30+ Useful Blogging tips for Professional Bloggers

Blogging is a very vast topic, it starts from writing, SEO, managing blog and many more. Here at ShoutMeLoud, I keep sharing various useful Blogging tips, which you require to create and run a successful blog. Though, I have not created any eBook yet for all the tips, but here is a roundup of all such tips, which will help you to grow and take your blog to next level.

Tips for Profesional Bloggers

We have covered lots of topics on Blogging, Though many of them are still not read by you because you might have missed it or other updates pushed them back. Here is list of essential Blogging tips you should read and you should know :

Useful Blogging Tips and Suggestions:

Before we move ahead, I suggest you to have a look into our WordPress guide and Adsense guide, which will help you to get complete knowledge of how to start a blog and how to make money from Adsense. Here I will point out some of the best of the best article, which is worth reading and share.



Tools/Services you should know

  • Google Analytics : Free site analytic program from Google. This article will give you detailed information regarding Google analytics.
  • Site Meter : Another site statistic program.
  • Traffic Travis : Free desktop SEO suite. Worth downloading for serious bloggers.
  • Free Keyword Monitor : Check your Keyword position in Google using this desktop keyword monitor tool.
  • SEMRUSH: Very useful tool to find more Keyword and also competitor Keyword.
  • BufferApp: Useful social media tool for adding tweets and updates in Social media buffer.
  • Smush.it: For image compression. For WordPress, we have a plugin for the same.
  • Best WordPress Hosting : A list of highly recommended hosting for WordPress.
  • TYNT: A very useful service to generate free backlinks.
  • CopyScape: One of the highly recommended service to find who have copied your blog posts.

Everything to do with Images:

  • Why Images are important: Understand, how adding images in blog post will help you enhance your overall post.
  • Find Images for your blog using Google : One of the common mistake done by a blogger is using images from Google image search, though there is a way by which you can search free to use images for your blog.
  • How to find free images for your blog using Flickr : Flickr is ultimate sport for finding free images for your blog. Use this guide to understand how you can find free to use images for your blog using Flickr advanced search tool.
  • Reverse Image search: It’s a technique to find copy of your original image on Internet. Very useful to grab free backlinks.

Other tips:

Solopreneurs Tips

If you are like me who is a Solopreneur and work from home, here are some of the tips which will help you to live a healthy life in your Solopreneurship.

Now, these are just some of the tips and you can browse our complete blogging archive for more such useful posts and guides.

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