ShoutMeLoud August 2020 Transparency Report – ShoutUniversity, National TV Coverage & More

ShoutMeLoud August 2020 Transparency Report
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We have already finished 8 out of 12 months in 2020, and now it is only 4 months left to make 2020 the best year of our life.

This post reflects last month, and everything that has happened. In case if you are new to ShoutMeLoud, know; one of our core value is to be transparent, and we have been publishing our monthly transparency report from the past 12 years. This report is being published after a long back, and I’m glad that it is back based on popular demand.

So, what all happened in August 2020?

ShoutUniversity 2.0: Learn to Create Profitable Blog

After a long wait, I’m so proud to share that we launched ShoutUniversity 2.0. This is an online university with multiple courses.

There are a few available courses:

  • $1000/month Affiliate marketing blueprint
  • WordPress training
  • Start a profitable blogging
  • Google AdSense
  • SEO Training

Along with these, we have a private Facebook group, which is for ShoutUniversity members only. We are also doing a call every fortnight, where I do site surgery of one member website and take questions from all group members.

Here is what members have to say about this kind of learning experience:

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Partnership with SEMRush and SocialPilot:

Along with all the perks, I’m so happy to share that we have partnered with SEMRush and SocialPilot to offer their premium plan for free.

Every ShoutUniversity members are getting:

  • SEMRush Guru plan (30 days): $199 in value
  • SocialPilot 3 month pro plan: $75 in month

These free goodies are worth alone $275.

At the time of writing, we have about 40+ members and more joining in as we speak. If you would like to have instant access to the course, drop an email to [email protected] or visit (Waiting list)

Talk @ IIT Madras & 1st Time On National TV:

First time of everything is memorable, and a big event happened in August. I was on National TV for the first time, and it was a proud moment. I could see how happy my family, friends and readers were when I announced this news.

Along with this, I was also speaking at IIT Madras about Entrepreneurship in Covid era, and here is one clip from the event:

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Live-Stream with Jesse and Blogging Q&A:

In case if you are not aware of, every other weekend I do a live Q&A with our blog readers, and at times we invite a guest to join us.

Last month, Jesse Lakes joined us from

Jesse shared many golden nuggets about “Amazon Affiliate marketing“, and his show was full of solid information.

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Also here is one Blogging Q&A that I did last week:

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Moving on…

Productivity report for August:

If you have been following me on Twitter for a while, you would know I pay a great deal of attention on the stress free productivity. I believe the more hour you spent on intent based work, I will have a greater output.

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In the month of August, we ramped up our social media marketing, and thus my productivity score does not really reflect the quantum of work done in the month of August. I have marked Social media marketing as an unproductive task, and thus my score is not as great as I wanted it to be.

P.S: I also spent some quality time watching South Korean movies on Netflix ☺️

Anyhoo! My recent best score was in June, when I cloaked almost 13.5 hours a day while maintaining a score of 74.

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For the curious minds, I’m using Rescuetime app to check my productivity score.

ShoutMeLoud Public Facebook group:

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In August, we also launched the ShoutMeLoud public Facebook group for creators. If you are a blogger, freelancers, digital marketer, YouTuber, Podcaster, this group is for you to connect with fellow creators.

Looking at the engagement on the Facebook group, I recommend you to promote your Facebook group over Facebook pages. Facebook pages organic reach is dead, where as Facebook is giving a great boost to Facebook groups.

Join ShoutMeLoud Facebook group

Note: This group is different than private ShoutUniversity Facebook group.

ShoutMeLoud Traffic Report: August 2020

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As my focus is on publishing new video content for ShoutUniversity, and for our YouTube channel, the traffic on the blog seems to take a hit. I can’t emphasise more on, regular posting is one important key to keep growing traffic.

In September, I plan to publish more content than I published in August so that our blog readers also continue receiving more updates.

Search engine is still our most dominant medium of traffic source. About 86.8% of all traffic has come from search engine in August 2020.

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I prune a ton of unrelated content from ShoutMeLoud in the month of August 2020, and some of them were high traffic driver. Since those content does not really align with the goals of ShoutMeLoud anymore, I find it appropriate to delete them or move them to other blogs.

ShoutMeLoud Income Report: August 2020:

For the time being, I have decided not to publish the income numbers.

Wondering why?

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However, I could tell you that our numbers are up by 12.3%, and that is happening because of strategic changes made on the website, and high quality traffic that we started receiving due to deletion of unrelated content.

My expenses are up by 7% since I have done a few new hiring, and spending money on fresh development and technologies.

In my experience, changes made today usually have positive impact in 3-5 months time. As we move ahead, I will figure out a better way to share new monetisation technique with you all.

For now, let’s look at some new apps for this month.

New Apps for August 2020:

As you know, I love to discover new apps which ultimately helps us grow our brand. Here are a few tools that I discovered in the past few months which are worth trying out:

Helps in creating social media videos. The videos you see on our Instagram platform are created using


This is a new app which could be a solid Grammarly alternative. Also, for many of us where English is not the first language, Atomicreach AI tool could help in ramp up the overall content.

The following AI functionality is included in Atomic reach:

  • Grammar – an advanced grammar engine that detects and helps you correct a vast array of grammatical errors
  • Refine – rewrites your content in a style and tone of language that is much more clear, concise and engaging
  • Optimize – suggests the words, titles and structure that drive more views, engagement and conversions

The only thing which I feel should change about Atomicreach is, the pricing. However, you can take one month trial of this tool for free.

Try Atomicreach


An advanced SEO content optimisation tool which helps you improve the ranking of your existing article. You can use this tool to write new article, and optimise it for SEO.

Try SurferSEO

And these two plugins:

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Well, that’s all happened in August. Now, looking forward to ace the month of September.

Let me know how was your month of August?

How are you planning to make September a better month for yourself and for your online business?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

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  1. Following your passion is not good and this advice can destroy your life, I am sure you will not be able to grasp what I am saying right now but think you are never passionate about something you are just liking it. If you really want to follow your passion then craft it by combining things you like, dreams you want to achieve and options who you have, This will give you the best life-long results like harsh.
    ” Don’t follow passions without any vision”

  2. Noman

    This is a great one sir. I am able to correct my mistakes. Congratulations Sir, I hope you will earn too much because you have worked hard. I will keep visiting here to learn more things from you. Thanks, Sir.

  3. What an Article Sir! I am impressed with your content. I wish to be like you. After your article, I have installed Grammarly in my Chrome Browser and it is very nice.

    I am able to correct my mistakes. Congratulations Sir, I hope you will earn too much because you have worked hard. I will keep visiting here to learn more things from you. Thanks, Sir.

  4. This is a great one sir. While I did publish my last month’s income report, I think I won’t do that cause as you said, many bloggers selling hostings make it seem easy.

    The truth is, it is not. Without putting the hardwork then money if far from it.

    The good thing about blogging is, even with a little audience, if you give value you will make money – from my little experience.

    Thanks Harsh

    1. Antony

      Hey Harsh, thanks for the updates. And congrats!

      Hope you hit $100,000 monthly.

      Keep rocking!

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