6 Points For Success in Video Marketing

Video marketing – one more social media campaign techniques that quite famous effectively works nowadays. Like the other social media marketing approach like Pinterest marketing or Facebook marketing, video marketing also works very effectively of course with specific approaches .

There is no doubt that video marketing is the greater – in fact you’ll very often found a video in the search result whenever you type and search something with search engine (eespecially Google). It’s very exciting right?

Video marketing has taken a fair amount of attention marketers. Many reasons, of course:

  1. Video marketing is working effectively and more attractive to convey the message to the audience.
  2. It’s free to upload and publish. YouTube is the greatest place to upload, publish and get your audience noticed about your great stuff or products.
  3. Search engine friendly. We are realized that social media approach have better score in SEO rather  than creating hundreds backlinks at a time from low-quality source. You perhaps more frequently find that YouTube video is at the top or at least the first page in the search results in many of potential keywords.
  4. Another way to market your websites or blogs apart of using old SEO. There so many real views visits YouTube everyday just like search engine. And it’s a great chance right?
  5. The opportunity to get your video go viral are endless. The application of proper technique is extremely a chance for your video gets increasingly widespread and infinite viewers.

If you are new to video marketing, then some of the following tips and considerations will help you.

Successful Video marketing Guidelines:

Prepare your video materials

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Make sure that you focus on making terrific video. Whereas here, the video will contribute to increasing popularity, credibility, trust, and reputation for you or your company. In this case you may also need to spend a few of your times to monitor and manage your reputation in the video sharing sites. See how your audiences said about your video or their comments regarding the message you attached in the video. It’s becoming very important to hear the opinion of your viewers to increase in the future.

Video Visual Quality

When you’re in video marketing, then visual quality becomes a very necessary to take precedence. Since people will see your video, instead of reading the words, or just hear the sounds.

  1. Avoid making people bored with your video. Combine the graphics, people, and other objects as one in a neat video to deliver your marketing messages to your targeted viewers.
  2. For video presentation, make sure you do not force your viewers to get bored. Combine slides with objects or other visual related to what’s you are discussing.
  3. Another tip for such tutorial video – it’s better for such a short video that “to-the-point” with some variations using screenshots or graphic and some text are included.

Audio Quality

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Make sure you do not kill your reputation with bad sound. Try to get some feedback from others to ensure your video has a decent sound and a clear voice that easily to listen and understands.

When you use a piece of music, make sure your message is not covered by the music. The worst possibility is that people will remember the song in your video, but not at all about marketing message or your product.

So make sure that the focus of the message isn’t forgotten, even if you do not have to always look commercial.

Professional Look And Touch

Just like above statement that your video marketing will have the impact to your overall reputation or image – if you hope for professional image then you have to put it into your video. Funny video may be faster to spread viral. But don’t forget about marketing messages and reputation, where you need to be careful.

Another consideration is to hire a model if you decide to include people in your video. With a more attractive appearance and clothing that are relevant to the topic of your video, will help creating a positive view of your brand.

Optimize Your Video

Once you’re finished in video recording by considering the most important points above, then upload and publish your video with more optimization will extremely help your video to get more views.

  1. Include an interesting and search engine friendly for your video title. The title of the video will be very influential, both for search engines or help someone decide to watch your video. So make sure you didn’t forget about video title, and give such SEO touch by adding your keywords in the video title.
  2. Write an interesting description related your video. Just like the video title, video description is useful to give a brief explanation about the content of your video. This element will also affect a person to decide whether to stop for a moment and look at your marketing message in the video, or not.
  3. Link out. Links to your blog or websites, or even your other social media profiles. Include these links will help you get a “deep” connected with your audience when they found that links are interesting and worth to click. If you run a website related the video, make sure you use this chance.
  4. Tag. Don’t forget about tagging your video to help your potential viewers found your video. Video tagging will also help your video get show up when people search video with certain keywords you may targeted in.

Campaign or Promote Your Video

It’s not simply enough by creating great video and published it on YouTube. If no one is watching your video and the message you’re included, that’s totally a loss. Therefore, it needs the support of some simple campaigns to ensure that your video gets targeted viewers as you hoped and successfully in delivering your marketing message.

  1. SEO campaign. SEO your video, and some main elements are already pointed above (title, description, tag, keywords)
  2. Share your video. Use other social media sites to promote your video is a quite handy solution. And you will notice how precious when you find your social media accounts interconnected, as well as your followers or friends.
  3. Embed in your website. If you run a website, embed your video and attract more views. Another way, you can start with blogging or write another useful article related your video in some major WEB 2.0 like Squidoo or HubPages-, then insert your video.

PPC, or other paid methods are also available to help you get more people watch your marketing message in your video. If you are able to calculate your investment and targeted profit of your ‘video marketing, then you’ll also able to decide what’s paid techniques need to apply in order to get the message delivered.

You know the benefits, potential, investment, technical development, as well as profit, then you will know if you need a video marketing.

The points above are too simple to capture your success, however it’s the most important points when you start to hope for success. And other additional points are very welcome through the comment section below.

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6 thoughts on “6 Points For Success in Video Marketing”

  1. Brian

    Video Marketing is huge right now. My peeve has been promoting my videos. After posting on YouTube, Social Media and my blog, what next? Am I to sit and hope they do well?

    Your tips have shed a bright light on this my “achilles heel.” PPC I hate, but I may give it a try. Thanks.

  2. Anirban

    Hi Deny,
    Video is the most helpful for visitors to realize something. Also video marketing plays vital role in SEO. Although Search Engine bot can’t crawl video. But we can add description with URL when we upload video and your video marketing guidelines are very helpful for newbie. Thanks for sharing this great post.

  3. hrmehrotra

    wooo! awesome list of points which can work………but seo for videos is a tough job

  4. Vandhana Karthick

    Very good post really new to me..I have one doubt? How to find/know there is more potential search for particular keyword?Is there any tool, so I can do for my website..How we find the targetted visitor from this?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      @Vandhana There is Youtube Keyword tool: https://ads.youtube.com/keyword_tool
      And there are some more tool (3rd party tools), I have seen few of them on Warrioforum. But have never tried any of them yet.!

  5. Hemendra Kumar Saini

    One problem with Video Marketing. it take a long time from the starting point of making a video to publishing and then marketing. it is pretty daunting task. in my point of view instead of video marketing for new product, it is easy to market a product which have gain some reputation. so build up some repo and then go for video marketing. And it is also need to be understand, every product dont need video marketing.

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