Google Penalty Checker: How To Find Which Google Algorithm Hit your Website

I have already talked a lot about Panda and Penguin algorithm, which Google started rolling out from last year and now both of this algorithm is SEO’s nightmare. Panda and penguin update changed the face of SEO and now SEO is getting more Social than just links and on-site and on-page optimization.

Anyways, we are not going to talk about Post panda SEO strategy here, but we will look into a handy Panda and penguin checker tool, which will help us to determine which algorithm update hit our site.

If you have noticed a traffic drop in your stats program, you are more likely to be hit by any of this algorithm and its updates. The very first thing which you need to determine is which algorithm hit your site. Since Panda and penguin algorithm works differently.

  • Panda hit usually happens due to low-quality content, poor SEO stricture, and a few other factors, which you can read about in my earlier article on road to Panda recovery.
  • Penguin hit usually happens due to low-quality link and bad linking (Internal and external)

Once you determine which algorithm caused a penalty to your site, it will be easier to take constructive steps and get out of Google penalty.

Google Penalty Checker & Penguin tool

I have thought about such a tool as it’s easier to create a panda and penguin penalty checker tool.

All you need is to do, create a timeline of your traffic and matches it with Algo updates date and analyze, when traffic increased and when it dropped. Penguintool does the same thing and it requires you to have a Google analytic account.

This is a very easy to use online tool and all you need to do is, give access to your Google analytic account, select the profile and site for which you wish to check for Panda and penguin penalty and it will show a timeline of traffic and you can analyze depending upon traffic drop or increase.

Penguin tool
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By default, this site shows the weekly graph, and once you determine the traffic drop from a particular algorithm, I recommend you to set date (14-15) days around the algorithm update and change the timeline to weekly. These ways you can clearly determine if the drop or increase happens because of penalty or because of other reasons such as no update, any post going viral or any viral post lost life.

Though it would be great if they add an option, where users get notified for any traffic drop or increase after Panda or penguin update and I’m sure many users might not mind paying for such Email notification. Especially, the way Panda and penguin update and monthly refresh is happening, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on any traffic change after an algorithm update. Another tool, which you should keep handy is Google analytics JS traffic checker, which will let you analyze stats of any page of your site with a single click.

You can check out Penguintool here and do let me know how useful this tool is for you? Also, don’t forget to share this post and let your reader know about this handy tool.

Google Website Penalty checker:

This is another tool which I discovered recently and it relies on SEMRUSH organic traffic data. What I like here is, you can check Panda or Penguin penalty for any website without having access to Google analytics. Simply go to the website here, add the domain name and select the search engine you are targeting and hit Go.

Website penalty indicator
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21 thoughts on “Google Penalty Checker: How To Find Which Google Algorithm Hit your Website”

  1. Dipesh

    I still don’t think that any tools will let you exactly know if you have been hit by Google update or not.

    Your traffic has to be the biggest indicator on if you are hit or not.

  2. Narinder kumar

    Thanks for sharing great algorithm checker tools it’s really helpful for me to check my website performance

  3. Madhushalini

    Google is great trying to get everyone to write with a potential client or customer in mind; if this is done well then there isn’t much of a worry about Google Panda and Penguin. thanks for the post, worth looking at them. I haven’t used Majestic SEO too often, will need to revisit it. Copyscape is great to check sites for duplicate content.

    Thanks again for this post and information.

  4. Jimmi

    I think its very simple to know because there is 2 big update in google every year one is Panda and second one is Penguin. If your website have low quality content, thin content, copy content in your website then you will hit by Panda or If you are creating niche back links then your will hit by Penguin update.

  5. Delbin Thomas

    Hey Harsh,

    Thanks for the article. I checked and found there is actually a big boost in our organic traffic after latest update. We will keep on ding our current SEO strategies.

    Thank you.

  6. Shilpa Malhotra

    Last Year My One Website Get Hit By Penguin Updates. After Using Your Tool I am Happy To know about Panda and Penguin updates. Thanks for giving us This Helpful Information.

  7. Elinajones

    Nice tools to check Google recent algorithm changes, I’m going to check it out my website, is there any other websites are available to check Google penalty?

  8. jaikumar

    Thank you for the informative post. This is much useful information for people like me with limited knwoledge about penguin / panda penalty. Thank you so much for the post.

  9. Mark

    Couldn’t get Panguin to work. No action after logging in and authorising its access to Analytics. keeps returning me to home screen unlogged in.

    I found Fruition works though

  10. Aman

    Hi Friend’s I read your blog and use , but not clear about panda, penguin and latest update, i like know about what, what i will do for site promotion. so please suggest here about work, how we will increase traffic, i know if you like more traffic, increase google inorganic rank or social media followers, please suggest me ………….

  11. Giulia

    You know if there Is a tool that allows to check if a site I do link building on has been penalized by Panda/Penguin? Please note that I have not access to Analytics or WBT and Majestic SEO for example still gives me good Trust Flow and Citation Flow.. Thank you!

  12. Piyush


    This tool is really awesome…not only as my above comment says..
    It has a a table “Compare Keyword Variance”

    Search those keywords on google, those are the keywords for which your site on Ranked #1 on google.
    So some guyz will understand how can they use this table. 🙂

    Its awesome, thanks man for the tool and keeping it free.

  13. MNB Achari

    My site has been affected by one of these. Now I have to look for the ways to fix them. Thanks, Harsh.

  14. Abhishek

    Thanks for sharing this tool. I’ll definately gonna try this as i’m also among the affected ones..

  15. AKS

    Thanks for this wonderful tool, one of my site got hit by penguin but not in big way to recognize traffic drop instantly. This tool does it perfectly.

  16. Kashif

    Hello Hars, Please help me to findout whats really hit my site. I’m unable to find the exact reason. please take a look on and plz guide me to get back it into google search.
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Don Akanido

      I don’t think there is tool for such but u can detect from ur analytics tnk u

  17. Rohit

    really great tool to check your website is really affected by Panda or Penguin thanks for sharing

  18. abhishek

    wow great tool, has anybody tried it yet ??

  19. Aditi

    Hi Harsh,
    Yes both Panda and Penguin definitely gives a bad hit for your website. I definitely like reading your post. The website that you have highlighted for checking the Panda and Penguin Update is just great. Even, this Penguin tool is also great. I am sure it would definitely help. Thanks for the share!!

  20. Raj Srivastav

    Continuously hearing about Google panda off late. But penguin also stands in its own merit.

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