Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Blog Posts & How to Fix?

Google Bots Not Crawling/Indexing posts
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If you know how search engine bots work, crawling and indexing will sound familiar to you. If not, let me explain.

First of all, Google does not provide any guarantees or promises that they will crawl or index your website.

You must keep maintaining your blog’s content to enter into Google’s awareness. Google has a limited amount of resources to crawl, index, and rank your site, and it has to treat each site differently regarding information and popularity.

Why Google is not indexing your blog posts?

Well, there are many reasons why your posts are not being indexed by Google. At the further section of this guide, I have also shared steps you could take to ensure your posts get indexed. 

First thing first, you should read: What Is Google Crawling And Indexing?

And learn how to check for indexed posts in Google, with this video guide:

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Now, once you are sure that your posts are not indexed in Google, here are a few reasons why your posts are not being indexed:

1. Your publishing schedule is random

Google allocates a crawl budget and crawl time for every website. If you are someone who is publishing posts regularly, then Google bots determine their crawl time according to that. Now, on the contrary, if you are publishing posts randomly after days or months, it may take a few days before search engine bots decide to crawl your website again. This is one of the primary reasons for your posts not being indexed.

2. Crawl budget is over:

This usually happens with big sites or a buddy site. Just like crawl time, Google determine the crawl budget for a site, and at the time of the crawling, due to your site size, Google crawl budget is over, which impacts the crawling of new posts. 

3. No sitemap in Google

This is the most basic yet at times even experienced webmasters missed out on this. If your sitemap is not submitted in Google search console, the indexing could become an issue. And, at times if your sitemap does not include the new posts, Google will find it hard to discover the same.

4. No way to reach the post:

Apart from sitemap, Google relies on internal links, related posts links, links in blog menu, backlinks to effectively crawl a webpage. Now, if your newest posts are not linked from anywhere, and bots find it impossible to reach, it can have a negative impact.

There could be more reasons, but in the majority of scenario, these are the reasons why your posts might not be getting indexed in Google search. 

Things you need to do to investigate more:

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As you can see from the screenshot above, this tool not only lets you check your indexed status, it also gives you the option to request indexing of your non-indexed posts.

How Long Does Google Take For Indexing?

It varies.

It depends on how your content is interlinked and how often you update your site’s content. For new sites, it can take weeks, or even months, for indexing.

How To Get Indexed Faster in Google Search?

The best way is by using URL inspection tool of Google search console.

Google will rate your blog according to your updating frequency, number of backlinks, etc.

For older blogs, if you are still facing an indexing problem, make sure you do not have internal or external content duplication.

And do not rely on sitemaps. They are optional. Make sure all of the content can be searched via normal links.

Do let us know how long it takes for Google bots to crawl and index your blog. Have you been facing indexing issues lately? Share your experience in the comments below!

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

77 thoughts on “Why Google Is Not Indexing Your Blog Posts & How to Fix?”

  1. Ashwin Joy

    I just only generated a sitemap.But that’s not working for me. Most of my pages are not indexed by Google. Anyway, I’ll try to implement your tips. Cheers!

  2. Simon Harris

    What if the site is huge 20 million pages! Does the same rule apply if not what should I do to get everything crawled? My crawls are stopped after a massive blast last sunday.

  3. Kadir

    I bought a domain name which unfortunately had live 2 year ago. In short it’s an expired domain. It don’t have much backlink , I’m having difficult in indexing the site. In Google only the blog home page is showing. Any solution how to get blog post index .

  4. Srinivas

    Good article. I want to post you one thing. I was daily posting 5-10 articles early and Google was indexing it within one hour without any issue. After a long gap of posting recently I started posting new articles again. This time Google takes 3-4 days to index an article. Means in my opinion consistency also required.

  5. victor

    I was once worried about google not indexing my site but then i realized that it was only a week old. As time went on, i noticed that my site started getting crawled and indexed. It even came up on some search queries. I’m talking about a site that was only 3 weeks old. It made me happy and worked harder to achieve great results in my amazon affiliate marketing niche.

  6. Ashish Kumar

    Thanks For Sharing This amazing post,Recently i have created a new site but still it was not indexing but after implementing your methods i was able to do so.Thanks sir

  7. Vin Boris

    Thanks for sharing the information. But Still if cache speed of website pages are low, how can we solve that problem. Cache of the website page are important for result.

  8. Camilla

    Hi. I posted in my blog entitled “New York City in 1 Day”. Then the next day, I realized that the title will be more effective if I used “New York City in One Day”. So I deleted my first post, and made a new one. I copy-pasted the content from my first post entitled “New York City in 1 Day” to my new post entitled “New York City in One Day”.

    2 days later (today), I can’t find my post in Google. I know it’s new, and my blog isn’t really popular with topics related to New York, but even if I try searching using my blog name and the title of my post, it still won’t appear!

    Is this a problem of duplicate content? I already deleted my first post so I don’t think this is an issue… (?) If this is the case, how can I resolve this?

    Or is my post just new that’s why Google can’t find it right now?


    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Seems like issue with Duplicate content. Make sure the older link is also removed from Web index. If it’s still there in the Google search but you have deleted the post. Use this link to remove it from web index https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/removals

  9. Avinash Kumar

    Wonderful post Harsh. Launched a site few days ago. It has been approx 15 days, but none of my posts are indexed. Only site pages and homepage are indexed but not posts. Is there any spam or something else? I didn’t got any message in the WMT. Please help.

  10. Amanpreet Singh

    I havent placed sitemap on footer. But i think after reading your post I must have to declare sitemap on my blog and yes I too need patience to get my blog indexed. You are always helpful harsh sir.
    Thanks(your big fan)

  11. david findlay

    Some great info. There have been lots of changes over the years and I remember when I encountered indexing problems on an old site and I did a couple of things differently. Firstly, I got a link from a high authority website, secondly, I posted content variation, articles, videos etc, for some reason, Google couldn’t stop putting my content on their first pages..I was sure back then that the link back which was a travel website spread internally on that site because I checked the link numbers and it had shot up. Things are much different these days, good quality content and relevant backlinks, along with regular quality content are the way to go. I would advise not trying to build a mass of useless backlinks with software etc but search round for a handful of good ones..

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      You added lot of great points here. Regular posting + backlinks still hold the value in today’s date.
      Good to see you here at ShoutMeLoud.

  12. Mafia

    Awesome post, now it all makes sense why it took so long to get my blog indexed and crawled frequently, the sitemap suggestions are a life saver!

  13. jenny ward

    We have had a website for a long time and released a new WordPress hosted site last February (2016). I submitted our XML sitemaps to Google mid March and they just got indexed today 2.6.17. Any idea why this would take so long? I was going thru some of our site errors on 2.3.17 and haven’t been to our Search Console much, mainly just the Analytics. So Im wondering if that sent something to Google? Anyway I find that very strange…

    1. moumita

      In general it takes upto 10 days to index a home page with a decent number of articles posted. It can be faster if your articles are shared on social medias. But as you have mentioned that it took more than an year, it is really unusual.

  14. Aswani

    I thought everything was fine with my blog till I accidently discovered late indexing issues with my new blog postings. Don’t know why. Usually indexing is fast but it was delayed for a week this time. This is just too long. I think I need to try out something different now to make indexing faster. Thanks for your tips.

  15. REHAN

    Hi Jimmy,

    You’ve written a very nice article about web crawling.

    I’m currently stuck with an issue. My web blog www[dot]cybrnow[dot]com is not being indexed for last 24 hours. If i search my web blog or even any article that published in last 24 hours is not beinflg shown on google. While, the article and posts that was published before last 24 hrs ago is being shown without any issue.
    Would you like to help me in such case?

  16. Mahesh


    I have reset my blog. For the first time google indexed very quickly. But now it is taking more time. Is it mandatory to have back links for new blog ? Any other that I can do

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