How To Check If Your Website Is Accessible From Rest Of The World

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Sometimes your website may down due to some error in your hosting provider. It may due to overloading or some problem in your IP, due to which your website can’t be accessible in certain parts of the country, it may be anywhere, either in India or in any other country.

Also it could be possible that due to some problem in the main ISP of the country your website could not accessible in certain part of the World. Due to which you could loss your potential visitors. So how we know that our website is accessible in certain parts of the World or not. There is a web service available which tells us about any site accessible in different cities of the world. The service is known as APM Cloud monitor (Link). Suppose the packet of the website is loss in certain part of the world the this service clearly indicate how much percentage of packets are loss in the country.So after knowing this you should report to your hosting provider to check out the reason of the problem and sort it out as soon as possible.

Website Ping Tool
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Just-Ping runs the ping command on your website from different locations across the world and finally show the result in single page. We have already seen that many of the weblogs as well as Twitter are ban in China . So it might be possible that your website may ban in China. This is the best tool to check it out. Because one of the checkpoint belongs to Shanghai.

In the image shown above we clearly see there are 38 checkpoints available in different cities of the World and amongst these checkpoints Brazil checkpoint is not available so availability of site cannot be retrieved but in Israel there is 20% packets loss so it is confirmed that Shoutmeloud is not accessible in certain parts of Israel.


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18 thoughts on “How To Check If Your Website Is Accessible From Rest Of The World”

  1. George Serradinho

    Thanks for the informative info.

    I checked my blog out and it can’t be accessed in Brazil either although it says ‘Checkpoint temporarily not available’. I have 10% packets loss in South Africa. I stay in South Africa so that was a surprise to me.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      One or two location for the time being is acceptable and happens coz of any temporary problem, but if your site is blocked anywhere permanently. The best advice would be check with your hosting company.

    1. @Atul Please report your Hosting provider as soon as possible because your packets are lost in every part of the World even in India. Your website is up in New Delhi but please confirm from your other friends from different part of country to make it clear. You can also ask by sending a tweet.This is really a very serious issue.

    2. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Atul,
      himanshu has already given the same point which i was about to tell you.. So you better check with your hosting and also check if other domain in your shared hosting account are facing the similar issue…
      If yes, better change your hosting provider.. Let us know if you have any more queries..

      1. @Himanshu, @Harsh: Thanks for this post and also for ur comments. Will check with mine hosting provider and if any issues, will get back to u.

  2. I never put much thought into this before, usually when my traffic seems as if it’s dropping I get annoyed and automatically blame the host.

  3. Hi
    Can u tell me how much time it will take to show the data on single page. I tried but didn’t found anything.

  4. Hi Harsh, when I checked my blog it says; Unknown host: in all cities. So I want to know what does this mean. If it is OK or not.

  5. The analysis is showing “Timeout while connecting” for all countries. Can you please guide me why is it showing this status?

  6. I know that it has been some time since anyone has posted. I just came across this thread since my companies website seems to have issues with Indonesia. I went to the link supplied above and ran the test. Like other I also say 100% packet lost. The problem with this sites tests that they use the PING protocol. Ping is part of the ICMP protocol suit. The problem, many ISP’s such as mine, block pings. Any web host the block pings will show that a website is down when it may in reality be up and functional. If I ping my website from my computer it shows 100% packet loss. If I go to my website it is up. Don’t depend on a ping test as to whether a site is up or not,

  7. Davinder Bisht

    I had checked my website in this tool and this tool shows that my site is not working in us and Uk but actually i sent msg to hostgator to check they said its working in us and uk ip why this tool is giving error in loading us and uk ip?

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