8 Painful Blogging Problems & How to Tackle Them Smartly


Blogging is fun, interesting, and addictive but when you start a blog, and try to get the hitch of Blogging, You would realize there are many problems we face, which we get to know only when we have a Blog.

At ShoutMeLoud, we talk about Blogging all the time, and we try to help newbies and established Bloggers to take their Blogging career to the next level.

Starting with my introduction, I’m Shiwangi Peswani, I used to be a Freelance writer and I have been into this field for years.  

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I made my first blog on Party Games and Cuisines around 2 yrs ago.

As I was not aware of difficulties we usually face when we start a new Blog, I made many mistakes and I thought of starting afresh.

Recently I started a new Blog with proper Blog business plan and from last 2 months, I have been working dedicatedly on my blog growth and taking it to the next level.  

Now, this post is dedicated to all newbie Bloggers, who just started blogging or planning to get a Blog, this personal post will help you to understand few problems, difficulties which you will be Facing at the initial days of your Blogging journey.

Common Blogging Problems which you may Face:

Here at ShoutMeLoud, I have read a lot about treating our blog as a business, if our goal is to make money. And I couldn’t agree more and if you have a Blog and your aim is to earn from it, start treating your Blog as a serious business.

That includes adding dedication, professionalism and mix it with your enthusiasm and passion.

Before I share common Blogging problems, which I faced, I recommend you to read a few of the articles listed below, which will help you to get serious about your Blog:

Now, once you got the dedication, here you can learn common mistakes and difficulties which I Faced, and you can learn from it:

Some Common mistakes I often used to make:

  • The first mistake I made was to start a blog without doing any research about the topic and niche.
  • The second mistake was too many posts and no Post promotion.
  • The third mistake I did was to start a blog without targeting the audience.

Problems I faced When Started Blogging

1. Selecting a Niche:

This was the first and most intricate thing I faced with my blogging. I asked almost all of my blogger’s friends about how to select a blogging niche but to be very honest they all confused me even more by suggesting different niches. Every blogger was suggesting me a different niche and then I decided to decide on my own based on my interests. Here are some resources, which will help you to get started:

2. Selecting Domain name:

After deciding with the niche the next step was to decide the domain name for my blog. As I was a newbie then I didn’t actually know the factors to think upon before deciding the domain name for a blog. However now after being blogging for a few years, I knew points that I should consider.

There are few things, that you should take care of when you decide about your Blog name.

First, avoid using your Personal name. I could have gone for shivangi.com, but such a name is good for personal Blogs, but for a professional touch, it’s better to have something non-personal.

Here are a few suggestions from my experience:

  • Go for .com Domain extension. It’s always better than any other top-level domain extension you can use.
  • If possible go for a unique name for ex: ShoutMeLoud, Labnol and so on.
  • If going to Keyword rich domain, make sure it can be pronounced easily and should not look like that domain name is just bought for SEO benefits.
  • Don’t host your domain and hosting at the same place.

Read: How to decide great domain name

3. Deciding on Web-hosting for my Blog:-

I always feel that more are the options greater is confusion.

It was really hard to go with a web hosting in the multitude of them available. The major point of confusion is that almost every web hosting company provides the same features at almost the same price. I referred to Harsh’s guide on Cheap WordPress hosting and ended up buying hosting by reading this tutorial.

4. How to Install WordPress and what next:

Now, I knew how to use WordPress but never explored in depth. And when you are hosting your own WordPress blog, you will be facing many problems.

If you just want to start a WordPress blog and have no idea, I recommend you to read the WordPress guide published by Harsh, which has everything you need.

5. Deciding Blog Theme-

When I was done with the niche and the URL, next thing I stuck on was the theme and the widgets to be used in the blog. I was utterly confused about how to select the theme for my blog.

WordPress has an extensive collection of different themes and every theme has its own pros and cons. Being a beginner, I didn’t want to spend my hard earned money on buying the theme for the blog and so I began the trial and error method.

After going through many themes and designs I finally decided upon one. Though I changed it many times after that, and which is a big newbie mistake, so I recommend selecting a perfect theme ( Custom WordPress theme) and stick to it.

It helps you with branding. There are few resources, which you can refer to:

6. Adding Adsense on my blog-

When I started Blogging, the only way I knew to make money from Blog is Adsense. Getting AdSense approval was tough, but again this AdSense guide helped me to quickly get started.

Once my Adsense was approved, the major problem which I faced to learn using the AdSense dashboard and how to generate Adsense ad codes and how to add it to my Blog.

I watched a couple of YouTube videos and it helped me to understand how to generate ad codes and then there are many AdSense plugins, which helped me to add AdSense code quickly.

After trying most of them and asking from bloggers I decided to use Adsense Injection in my blog. The problem was not yet finished as I was scared if any of my steps may violate AdSense terms and conditions, Google will ban my AdSense account.

Well after long research, discussion with friends, and determination I added my Adsense code in Adsense Injection and started my blog. There are many other good AdSense WordPress plugins that you can use.

7. Post Promotion-

As I mentioned above, one of my initial mistakes was not promoting my blog and latest article.

Since I was a freelance writer and didn’t had prior information and experience of promoting blog post and over time, I learned a lot about it. You can read this article about How to promote your blog , which you can read and will be helpful.

8. SEO and Blogging:

Being a Freelance writer I always knew how to write SEO Friendly Content but when it comes to Blogging SEO is not the same. You need to make sure that your blog post is not the only Keyword optimized and should be personal.

My road to learning SEO was not very difficult and for any newbie blogger learning a few SEO terms and usage will be helpful enough.

There are few things which you need to learn from day one, like:


However, I am still struggling to be a successful blogger but these problems taught me some very good points about blogging.

This is the reason that I just started a new blog and it was much easier this time to start this blog.

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Shiwangi is a qualified writer and a blogger, who loves to dable with and write about technology. While focusing on and writing on tech topics, her varied skills and experience enables her to write on any topics which may interest her.

6 thoughts on “8 Painful Blogging Problems & How to Tackle Them Smartly”

  1. Kunal

    Hi Shiwangi,
    Nice article. This are faced by all the newbie bloggers faced during the starting phase of their journey towards blogging. I agree with you, one needs to market his/her blog. Not just write on their own blog.

  2. Aditi

    Hi Shiwangipeswani ,
    Well, I think this problem has been faced mostly by bloggers while they start blogging. Selecting domain name or niche is definitely the main problem which one can face. This post is really very informative. Thanks for the share!!

  3. Anil Kumar Panigrahi

    Hey Shiwangi nice information share with us. I too have my blog with personal name. Planning to start new domain.

  4. Shiwangi peswani

    Hey Rajeesh, thnx for going through my post and leaving such a lovely comment. Well as mentioned in my post, I am still struggling to thrive in this tough world of blogging.
    Yeah the mistakes and tips might help the newbie bloggers but those were definitely not for pro-bloggers like you 😛

  5. Sachin Kundu

    This i want newbie wants, Shiwangi i must say you have a great writing style now. You entered in blogging and looking for pro-blogging. best wishes for you.

  6. Rajeesh Nair

    Hey nice post Shiwangi. Most of the people face such problems when they enter the blogging world and many of them either quit or struggle all the way long if they don’t go with a specific plan. You got some nice tips in there as well and hopefully many blogger including me would be learning some new methods and preparing some new strategies and plan..

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