7 Popular Domain Registrars To Buy Cheap Domain Names

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A lot has already been covered at ShoutMeLoud about various website hosting providers and a lot of reviews could also be found here.

But the thing is, if you have a brilliant idea for a website, the first thing that you’re going to need is your own TLD (Top level domain).

So how do you buy cheap domains and pick the best cheap domain name registrar?

What most of the internet users that I’ve come across do is that they go with the same domain host for their domain registration.

Although there isn’t any rule that your domain registrar and the host shouldn’t be the same, but you should get the best individually. If you can find a good host someplace and a great domain registrar someplace else, you should stick your guns with it. This also has a security advantage, as if someone gets access to your hosting account, your domain name will still be safe.

A little is being talked on the internet about cheap and good domain registrars and people usually tend to go with whatever seems plausible or what your competitor has gone with.

Choosing a good cheap domain registrar could be a daunting task –

  • Which one should you choose?
  • Who has the best mix of pricing, services, and support? etc.

But not if someone is there to guide you. This article is intended with the sole purpose of shedding some light on the cheapest and best domain name registrars on the internet right now. 

Below are the best and cheapest domain name registrars that provide you with quality performance and support for a cheap deal.

Where to buy Cheap Domain Names from?

1. Dynadot

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Dynadot is an ICANN accredited domain name registrar, which was founded in 2002. The company is headquartered in San Mateo, California.

At Dynadon you can get a .com domain name for $6.99, and domain renewal is only for $8.99. Similarly, all other popular TLD’s are available at a bargain price.

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Dynadot offers multiple payment options such as PayPal, Wechatpay, AliPay, and Skrill to name a few. Overall, Dynadot would be a perfect choice for buying a domain name.

2. NameSilo (Cheapest)

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Namesilo is the most popular cheap domain name website out there. Chances are, you may have never heard of it, but they are one of the biggest domain registrars, and according to the last published data, they have more than 2 million domains registered with them.

Registering a .com domain name on Namesilo costs only $8.99 which is the cheapest. Similarly, you get the best price on other domain ending, like .com or .org

Even the domain renewal price is cheap and you will not feel scammed which usually happens with a domain registrar such as GoDaddy. 

Overall, Namesilo should be your first choice to buy a domain name for cheap.

3. Namecheap

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Namecheap is another cheapest domain name registration for buying a domain name.

With .com  domain names for $11.69/year and .net and .org domains for $11.48/year, they are a decently cheaply priced domain registrar.

The service and support are great and you get a host of features with them. The only additional fee that they add to their service is an additional 18¢ for ICANN registration/year. Namecheap is also considered one of the best alternatives to the GoDaddy service.

4. Cloudflare Registrar

Cloudflare registrar
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Cloudflare is the best domain registrar that doesn’t charge any markup on the domain name purchase. You will be literally paying only what the TLD’s charges for the domain name and this is something no one else does. I moved all my domains to Cloudflare already.

Cloudflare registrar
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See the domain name pricing to understand how much you would be saving.

5. GoDaddy (Cheapest for 1st year & Costlier for renewals)

GoDaddy Cheap Domain Name
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View Pricing and Plans

The daddy of all domain registrars – or so they say! They are the most controversial domain registrar on the planet and controversy seems to find a way through them every time.

GoDaddy offers .com domains cost $3.39 per year for new users, and for already registered users, it costs $11.99 for the first year and $18.99 for every year after that. They are still arguably the leaders of domain name registrars, however, avoid using GoDaddy for domain renewals.

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They offer many localized payment options which are great for anyone who does not have an international debit or credit card for online payments. They are good for the first year, and you need to ensure to move the domain away from GoDaddy to Namesilo or CloudFlare before renewals to avoid being ripped off by GoDaddy.

6. Domain.com

Buying Domain at Domain.com
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View Pricing and Plans

With .com domain names starting from $9.99/year, Domain.com offers the cheapest domain name registration service. They are one of the popular choices for domain registration. With .mobi domains at $2.99/year to .net and .org priced at $8.99/year, Domain.com is one of the best value for money domain registrars. Domain.com has a lot to offer given its low price. At this moment, Domain.com offers the following payment options: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

7. Name.com

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Name.com is one of the industry-standard cheap domain registration services. With .com, .net, and .org domain registration starting from $12.99/year, they have to offer great support, cheap registration, and their host of experience in this field for registering your domain with them.

Name.com isn’t the cheapest, but they have flexible pricing plans and personable customer support. Name.com also offers “Domain Nabber” services to grab expired domains that may be relevant to you or your business. The pricing is high for expired domain names, but you might end up picking one of the best names for your next online venture.

Bonus: Tips to choose the best domain registrar

  1. Consider pricing and value thoroughly.
  2. Make sure you’re going through an ICANN-registered registrar.
  3. Check out for hidden fees and fees for transferring or releasing.
  4. Check to see if you get any Email accounts/Email forwarders.
  5. Consider add-on services like free who.is guard.
  6. Check the policy for domain transfer. For example, many registrars like GoDaddy will not let you transfer domains outside of Godaddy for 60 days.

So, out of these which domain registrar you are using for buying domain names?


⭐ Where is the cheapest place to buy a domain name?

Dynadot offers cheap domain registration.

⭐ What is the cost of domain name registration?

The domain name registration cost varies for different TLDs. For .com domain registration, it varies from $6.99 to $15.

⭐ What is the price of booking domain on Google domains

Unfortunately, Google domains are not the cheapest and cost about $12.

If you using any other domain name service, do let me know via comments. Don’t forget to share this domain resource guide with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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    Hello Harsh, I love to read the list of domain service providers.
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    I hope I won’t regret my choice.

    Ella, UK

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    I Planned to start a tutorial website for android. Mainly i starting because of monitization. My plan is to monitize my website with ads.

    My Doubts:
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    2.Is there any special plan for website ads?

    I have these doubts because of WordPress plans. I saw a plan for 8.25 dollar / month , that has monitization feature. That’s why i had these doubts…

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    Thanks for the post. Even i found a cheap domain from godaddy for just 99 cents. Kudos

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