How To Get Free .Com Domain For a Year


Whenever somebody is starting online, they need a domain and hosting to get their website up.

Whenever I talk to my friends and family members who are planning to launch a website, they usually have a domain purchased from popular domain services like GoDaddy.

The problem is, because of unawareness, all of them miss getting their free .com domain or other top-level domain names like .org, .net, and so on.

If you are here for getting a free .com domain for a year, I’m going to share the trick which will help you to save money on your domain.

If you don’t follow it now, you might end up paying extra later.

So read everything carefully to buy .com domain for free.

How to Buy .com Domain for free

Typically purchasing a .com domain for a year cost at least $8-$15 and most of us make the mistake of booking the domain first.

The thing is, we all are impulsive people and when we get an idea for an online business or even need a domain name for our offline business, we just head over to any domain booking website and purchase the domain.

Most of us think that we should book the domain now and will think about creating the website later.

This impulsive behavior not only costs you extra in the longer run, and most of the time we end up wasting these purchased domains.

Well, one thing which we miss out here is, that we can’t have our website up without the hosting. Unless you are using a free platform (Which is not recommended for professional use).

So what you should do to get free .com domain?

First of all, you should decide the domain name and once that is decided; you need two things to get your website up and running: Domain Name + Hosting.

One thing which most newbies miss out on is, that there are web-hosting which offers a free domain with every yearly package.

So, even if you are planning to launch your website in the next 2-3 months, it’s a wise decision to grab one such web-hosting package, which offers a free domain and you can launch your website any time.

I’m sharing one such popular and reliable hosting company, from where you can buy hosting for a discounted price (limited time) and get one domain name of your choice for free.

Bluehost Hosting offers free Domain name

Bluehost is one of the most popular names in the Web-hosting industry and they offer unlimited web hosting with the free Email account.

So, if you are planning to get your domain and Email address up, for now, you should look no further than Bluehost.

All you need to do is, grab one year of hosting from Bluehost ($58/year), which will give you one year of unlimited storage hosting + 1 free domain + free Email account.

To get your free domain, follow the above link and click on sign up.

On the next sign up page, simply add the domain name you want for free. You will not be charged for the domain name and it will be free .com or any other domain extension name.

free .com domain
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Click on Next, and on the next page select the term as six months or 1 year, and make payment via Credit card or Paypal and checkout.

Within minutes, you will get the login details in your Email and log in to your control panel.

Once you are inside the cPanel, you need to click on Email accounts under the Email section and create your free Email address which will be something like [email protected]

free Email address
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Now, whenever you are ready, you can hire a web designer to design and develop your website. But for now, you have your free domain + free Domain Email address to kickstart your business.

If you still have any questions or queries, feel free to ask me via comments.

This is an excellent chance for you to buy a .com domain for free. Let me know if you made any new purchases and found this offer helpful.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

31 thoughts on “How To Get Free .Com Domain For a Year”

  1. mobasir hassan

    Thanks for sharing about free domain name for one year with Bluehost hosting. I was looking for last two months to buy a domain name but I had no credit card and they don’t accept debit card. But recently I came to know about Google G suite and sign up and brought a domain name using my debit card. Can I transfer or use the same domain name with Bluehost hosting?

    1. @Mobasir
      You have two options:
      1. Use the same domain to register an account on Bluehost as the main domain and from next year, renew it for free.
      2. Change the nameserver of the domain to point it to Bluehost. You can still use the free .com offer to get a new domain name for free.

  2. Thomas

    Hey Rajat kumar,
    Thanks for sharing this helpful post. But I just know how it possible? Are you sure Bluehost will give .com domain free for 1 year? can you share your prove document? It could be helpful for me. Thanks! See you again.

  3. Vikram Kumar Raj

    One year ago I used the same offer but BlueHost charged for me domain name. 😔

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      How’s that possible? Did you purchased hosting from or Bluehost India?

  4. Ravi

    Can we get the domain transferred to some other registrar within free one year offer free of cost.

  5. Neo

    Is it possible that We can get it on 0 balance with paypal ?

    1. Rajat

      yes around a dozen people here have already got one for themselves including Harsh and me. So go ahead and grab yours Neo

  6. Pradhyuman Singh

    LOL nothing personal.
    Ignore all my words, but i will put more focus on the site that it is a scam.
    I wrote the post before testing it and when tested it myself it proved quite misleading.

    1. Rajat

      its alright. got nothing against you. in fact no matter how you put it you are only helping everyone know 1and1 better. so relax 🙂

  7. Sreejesh

    Yeah I do appreciate your kindness in letting us know about this great offer.

    @Techno-Pulse: I’ve already purchased a domain from this offer. Have a check if you are still can’t believe it. As far as I know there is no referral program for registration or any other scan. Words are sensitive, please use it sensibly. Sorry in advance if you felt bad 🙂 he he

  8. Sandeep kumar

    I have also registerred a domain name..Thanks for the Info.

  9. Abhishek

    Hey Rajat, Thanks for informing all.

    My New Blog is on way due to this offer !

  10. Neeraj Kumar

    This offer is good, but the point is, they charge at a really high amount at the time of renewal ! 🙂

  11. Cliff

    I got pass the registration and order confirmed. But still hasn’t receive any emails on my new domain name. Godaddy and Namecheap are almost instant. Will wait for another 24 hrs before sending their support a request.

    1. Amandeep Singh

      Wait Cliff,

      You will get the email asking for some ID proof of yours.

      Rajat Can you please confirm if this was the same for you too…

      1. Rajat Kumar

        nopes Amandeep. i did not get any such thing. do tell us more about it. is it something to do with your credit card info?

        1. Amandeep Singh

          Nope Rajat,

          I gave my Paypal account only, so I got a mail askin’ for my ID proof. I sent a scanned image of my licence. Then today I got the mail saying my account is activated…

          But still in my account the domain shows status as Waitiing for Approval. Can you please update, is this what happened for you as well?

          1. Rajat Kumar

            i havent come across anything like this. as for the domain, try waiting for a while. i admit that this site is somewhat slower than the other leading providers which give you instant order confirmations.

  12. Aditya

    They aren’t giving out any free domain to UK customers. Confirmed*

  13. Amandeep Singh

    Hi Rajat,

    Thanks a lot for updating about such a great offer… 🙂

    I have purchased the domain… Waiting for the email confirmation now…

  14. TechGyo

    I just tried registering. It asked to link a Paypal account. I added and then confirmed order. But didn’t get any mail so far.

    1. Rajat

      i remember this point during my transaction. i thought for once that they’ll have poor service and late replies but be patient. you’ll get a mail in less than three hours confirming your order informing you if the transaction was successful or not.

      1. Sreejesh

        Yeah you’re right! I was starting to send them a mail but I got the confirmation mail including my Cust ID. So My registration is complete.

        I was just curious whether this is real. So I tried some fully domain. At last my domain is registered. The name is “”” Idiotic domain name isn’t it?

  15. Chetan Bhasin

    What if I don’t want to renew the domain name? Would I have to inform them in advance and they have to discontinue my domain or it would automatically be discontinued if I don’t renew it?

    1. Rajat

      you can delete the domain from your list. that will suffice. moreover, you’ll have 11 months before you have to start worrying about this.

  16. electrogeek

    they accept paypal ?
    and what about renewals?

    1. Rajat Kumar

      yep both paypal and cc’s. as for renewal refer to the previous comment to techno-pulse.

  17. VISHAL

    Wow..That’s really cool offer dude…I will grab one now !!

    Thanks for share

  18. Techno-Pulse

    Just wondering if they’ll charge heavily for the renewal? Your views please…

    1. Rajat Kumar

      The charges for renewal or a second domain is 8.99. you can see that in the last screenshot.

      moreover, you always have the option of renewing it elsewhere. so that shouldn’t be a concern.

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