15 Ways to Avoid Writer’s Block & Then Blog Like a Boss


There comes a time when we want so badly to write something in our blogs, but our brains refuse to co-operate with us. They tend to become stale without feeding us any idea on what topics to write and how to proceed with writing about them. This phenomenon is called a writer’s block in a general term.

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This means I am asking, do you sometimes suffer from this disease?

Admit it. We do.

And then when we are infected by it and remain surrendered to its destructive power, the most expensive thing is leaving our blogs without any new posts and our regular readers unattended.

Our consistency in bringing new posts will be questioned, and our subscribers will surely start losing their trusts and hopes entrusted on us.

Therefore, we shouldn’t remain in such trench for the longer period. But then the good part is just like any other diseases having their own preventive measures and curative remedial activities, and this disease too can be prevented if you are not yet infected by it or cure if it has started climbing onto you.

Our brain is built in such a way that it would function as it’s supposed to only when something external clicks to a rightful point. That is why Tom Evans has rightly said:

[Tweet “Your mind is just like a parachute. If you don’t open it, it won’t work”]

In this regards, I have some recommendations to make our brains work like an opened parachute and then come up with new posts according to your planned blogging schedules.

15 Tips for Avoiding Writer’s Block: Resource for Writers & Bloggers

1. Socializing with Friends and Families

In reality, since we spend a maximum number of hours in a day with our friends and families, it’s often from them we can get inspirations to write and also topics to write.

When you are among people, you will be either helping others to learn new things, or you’ll be learning from others. The only thing is you must know how to remain open-minded and interactive in constructive manners.

2. Being active in various Social Media

In this advanced technology world, we can meet new people in various social media manifolds than we meet in person.

In recent research findings (Globalwebindex), on an average a person spends at least 1.72 hours per day in social media which is 28% of all online activities.

This means, for a blogger owning personal accounts in various social media is almost a necessity now. It’s only through social media; your blog is getting introduced to a wider range of audience. Social media also help us in knowing the blogging culture, online wants, and searches coming from our targeted customers/geographical locations. We can then come up with articles by their needs/wants.

3. Google Product Forums

Google has as many users’ forums as it has services/products. If you read various forum discussions and also join the discussion chain, the number of new ideas you’ll get will be numerous. You can then pick a topic in which more people have doubts and want answers. This will not only keep you away from writer’s block but will also ensure good inflow of traffics for your posts.

Some pro bloggers also come up with good forums to enable more interaction among a community of their audiences.

4. Conferences and Workshops

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If you get a chance to attend conferences or workshops or in conducting one, you’ll get new ideas in offline level on which you can come up with good articles for your blogs later. Some of your doubts may get answered by the presenters or some by fellow attendees.

In my experience, attending conferences and workshops open me to various areas where I can later explore and learn more things in detail.

5. News and Current Affairs

News and current affairs are something that is happening at present. In them, a problem will be submitted and also a solution on how they got solved or planning to get it solved. More often than not, some news doesn’t contain solutions.

In either way, you can come up with new posts related to that news. If they have presented a solution, you can try to explore other easy ways of solving the same problem. And if no solution is being presented, you can try to come up with one. This will keep you engaged as well as traffics are already in the market.

6. Reading Good Books

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Did you hear someone telling that a person who reads will surely write, and one who reads will write? What they say is correct. To write, a person needs something that will spark an idea. And reading books and critically analyzing the message inside them is one of the highly recommended sources of fresh ideas.

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7. Researches and their Findings

Researchers always involve systematic study, experiment and applicability of certain problem or dogmas. They will be figures-oriented and then findings will be based on interpretations extracted from various mathematical tools used in them.

  • Research: The Core of Content Marketing

If a research’s findings interest and intrigue you, you can catch hold of that rope and start studying the reliability of their findings. In the process, you will be demanded to read more, analyze them from different angles and then hear more views about them.  This will not only feed you more new ideas to keep your blog active, but you’ll also learn many new things.

8. Videos and their content Messages

It sometimes takes watching just a short documentary movie or short clip in getting your mind sparked with new good ideas that are worth to be expressed in pros in your blog.

Some movies are so good that you wish they are so long to remain watching them until you are fully satisfied. Some give you inspirations, some lessons, some skills and some shall give you nothing yet entertain you. Don’t believe me? Watch this video

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9. Blog Posts and Comments

Some readers of your blog will be so genuine readers that they would care to leave some comments. The comments will be appreciation, suggestion, and criticism and in some, all three will be presented together.

You must have given replies at the time of moderating them. But in most cases, we tend to read them so quickly and publish them directly without trying to analyze what a person was trying to say in the comment. We must have overlooked the message contained therein.

If you are suffering from writer’s block, then you can try reading comments of few published posts. You never know readers must have left comments that would warrant you with yet another new good post. Though it’s always better to write as soon as a person has left that in the comment, it’s also not bad either to write about it later – better late than never!

10. Market Situations & customers’ feedback

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If you are a blogger who is into reviewing different products or services, having closer looks in the behavioral patterns of the customers, market’s reactions to their entries, consumers’ feedback and affordability of consumers will guarantee series of new ideas to come up with new articles in your blog. You can also read reviews done by other bloggers.

11. Experiencing Culture and Traditions

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Bloggers who are into blogging about travel destinations, tourism and tour packages available in certain areas or countries, getting closer to and experiencing various unique cultures and traditions of people living in that area would reward you a good number of ideas for your blog updates.

12. Observations and Experiences

If you remain locked up inside your room snuggled up under your warm mattresses, it’s very much unlikely that new ideas would strike in your mind. It’s often recommended you to travel and explore various places, experience various foods, experiment certain theories, test certain gadgets and observe certain occasions.

Your thoughts and reactions at the time of trying and observing new things or occasions, which you have never done it before will also give you strings and strings of ideas to update your otherwise dormant blog.

13. Interviews with Expert People

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If you are limited with the financial ability to travel new places, purchase, and test new gadgets, and attend conferences or workshops, then you can start interviewing people who are locally or globally acclaimed to be experts in different fields.

When those interview questionnaires and answers are being published on your blog, you are coming up with a new blog post. And as you go on interviewing more and more experts, not only the number of posts in your blog will increase but will also improve your blogging consistency.

But then first try to interview less popular people because it’s wiser to catch small fishes first and then gradually attempting to catch sharks. According to my personal experience, interview posts bring good traffics compare to other posts.

14. Exploring more of your Passion

Let us say I am very much interested in trying different cameras and taking photos using them. Then I can start making a list of topics related to my passion which I don’t know at present but I would like to learn more. Instance I can say:

  • Which camera is best for low-income photographer?
  • How to position the camera at the time of taking photos?
  • Which camera is the most expensive camera in 2016?

I can refer various sources. I can read various reviews. In the process, I will never face short of topics on which I can write to update my blog besides not mentioning different new things I can learn.

15. Maintaining and Reading Diary Book

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Do you think maintaining a diary book is something very primitive? If you think so, you are wrong, and it’s because you must not have tried maintaining one. If you always keep a booklet with you and then keep on jotting down ideas as and when they flash in your mind, they’ll give you new ideas on which you can write one or two articles. The human mind is so unpredictable.

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Now Your Turn

We accept that we often fall prey to writer’s block. And how it’s being faced differs from person to person.

Share with us in the comment: How do you face writer’s block and then move ahead in consistent strides without getting deviated from your initial blogging plans and targets?

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Authored By
Sherab Tenzin is from Bhutan, who is a blogger and traveler in heart. He shares basic blogging tips in his tech blog: www.bhutanics.com

17 thoughts on “15 Ways to Avoid Writer’s Block & Then Blog Like a Boss”

  1. Himanshu Kumar

    I too suffer from writers’ block many times while a blog and I know how frustrating this can be. This is also bad for the reputation of the blog.

    Thanks for the tips. They are really helpful.

  2. Parwos

    Would I therefore be correct to infer that frequent blog commenting alleviates blogger’s block?

  3. Sharique

    Thank You Sherab! Your article will act as a great solution for the people who are suffering from writers block!



  4. Ben

    Thanks for sharing such a informative blog this what i was looking for. thanks a lot .

  5. Surender Kalyan

    Meditation is really helpful in improving your writing skills. Try to give 15 minutes in a day and see the difference within a week.

  6. Lem Enrile

    When I suffered from writer’s block, my employer was so kind enough to give me an ebook on creative writing prompts, and it works!

  7. Harsh

    Hi, i liked your idea about reading books it can help me thank you


  8. Terinah DoBa (@ChaiiChi1)

    My advice: Get up from your seat and take a walk. Leave that assignment for a while and don’t ever think about it until you get back. I agree with number 1: Socializing is important. Even if you want to finish what you’re writing ASAP, you can’t do that with a writer’s block so don’t waste the moment.

    1. Sherab Tenzin

      Terinah DoBa, that will also surely help in getting new ideas. It’s very much sure that when we are being logged with writer’s block, our precious time will be wasted. As you advise, it’s better to get away from that block and explore things.

  9. Vicky Pawar

    Thanks I like it…. page is saved for future study..

  10. Subhabrata Kasyapi

    Awesome tips for avoiding Writer’s Block, Sherab Tenzin.

    Along with these tips, I would also like to add two of mine:

    1. Cycling: When I feel overwhelmed or, out of any idea, I simply turn off my work and go for a slow cycling in the evening (since I write in the evening).

    2. Domestic Work: When I find it difficult to go for a cycling, I start doing domestic works like helping my other family members.

    Ideas start to come automatically.

    Thanks anyway for the informative article.

    I want to know more such tips from the Shouters.

    Please start commenting.

    1. Sherab Tenzin

      Subhabrata Kasyapi, going for cycling will not only give us many health benefits but will also relieve us from stressful writer’s block. So is the case with helping our families in doing household chores.

      Thanks for your suggestion. I will try for myself


    That’s a really nice post.I just launched a blog. Your post help me a lot to give inspiration. From today I will follow your TIPS


    1. Sherab Tenzin

      Thanks SIBSANKAR for taking in my suggestions. Of course they’ll help you in remaining engaged without wasting time. The best part is, you’ll never face short of topics to write posts.


        Thanks for the reply .

  12. Kishore Krishna

    Nice write up sherab .Daily excersises and doing meditations can clear your mind of such blocks .Reading expert people ,commenting on others etc are good ideas to overcome the difficult in putting thought to the paper .

    1. Sherab Tenzin

      Thanks Kishore Krishna. Doing exercises and reading fresh and inspirational articles about experts/from them always come with a match stick to ignite thinking in us. And how I forget about blog commenting, it’s one of the best wicket to remain protected from writer’s block

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