment

Harsh Agrawal home office
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Harsh Agrawal home office

Try to make your office environment free from disturbance.

Avoid all the typically disrupting elements like:

  • TV
  • Xbox

Choose a room at the end of the house, or figure out how to make it sound proof. Try to keep all the distraction points away from your working room.

Make your environment cool with proper ventilation.

Power backups should be present to achieve nonstop work.

6. Proper space

You should arrange everything in your room in such a way that every inch of space is utilized efficiently.

For example:

  • Put your CPU under your table and keep all files labeled and in their proper places.

The idea here is to keep your home office as organized as you can which will give you a feel of the office, and allow you to enjoy your work.

Believe it or not, a clean room will always help in improving your productivity. Moreover, there will be no visual distractions.

Here are a few things which you should buy to make your home office look better:

  • Double-sided Velcro tape: This is a must-buy for you to manage easy-to-tangle cables and cords in your home office. One piece of double-sided Velcro tape costs no more than $7.
  • Gaming mouse: These are built for ergonomics. If you spend more than 7-8 hours on a computer every day, a gaming mouse will ensure your hands don’t experience pain. A good gaming mouse starts from $50 & it’s worth your money. I use the Razer gaming mouse on my iMac.
  • Ergonomic chair: This one is essential as you will be spending most of the time sitting in front of a computer. Ergonomic chairs are built to support your back the right way. A good example of an ergonomic chair is your car seat. If you have the money, you should buy a Herman Miller chair which typically costs $1800+. Harsh shared his experience with one of these costly chairs over here. You can also search for other cheap options which will cost around $200.
  • Color your wall: Most bloggers don’t pay much attention to the color of their room, but it’s important to help you feel good & stay focused.

7. Add some spice.

Professional Office At Home
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Now that you have the basics of your home office set up, you should start to add your own personality to it. This will help you feel more comfortable, and ultimately, you’ll be more invested in your work.

Try adding in some plants to give your office the feeling of life. Or maybe replace the fluorescent lights with incandescent lights to give the room a more “natural” feel.

Maybe you can paint the walls purple and pink. Why? I don’t know… why not? What other offices will let you paint the walls?

Now’s the time to have a little fun and make your office feel like it’s truly yours!

These tips will be useful for anyone who works from home and is trying to set up a home office.

In general, try to keep things organized and make your office more professional by following the above 5 tips. This will bring discipline and increased productivity.

How have you set up your home office? Let me know in the comments below.

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Himanshu is a full time professional blogger from India. He is passionate about computer technologies. He daily updates his blog Guiding Tech. Apart from writing on internet he likes listening to music, reading various tech magazines and several other blogs on internet.

21 thoughts on “How To Set Up Home Office For Blogging (Practical Tips)”

  1. pranita deshpande

    Very nice tips. & your office too.

  2. Harshit Singhal

    Yes, these are the quintessential requirements of blogging…

  3. Prabal

    Great Post, very valuable for people like me 🙂

  4. vrunda

    hello… i am also working from home..

    the above tips are really useful.. i feel the main point is that there is a lot of disturbance at home.. because there are many activities usually going on at home.. so try to keep a separate room as your office and lock your room and tell all members of your home that don’t disturb for little stuffs.. especially for girls.. mum usually starts calling her daughter for lil stuffs.. be sincere at work and tell them Don’t Disturb..

    Njoy blogging..

  5. Pranshu Grover

    Hi Harsh !! Thanks for sharing lots of useful info time to time with us. You are doing great job brother…

    Harsh, I want to be professional blogger and want to earn money from it. Please advise me that what topic one should chose for blogging ? and how much time should we have to devote in a day to do serious blogging ?

    Thanks in advance


  6. djashish

    It’s a great booster for all those who always hang between “To do” or “Not to do” blogging as a full time job.If you’re desirous for blogging then it’s the right time to follow these steps and very soon things will fall at right place.

  7. Laptop Rental

    Blogging career is not forever sometimes so investing on equipment that is very expensive is not a good idea. Do a rent on them if you don’t want to spend too much on your first time, as you can do purchase the rented equipment if you think your income allows you already.

  8. Amal Roy

    Great Post. This is some thing i have been thinking of but still i need to cope up with studies. I am a 1/4 time blogger. Really enjoyed this great post. Thanks himanshu. Looking forward to see nice articles like this from you again. Good Luck.

  9. Debajyoti Das

    Really Amazing Post Himanshu…..

    Man I understand One shuld take it more seriously and proffessionally for success. I blog from bed.. 😛

    Am sure lot of people can connect with this diagram below (flickr link) eespecially those who actively blog and knows about a full-time job somewhere.

    1. himanshu

      @Debajyoti Thanks for the link. It effectively explain the schedule of a professional blogger.

  10. Tech @ InkAPoint

    Ha! Setting up dude. Hope Will soon be available for me. My dream place!

  11. Harshad

    I’ve a dedicated space for my computer. It’s very important to have such place where you can concentrate on your work.
    I might buy a new netbook soon to save my precious time. 🙂

  12. Gerald Weber

    Good tips for setting up your home office. Setting up a space that is distraction free is the most important for me. If you aren’t careful you can easily find yourself distracted by many thing when you are working from home. This has probably been my biggest battle to overcome when working from home.

  13. Harsh Agrawal

    It does a lot. Blogging is a very serious task, and no one would like to get distracted by Internal or External source.

  14. Chetan Gole

    I started blogging as just timepass, but now i m enjoying it. Really awesome post for new blogger who want to be pro bloggers with office at there home.
    .-= Chetan Gole ´s last blog ..Google to fight with Microsoft with there new OS : Google Chrome. =-.

  15. Mayur

    Nice tips 😀
    Recently, I’ve spend handful money on a new PC and in making my blogging place proper.

  16. Amit Verma

    Please post a picture of your blogging office.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Sure Amit
      After complete set up of my office I will upload my home office picture aswell. 🙂

      1. Sourish

        @Harsh : we would like to see a pic of your home office , along with your teams respective home office if possible . btw a bloggers home office is never complete …. its always in the making 😛

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