Why You Need To Use A Custom Domain Name For Your BlogSpot Blog

Most newbies who start a blog prefer to use BlogSpot as their blogging platform. It makes sense. BlogSpot is free, and you need less technical skills to get started. The investment is zero, and the returns are high.

Also, you get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage in BlogSpot. (Though storage is not technically “unlimited”, we have plenty of options, like creating a different author profile and using it to store images and files.)

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One thing which you might not like with BlogSpot is the .blogspot domain name, which can easily be fixed by buying a custom domain name.

A BlogSpot URL is something like:

  • www.domain.blogspot.com

A custom domain name is:

  • www.domain.com

A custom domain has many added advantages over a .blogspot domain name.

Why should you buy a custom domain for your BlogSpot blog?

1. Buying a domain name is cheap

Buying a domain name is pretty cheap. You can get a good domain name for $1-$13.

You can buy a cheap .com domain name from GoDaddy.

2. Social media credibility

BlogSpot, being a free platform, is often overrun by spammers.

This is one reason that these sites are less likely to be trusted by people on social media.

When you use a custom name for your BlogSpot blog, it removes the impression that you are using a free blog, and hence, are not a spammer.

3. Web promotion

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Web promotion could mean a lot of things from social media to link building.

But when talking about credibility, most top websites don’t like giving a link back to a BlogSpot domain.

This makes promotion much more challenging.

4. Seriousness toward blogging

Seriousness toward blogging
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Even though you may be working a lot on your BlogSpot blog by creating great content, without a nice layout, a nice template, and a custom domain name, people will not feel that you are serious about blogging.

Basically, if you are not ready to spend a few dollars on the thing you love, no one will believe you are an authority on your topic.

5. Branding

The perception that you create in your readers’ minds is imperative for your blogging success.

Using a customized domain name helps you to establish your blog as a professional brand.

You can also use a nice logo, favicon, and a banner to further brand yourself.

6. Google Apps

With a custom domain comes the ability to use a custom domain-based email address.

You can have an email address with your domain name like: admin[at]shoutmeloud.com.

Check out this article to see how you can create a custom domain-based email with Google Apps.

7. The SEO advantage

SEO Advantage
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If you plan to migrate your blog to WordPress, a custom domain name will ensure that you will not miss out on that precious link juice.

Your migration will also be more search engine friendly.

How to get a custom BlogSpot domain:

So if you are convinced that you should have a custom name for your BlogSpot blog, here is what you need to do:

1) Find a domain name. Find a perfect domain name for your blog. Don’t use your personal name, rather use something which is brandable and memorable.

Search for a domain name using any of these five domain name suggestion tools. You can refer to these guides:

2) Follow this detailed guide: Setting up a custom domain name on BlogSpot.

Note: WordPress is a much better blogging platform than BlogSpot. According to the January 2016 report, 25% of the websites in the world are powered by WordPress. You can read more here:

I would suggest you stick to BlogSpot for a couple of months and then move to a self-hosted WordPress blog.


Go ahead and give yourself a cool, custom domain name for your BlogSpot blog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me via the comments.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

87 thoughts on “Why You Need To Use A Custom Domain Name For Your BlogSpot Blog”

  1. anwitasinha

    Domain means it is the name given for the IP address, choosing right domain name is very important for site, and using right keywords can help your visitors to remember your site, I feel this article is very useful for the people who are confused with why to choose right domain for their site/business. When you think of choosing domain make it simple and easy to type and use proper extensions so that you can grab visitor attention. Thank you so much for sharing this information , keep sharing your knowledge with us.

  2. Nii Seyram

    Hi Harsh
    Thanks for sharing this knowledge with us.

    My question is will i lose my Google Adsense if i migrate from .blogspot.com to a custom domain?

    1. ReviewTechAuto

      Yes, Once you move your website from Blogger to WordPress or third party Blogging Platform, you will be required to reapply for Adsense.
      Blogger is the product of Google whereas WordPress is a third party platform. So, you need apply for it again after migration

  3. Zoe

    Hi do you have any SEO tips for blogspot? I just started a blog and decided not to go for a personal domain at this moment.

  4. maisha

    Can I earn with my blogspot account?? Will adsense accept my blogspot blog?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      hey maisha,

      yes, you can earn from yout blogspot blog. Adsense accepts blogspot blog. Apart from that, you can use other ad platforms like media.net etc..or you can also earn via affiliate marketing, sponsored content, your own products etcc.

  5. Deepika

    I made blogger blog few months ago.. but problem is that my domain name is similar to someone’s website. Actually exactly same domain name. so what should I do now?
    Should I delete my blog or Change the domain name?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Change the domain name. Use https://namechk.com/ for finding a good domain name that is available on all platforms.

  6. Jasmin

    Hi Harsh!

    Thanks for sharing this very insightful post. I just have a question though, I have a Blogspot account and planning to apply for Adsense and I’m also planning in getting my own domain using GoDaddy or NameCheap. I just want to know which is advisable to do first, apply my blog for Adsense or get a custom domain for my Blogspot before applying for Adsense? And where should I get my domain, GoDaddy or NameCheap? Thanks a lot!

      1. Jasmin

        Cool! Thanks a lot for your response. Cheers!

  7. Defclan

    Thank you so much.

    With your info, I have been able to set up my .blogspot domain to full domain at CashOffice.com.ng.

    Thanks once again for the useful tips.

  8. Aastha Tiwari

    Hey Harsh.
    I am new in this field, getting confused among blogger, wordpress and weebly and I also don’t know whether to go for a custom domain in the starting or not. Please suggest me something

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Start with BlogSpot blog & start using a custom domain name from day one.

  9. Chetan

    Is hosting required for blogger/blogspot and buying domain is enough?
    As I don’t have enough bucks to buy hosting

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Well, Blogspot doesn’t require hosting. You can just buy a custom domain from Namecheap or Godaddy

  10. jeed


    When you say WordPress is better, do you mean wordpress.com or wordpress.org? Is there much difference?

  11. Muhamad Sadik

    Hi Harsh,
    good post, i have a question though, i mean i need your advice: kindly provide help

    * I have a facebook page where lot of stories, poems and drawings will appear everyday(with author name and photo)
    * To receive their work I started a website on wix
    * I use 123 contact form on the submission menu which is also slow to load (lot of complaints)
    * I display the same posts (which I published on facebook) in another menu of the website, which is also slow because wix you know! I make the poems to jpeg background (each file maximum 800 kb)


    I have purchased two domain names from godaddy,

    I plan to start two blogs

    first blog to submit the works of my fb followers
    second blog to view their works

    I will remove these items from my wix site but will keep the home page and main site name which is famous already, (I plan to redirect those who click to submit or view)

    my question is: please bear in mind that I will have lots of photos and few videos to display and growing, and I have to load a form like 123contact form, should I go to WordPress or blogspot? your answer to this and comments on above plans are really appreciated

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Sadik,

      Go for WordPress. it is way better than Blogspot.

  12. Jeffy Adam

    If we are sharing the news with the blog sites there we have to make our presence with our sites. Really i think this was nice information for implementing our domain with the blogging sites. Thank you for sharing the information here.

  13. Niharika Verma

    I have a doubt. My Blog is theheavenstreet.blogspot.com and I want to Register theheavenstreet.com for my Blog. So for this do I need to buy a website too from GoDaddy or only buying domain is enough?

      1. sonu

        hi! harsh i want to ask i have a wordpress hosting site so, is it possible and good to use a subdomain on the same hosting where already i have for my event blogging.suppose i have a domain like www[dot]sonusharma[dot]com so i want to create a subdomain like event.sonusharma.com.

        1. Harsh Agrawal

          Hey Sonu,

          From what I understand, you want to have a sub domain named event.sonusharma.com hosted on the same platform where you have your main domain.

          Yes, you can do that.

      2. Abbey

        Dear Harsh, I would really appreciate if you can help me out here. I have a self hosted wordpress blog with a custom domain which I have been using for almost a year now. Unfortunately, the price for domain and webhost renewal escalated so high that I couldn’t afford. I do not want to lose the blog, although, I haven’t made a dime from it before. I’m thinking of moving it to a blogger platform which gives free hosting for a custom domain. This, I believe would be cheaper because I will just worry about domain name renewal only. Please what is your advice for me? Would you want me to go ahead with it or you have an alternative. Also, what are some of the challenges I would face if I attempt moving to blogger. This would enable me see if the stress is actually worth it.

        1. Harsh Agrawal

          Hey Abbey,

          I would not recommend you to move back to blogger. When does your hosting expire? There is an upcoming sale, Black Friday and Cyber Monday starting end of Nov. You can get Bluehost, Hostgator at upto 70% discount. I would suggest you buy hosting then.

  14. ANUJ KR

    Is it possible to switch from .in to .com without losing your Adsense for Blogger.

  15. Michael Rader

    Great tips, i have recently switched to a custom domain from blogspot. Great post to read and share.

  16. Margaret Connolly

    do I loose my blogspot content when I buy my domain name?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Margaret,

      Nope, you will not lose your content.

  17. ankita

    Hi I want to start my blog but when i try to buy domain name, they recommend to take web hosting and code guards and other stuffs…. so i wanted to know is it really necessary to have these things to start a blog, I am very serious about starting my blog, please give me the right information

  18. Sofia Williams

    Amazing post! This post is very helpful for new bloggers. This blog gives nice tips for choosing the right domain name. It gives new ideas to choose custom domain names as per my business goals. Thanks so much for this great post!

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