How To Make A Content Marketing Strategy That Works!


As a website owner, ideal content creation and content sharing is an important aspect of making your services effectively speak to your audience.

A content marketing strategy involves many phases through which the right content is drafted and shared cleverly enough to its most relevant audience so as to increase sales.

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1. Begin with an understanding of the right content and its importance to your business

Whether you are an owner of a service website or an eCommerce store,content has a lot to do with your business growth. One has to create content in many forms (including rich texts and graphics).

Content is like a bridge that can connect your audience to what you sell.

Content that is written uniquely, effectively, and professionally can definitely work. At the same time, the content must also consider a reader’s intent.

2. Recognize intent

Before the content is made, you must identify who you are writing for and why. Knowing what online users are searching for and why they are searching for it will help you understand the type of content to make.

How do you recognize it?

  • Research terms your users are searching for

Study online search patterns of your audience. Use an analytics tool to track a user’s online movements and their buying behaviors.

Make a list of useful keywords as well as search phrases that are highly searched for to strategize content creation.

  • Create content based on researched keywords

Produce content for both on-page and off-page sources. Start making content based on a user’s search queries.

Build valuable blogs and articles to satisfy the hunger of your visitors.

What to look for when creating trendy content:

To make content that is fresh and user-friendly, walk with the existing trends.

Supply your users with necessary information and details. Write unique content and enhance its density with everything that your visitors can think of seeing (images, videos, infographics, etc.).

3. Identify users’ emotions

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To get a good flow of traffic and conversions, it’s always ideal to go as close to the reader’s feelings as possible. Write content that offers solutions to a user’s various pain factors.

Make sure these solutions are genuine and practical. Construct content on topics that can justify a reader’s enthusiasm, love, anger, likes, and all of the other human traits.

It will increase their willingness to get into your content and obtain your services.

4. Feed readers with amazing content and keep it regular

A flow of content creation and sharing should never go stagnant.

Your content that keeps triggering a reader’s willingness to regularly get involved needs to continually be updated.

Identify every market move and nurture your users with the latest knowledge.

5. Content is not only about informing, but also selling

Writing good quality content is a must, and so is selling your services to your users.

Present your services to users not too quickly and not too slowly.

Online visitors need to be satisfied with your solutions before they’ll trust you enough to buy something from you. But if your pitch comes too late, they may have already purchased another resource.

Start presenting them with your selling techniques after you feel adequate content has been distributed.

6. Provide content to the right audience

Content sharing is as significant as content creation.

You have to take your content out of the box and carry it to specific readers. To do so, you have to identify the right online platforms where you can bring it.

Again, knowing popular content trends will also help you create and publish the most valuable content for your audience.

7. Understand visual content

Content created with both meaningful text and nice graphics will attract more viewers. Keep making relevant images and posting them with the content you display.

Such visuals are more engaging, gradually turning users into your loyal readers. It can also increase the traffic-to-conversion rates, thus improving ROIs.

8. Plan an effective link building strategy

A quality link pointing to your website can increase the probabilities of getting ranked higher on major search engines.

Share your expertise with other industry experts. There are many online platforms where people gather to share their opinions and get solutions in return. Take your valuable content over there and let it talk to your readers.

The more powerful you make your link (and your content), the more chances it has to get clicked (and loved) by visitors.


Content, or saying the right information, that you give your users will vary over time. As a user’s behavior changes, the market changes too.

Identify a user’s intent and keep feeding them with exactly what they love to see. Keep it at regular intervals and you will be able to maintain a user’s interest for years to come.

What are your content marketing strategies? Share them below in the comments.

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Surbhi Sheth is a Director of Maven Infosoft - A leading full fledge digital agency and eCommerce development company which provide optimum solutions for wordpress development, mobile apps development and internet marketing services.

7 thoughts on “How To Make A Content Marketing Strategy That Works!”

  1. Isaac

    Thanks Surbhi, I really enjoyed your take on this topic.

    Having a plan for your content BEFORE you start creating it is very important as it will guide a large portion of your content creating and promotion efforts. It’s also important to include that promoting content is as important (or more so) as creating it in the first place!

  2. SignAdvertising

    As per my experience in content writing, I must say “Recognize intent” is the useful point for content marketing strategy. If you understand for whom you are writing then you can easily make plans for content flow.

  3. Roliver Alexandra

    Very nice blog, You are correct. Content is very important, So before applying any type of strategy for content marketing, we must have to check, as our content is unique and attractive? If yes, then only it will give a 100 % result. We must have to focus on our content. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Pranav Joshi

    Hello Surbhi,

    As per my experience in content writing, I must say “Recognize intent” is the useful point for content marketing strategy. If you understand for whom you are writing then you can easily make plans for content flow.

  5. Skutik Modif

    Thanks for sharing this article. This is really an eye-opener for me. Content marketing is must for those bloggers and online marketers who want more engagement to their articles. Your tips are helpful for them.

  6. aditya

    Hi, very nice post. Yes you are right before writing content it is very important to understand your target audience and their requirement. But the thing is this is too difficult to provide content that is suitable to all.

  7. Brevent Joy

    Thanks for sharing ann.. Your writing is as beautiful as you look hehe..

    I must not fail to point out the point where you say “understand your users emotions”.. Honestly, that’s the most difficult part of this tutorial because some users are just weird while others are cool.. Trying to fit yourself into both shoes most times makes your content lack value.. And you know, what I like will obviously not be what others like..

    What’s your take about this?
    EventXL Blog

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