15 Blogging Tips for Newbie Bloggers

There are millions of blogs out there in the blogosphere but only a few of them are following some strategy for branding of their blog. Everyday hundreds of new blogs appear with the mission to make money online but many newbie bloggers don’t know about how they can be successful blogger. Therefore, I decided to share 15 important blogging tips which I learnt from my small experience for Shoutmeloud readers.

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Specially, when you start blogging, you tends to make many newbie mistakes and that’s why I highly recommend all budding bloggers to read tips on Blogging and learn from pro blogger mistakes. Blogging is an easy job but maintaining your own blog is tough. Specially, when you are planning to make a living out of blogging, you need to take care of many things including :

  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Social Signals
  • Promotion
  • Marketing
  • Monetization

And many more. Always remember, a blog have no limit, a normal blog can be one of the biggest brand in coming days. Years back, mashable and Techrunch used to be just another blog. Is int it? So, lets get it started:

Newbie Blogger tips to Excel in Blogging:

1. Do Blogging with Passion and Patience

Passion and Patience are like blogging buzz words. Always choose a niche for blogging about which you know and passionate to write. Blogging is not become rich within night scheme. You will have to wait for the money and it will only come if you devise a proper strategy. If your goal is just to make money online, look at the other aspect of online marketing but not blogging.

2. Make Blogging Strategy

Make a schedule for blogging. How many articles you will write in a day or a week and how much time you will spend in marketing your blog. If you are planning to earn from your new blog, you need to treat it like a serous business. You need to be dedicated and passionate about it. We have already discussed about effective business plan for bloggers and points to check before starting blogging business.

3. Make Social Media Marketing Strategy

Gone were the days when search engines were the only source of generating traffic. If you target social media biggies such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Stumbleupon, then, you can get handsome amount of traffic from them. Sometimes, it can be much more than search engine traffic but keep in mind that it will not come easily. You will have to interact with people in Social Media in your niche and you will have to build valuable relationship with them. Also, Social media signals helps in improving your site ranking. With right amount of social exposure, it’s easier to make a new site rank than an existing site. We will discus about ranking and SEO in some other post. For now, check out: Benefits of social media marketing in Blogging.

4. Make Link Building Strategy

Link building does matter when it comes to search engines. Make proper link building strategy and try to get more backlinks from the blogs in your niche eespecially the higher page rank blogs. Find DoFollow blogs in your niche and the blogs using Comluv and Top Commentators plugins. Comment on those blogs but do not spam. Instead try to add value to the article.

5. Make Your Blog a Community

The environment of your blog should be such that when new visitor comes to your blog he should feel it as a community and become the part of it.

6. Make Good Relations with Niche Bloggers

Interact with other blogger in your niche by commenting on their blogs and through social media. It will help you a lot because you can learn many things from them.

7. Write Unique Content

It is well known in Blogging that “Content is King” and it surely is a king. Don’t try to copy content because ultimately you will be banned from search engines and no one likes to read copied content.

8. Always Reply to Comments

Interact with your readers by replying to their comments. Readers usually love it when their comment is replied and they will come back and comment again.

How to get more comments on BlogSpot Blog

9. Use Article Marketing

Write articles related to your niche in high PR article submission directories such as Ezine Articles, Hubpages and Squidoo with the backlink to your blog. It will definitely increase your blog authority and your blog will rank well in search engines. After Google penguin update and over optimization penalty, I highly recommend you to avoid low quality article marketing.  Rather, use my next tip which will help you to get more exposure.

10. Use Guest Posting

Try to write at least one article in a week to other blogs in your niche who offer you to write for their blogs. Guest posting on high traffic and high PR blogs is more beneficial as it will give you more exposure and quality backlinks.

Additionally, I highly recommend you to read Harsh guide on crafting a guest blogging campaign. There, you can learn what all you should do to get maximum exposure and link benefits.

11. Ask Readers for their Opinions

Ask readers for their opinions in your articles. It will increase comments on your blog and your readers will not feel that they are reading an article written by robot. You should work hard on getting more comments as it helps in ego boost of yourself and your blog. Make sure, you get meaningful comments and avoid accepting comments like “Thank you” “Nice post”, as reader can always show their appreciation by sharing your post on social media sites.

Rather welcome, meaningful and constructive comments. This will help in build conversation and more interaction. Something, which most newbie bloggers misses out.

12. Write for Readers

One of the major problem with new blog is getting traffic to them. Honestly, when I started blogging it was tough for me too. Though, with time I realize there is something call SEO which helps in improving search engine visibility. Though, SEO is important but what matters the most is readership.

When you are writing on a topic, try to cover all related topics in that  niche. For example, here at ShoutMeLoud, we try to cover all the aspect of Blogging, and this helps in more user engagement. I suggest you to read following two posts:

13. Make Your Blog Design Reader Friendly

Your Blog Design should have a clean design with proper navigation. It should be such that readers can easily find the content of their choice. Your content plays a major role but you need to keep in mind: First impression is last impression. Also, it will help user stick to your blog more. Would you like to stare on a web page with a flashy or irritating colors? Will you wait for a Web page to load which will take minutes to open? NO!

Here are a nice blog post, which will help you to make your blog more attractive.

14. Use SEO friendly Theme

Your blog template is very crucial for your SEO and branding. We have already talked about difference between free & premium WordPress theme, and for a newbie blogger it’s a good idea to invest a little on a premium template. If budget is a constraint for you, you should opt for Elegant themes from Premium WordPress theme club, as it offers amazing collection of Premium WordPress themes at very low price.

If your budget is not an issue, you should opt for more professional and SEO theme. Here at ShoutMeLoud, we are using Thesis theme from last 2 years, and its been a rock-solid SEO theme for WordPress. The only down-side is, it’s costly but considering the scope of money via blogging, you might not like to task a risk. With an investment of $87, it’s worth a buy. Get Thesis Theme.

15. Use Effective Title

As I said, for any new blog your content is what will drive people to your blog. Consistency is very important for first few months (And also later), to keep your blog growing. You need to work on creating regular content and blog promotion. Another working tip is to write effective titles, which will make readers to read more.

Write high-quality content and don’t be afraid to give links to external site as it helps in improving SEO. When you are linking to a spammy sites use Nofollow link attribute.

Title of the article should be both reader and SEO friendly. Title should be appealing to the readers and important keywords should also be used in the title.

I hope these tips will be useful for you. Do tell me what you do for making your blog a perfect brand and also feel free to add any other tip to the above list.

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  1. Ramu says

    Hi Asad,

    I’ve recently got my Adsense approval and I’ve signed in, But my site is under construction. It may take a month or long to complete it, By the time I complete my site do my adsense account will be cancelled or it will remain.

  2. Amrish says

    When I first starting blogging I totally fell prey to looking at how many views and comments I had… It definitely put a damper on my mood but I am over it now. I realize it takes TIME to build your blog following and I am actually just now starting to see growth in my blog and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been almost a year… But it’s all been worth it 100%

  3. Malathy Badri says

    Man, what a nice post. You have covered every salient point. In addition, the presentation is laid down in a wonderful template. Thank you dear.

  4. Sainath says

    Well done bro, nice post and informative. But you mentioned characteristics to become pro blogger, why can’t you give some tips and tricks or sources to newbies so that they can achieve.:)

  5. Arabia says

    Wow. This is helpful! I just started blogging and I didn’t realize how much work you have to put into it. I thought it was simple. I will definitely use this tip. Thank you.

  6. Chadrack says

    Must say this is not just a post for newbies. Even the old time bloggers have something here to pickup.

    Thanks a great deal.

  7. Jens P. Berget says

    Awesome tips, but not only for newbie bloggers. I have never had a link building strategy, and that would certainly help a lot.

    The most important tip, if I would pick one, would be your #1. Do Blogging with Passion and Patience. I believe that people won’t last a long time if they don’t have passion for what the write about. That’s the #1 tip for newbie bloggers.

    • Asad Mubeen says

      Experienced bloggers can also get help from this article.Link building strategy is a must eespecially in a saturated niche.
      Passion and patience is the first and basic thing for every newbie blogger, that is why i placed this point at the start of the article.

  8. Anubhab says

    Really wonderful article presented in a meaner way. You covered almost all important point. These are not just for beginners but also for all bloggers who have not yet thought blogging seriously.

    • Asad Mubeen says

      Yaeh you are right. This article is written for newbie bloggers but Bloggers who are not new to blogging can also get benefit from it.

  9. Umair says

    A wonderful read Mr. Asad. Although, the article is a bit lengthy so I have bookmarked this page for future reference. This will really help me in future. Your point 3. Make Social Media Marketing Strategy is the most important one.

    • Asad Mubeen says

      Thanks mate…..It’s good to know that you found it helpful. You are right, social media marketing strategy is very important for blogging because getting huge traffic from social media sources is not an easy task. You have to work hard for it.

  10. Mani Viswanathan says

    Nice list-up, covered almost all the points, The most important one that Readership is more important than SEO should be conveyed very clearly to the Newbies’..wish all of them Best of Luck!

    • Asad Mubeen says

      I tried to cover all the important points and you are right that newbies should understand the value of readers loyalty.They should focus more on readers then SEO.

  11. Mohana Krishnan.R.I says

    wow.. That’s Really awesome dude…. well i’m a beginner to this blogging profession… just started ma.. blog Well ur Article.. Really Useful to me.. Actually i saved this article in ma Pc.. to interact With ur tips..
    Thanks a Lot… Gud Job :)

    • Asad Mubeen says

      Thanks dude…..I am happy that you found this article useful. Best of luck for your new blog.

  12. Asad Mubeen says

    You are right.Replying to readers comments build loyal readership and asking readers for their opinions make things easier for the readers.
    Thanks for the feedback.

  13. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says

    I think you have summed up ALL blogging tips. Way to go!

    All tips are really useful, and I particularly like:

    ‘No.8 Always Reply to Comments’: I think it is important to reply to comments, and it makes the commenter feel valued and it increases loyalty.

    ’11. Ask Readers for their Opinions’ Whenever there is a question at the end of a post, that is the easiest to comment on. So I think one should always ask readers something, as this increases the communication between readers and the blog owner/author.


  14. Samir@University Eight says

    Your list is really awesome! However, I must say “Sticking to a single niche per blog” is also important for a newbie to actually stay focused. Don’t you agree?

    • Asad Mubeen says

      Yeah,sticking to single niche is also important as it will make things much easier for newbies.If they will focus on single niche they can become authority on the niche.

  15. Sourav says

    This is a very useful article for me as my new blog is about one month old. From the points you have mentioned here, I am trying to follow most of them. Looking to build a community by commenting and twitting. Even made some drafts for guest posting in the very near future.

    • Asad Mubeen says

      I am glad you found it useful. I hope that your new blog will be a success.Thanks for the comment.

  16. Dev | Technshare says

    Hey Asad,

    Really Great Post.

    Those are some great tips. Blog commenting and guest posting are my favorite ways to get targeted traffic.
    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post man.


    • Asad Mubeen says

      Hey Devesh,

      I have seen your blog comments on many famous blogs :). It is really nice way to get target traffic.

  17. Bharat says

    Bro. nice article but as my experience I wanna sy is that try to make your article to the point i.e write small bt informative….
    cz many readers won’t read your posts till the end if they find it big…. :)

    • Asad Mubeen says

      I am also not a big fan of long articles but the target of this article is newbie bloggers so i wanted to make things clear to them.I have also divided the post in points so readers can also read only 15 points if they know about them.Thanks for the comment.

  18. Mukundan Srinivasan says

    This post is not only for newbie bloggers. You have well presented all the 15 points. I didn’t think about replying to blog comments before. But after reading ur post I have decided to do that. A great post that can transform a newbie blogger into pro blogger. Well Done.

    • Asad Mubeen says

      Yeah, you are right. Bloggers who are not newbie can also follow these tips to make their blog successful. Thanks for the appreciation.