ShoutMeLoud May 2016 Transparency Report + Bali Experience


Howdy Shouter,

Welcome to an another episode of ShoutMeLoud’s monthly transparency series!

This is the place where I share everything that has happened in the last month, including my traffic & blogging report.

The goal here is to summarize all new earnings and learnings, and also share what we have been up to.

Wondering why I do this?

You should read this post first and you can check out all of our previous transparency reports here.

Blogging Lifestyle: Digital Nomadic Experience #3

Last month, I went to Bali as part of my “Digital Nomadic” experience. It’s refreshing to work from a new place and Bali is a perfect place for living the blogging lifestyle.

Traveling & working, when placed together, is rewarding to me in many ways:

  • It gives me a new perspective for looking at everything
  • It makes me less connected to daily chores
  • It helps me get more organized & timely when meeting with my team

Last month, I made it official by telling my team about location independence rather than working from the office.

On occasion, we have decided to work from a co-working space to re-collect our goals and be on the same page. I think this approach is essential for quality teamwork.

But in the month of May, we had most of our communications occur on Slack, and I must admit, so far it’s been the most productive month of the year.

Tips on Bali:

  • It’s a great destination for anyone who wants to get away from mundane life and needs to change their environment.
  • Internet speed is usually pretty great & you will find 2-10MBPS WiFi speed most places.
  • You can book private villas at a reasonable price using Airbnb. Seriously, it’s more fun to live like a local than a tourist.
    • A quick tip before booking from Airbnb: Always ask the host about the WiFi speed. It will save you a lot of headaches later on.
  • If you are into scuba diving or surfing, this is one of the best places to do both.
    • I planned on doing a scuba diving course but wasn’t able to do it this time. However, I did go scuba diving. Swimming with manta rays was a truly memorable experience. I shot my complete dive on GoPro. It was the first time since ShoutMeet that I put my GoPro to good use.
  • Bali is also a fantastic place for safari. On my last day, I stayed at the Bali Jungle Safari. I have never had such a close encounter with a tiger before.

Overall, my 14-day stay in Bali was highly productive. With this Bali trip, I completed my 3rd such “Digital Nomadic” experience.

Here are a few images from Bali:

A few more highlights from the month of May 2016:

  • We have changed the typography of ShoutMeLoud. You can see how crisp and readable our new font is.
  • We are also changing our web push notification system. Right now, I’m testing out a few services & will let you know in a week which one is good and why.
  • We are in the process of changing our email marketing service from Aweber to ConvertKit. 80% of the migration is complete, and soon, we will be completely shifted to ConvertKit.
  • Also, I found this new plugin called WP Link Status Pro, which is a great alternative for the Broken Link Checker plugin. <Video 1> <Video 2>
  • Hired new team member ‘Eric’ to be the part of ShoutDreams. It was a strange coincidence that he emailed me when both of us were in Bali.
  • Started testing along with Google AdSense on my tech blog. I heard many rave reviews about it from a close friend and I’m willing to give it a try again.

As I said, the month of May was highly productive for me & my team. For now, let’s look at our monthly report for the last month.

May 2016 Traffic Report:

Last month, we had a downtime of about 5 minutes in total due to our server technology migration. ShoutMeLoud is currently hosted on Kinsta. We moved to their new infrastructure which is powered by the Google cloud platform.

Traffic report to the website:

Blog Traffic report May 2016
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Comparing the last report that I have published, the traffic is improving.

Regarding social media traffic, here are our four major social media traffic sources with their total contribution towards social media traffic:

  • Facebook (57.25%)
  • Twitter (18.48%)
  • Google plus (8.10%)
  • Pinterest (7.77%)

The above data is important to us as this helps us determine the following things:

  • Which social media sharing buttons should we put on the blog?
  • Which social media platforms should we target?

Using the data, you can quickly figure out which social media button is the most popular, and you can make appropriate changes accordingly.

ShoutMeLoud Android app performance:

Do you remember the last few times I mentioned our push service not working?

Well, this time, I have two pieces of good news for all of our Android app users:

  1. We have integrated Google Firebase for push notifications
  2. SML’s Android app is now 3x faster in performance

Android app trafffic
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There is a clear increase in traffic with this improved push notification system & soon we will be integrating the same on ShoutMeLoud’s iOS App.

Apart from these changes, we are working on improving the UX of our app. In the coming months, you will be able to login to the app & do a lot more than just reading & commenting.

I have a few surprises for you in the coming months, and I promise it will be mind-blowing for many of you.

For now, I would like to hear your last month’s growth. How was it regarding traffic & revenue? If you have published a transparency report, do share the link with us in the comments section.

Don’t forget to share our transparency report with your friends on Facebook & Twitter. After all, sharing is caring! 

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

104 thoughts on “ShoutMeLoud May 2016 Transparency Report + Bali Experience”

  1. Sagar

    That’s picture perfect way of showing up adsense and affiliate marketing via a blog post. Good one. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. John Newman

    Congratulations !!! You are doing fantastic job, blogging & being as inspiration for fellow bloggers. Also hats off to you for being very frank with the income & expenses numbers.

    Looking at analytics numbers, your bounce ratio is very high also new session % is very low. New acquisitions are vital for all blogs. As a digital marketer I can definitely ask you to work on these parts.

    Rest, you doing fantastic job. Keep Rocking !!!


    I get a lot from this website , and Bali is the city where I was born . Thanks Harsh Agrawal visit to Bali .

  4. Shibam Kar

    Harsh Sir I am a big fan of you and your Income Reports inspired me to keep blogging. Your Income is huge. I just want to make some money out of blogging for my tution fess and internet bill. Its enough for me.

  5. Usama M

    Hey Harsh! Keep it up bro.
    It’s really great to see that you’re always pushing the bloggers to work hard, and seeing these stats, I’m totally stunned. If one feels like giving up on blogging, he must read this up and carry it on.

  6. RobinVan-Peter

    Thumbs up bro,

    I’m from Nigeria and a newbie Blogger. I found your write ups so appealing and Motivating.

    I somehow came across your site while surfing the net for differences between WordPress and Blogger and I’m stuck with you afterwards.
    I opened a blog for fun Last year with just one post and I abandoned it. Your writeups have now inspired me to pick it up again.
    Thought it’s still on blogger, but It has greatly improved. I wasn’t eligible to APPLY for adsense before, but within a week of adding the impressive lessons I learnt from you and Axl Mulat. Google has now allowed me to apply for adsense through my blogger dash board.

    I had decided to keep experimenting with my old blogger site ( ) till I found my footing. Then I can buy a domain and hosting.

    I’m about applying for the adsense, I will keep you posted how it goes.

    Once again, Thank you

  7. Digvij

    Congrets Harsh Your Earning Report Always Inspire Me.
    Thank you for sharing your monthly earning report to us.

  8. mczu

    it rare for me to see someone who willing to show their earning and suddenly motivate someone who need to work hard and smart..,

    Harsha , I am new with adsense.. started use it in late dec 2015 , as right now I am receiving good earning between 160$ – 300$ per month..

    the question is… why I don’t see any ads on shoutmeloud? and where u put adsense ads? because my website got 3 ads in front page…

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Mzu,

      Thank you for your kind words. The thing is I don’t use Google AdSense on ShoutMeLoud.

  9. Dusan

    Hi Harsh, here I am commenting on yet another of your posts. I am going trough your site article from article.. they are all amazing! Just cant get enough of this, my browser has 15+ tabs opened from your site.. I dont want to close them idk why 😀

    Anyway I wanna ask you something regarding this specific post. Why are you even using these ads services? You make 99% of your income from affiliate marketing. Why bother with all other ads? I guess keeping adsense would be okay because 400$ is not that bad but other ad services which bring you like 80$ are just slowing down your site.. 😀

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