How to Start With Blog Flipping & Make Money?

Blog Flipping
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Today we will discuss blog flipping, which is a popular strategy of making money online.

It’s an interesting concept & you have a chance to earn millions with this technique, as very few are doing it properly.

If you have good knowledge of web marketing, SEO and content writing, then you can easily get great success in blog flipping. Let’s take a short introduction about this method.

This is a process of buying and selling of Websites/blogs/domains wherein you have to buy any blog in low price and then sell into the higher price.

There are two simple ways by which you can start with Flipping a Blog (Blog selling). You can either create a new Blog from scratch, and once you build authority, traffic, and money, you can sell it. Another way is by buying existing web property and develop it to the next level and sell it at a higher price.

Buy Re-Build and Sale:

In this strategy, you have first to buy blog which is already running on the internet and must be at least six months old. You must analyze few thing when you purchase already developed blogs:-

  • The blog must not be penalized by Google Panda and Penguin.
  • The blog must have at least a few daily visitors. It must be more than 200 unique visitors per day.
  • Analyze full Google Analytics report about which country’s visitors are viewing the blog.
  • Check Earnings on Site it must be under your expectation, if you are going to buying the site of $500, then it must already have more than $60 monthly income.

Now time to Re-build site, you have to make targets of your rankings, visitors and content on the blog. A blog can take almost six months to complete re-build. You can do these things to rebuild blog:-

  • Firstly make some changes in the design of the blog, you can make changes by changing the theme or add some new design in the current theme.
  • Analyze SEO and make SEO report, target your keywords, Niche, and audience.
  • Do link building and improve blog rankings better as much as possible.
  • Share blog on social networking and create brand awareness of your Blog.
  • Increase visitors as much possible and make more earnings.

Website for Sale
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Now time to sell blog and earn a profit.  You can sell your blog through various means. Today Internet has many platforms where you can sell your blog and earn a profit.

These types of networks perform as broker they have to complete the process of buy and sale of the blog and get a commission on this transaction, heeling you to earn money. I have listed some of the sites below, but for now, let’s look at another way of blog flipping technique:

Develop Build and Flip a Blog: –

This is the almost similar process as upper we discuss, the only thing which changes is that the blog is created by you from the first day. You do not buy blog from any one, this process almost takes much time but gives you more profit than the first strategy.

Firstly you can develop full website by these ways:-

  • Choose niche and idea of the blog.
  • Buy brand new Domain and hosting.
  • WordPress is the most idle choice for blog platform, as it’s most popular and most used platform.
  • Get an attractive Blog design. Instead of spending a lot on the custom theme, you can buy themes from Genesis or Elegant themes at a cheap price.
  • Publish content on the blog. You can hire a freelance writer to create content, and you can use post scheduling feature to schedule the post for next 1-2 months.  Remember, your quality of published article will be a major factor in determining your Blog worth and most important quality articles will help ranking faster.
  • Do all aspects of Search Engine Optimization like Link Building, SMO, etc.

After 6 to 7 months you can get great success with a blog, now time to sell your blog. We follow the same procedure for sale blog, which we discuss in the first strategy. By this process, you can earn much more money.

Buy Sell Blogs
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Here some platforms and networks where you can sell your blog. Some of the sites give you a free option to sell the blog. But some websites charge fees for listing and sale.

From above list of places to sell your blog, Flippa is the idlest and popular choice. Though you can always use unconventional way of announcing it on Facebook or your Fan page, and you might get a better offer from readers.

However this technique is good when you are selling a Well-established blog for genuine reasons like you don’t get time to Blog, or you can’t update it anymore.

Else, it would be better if you use sites like Flippa to start selling your Blog, at an initial stage, it might be a problem understanding and making the huge profit out of it, but once you get it right, you can earn handsome money just be creating and selling Blogs.

Do let me know your follow up questions. Also, share this technique with your friends on Facebook.

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7 thoughts on “How to Start With Blog Flipping & Make Money?”

  1. Andrea Maria

    Blog flipping is a technique used in online business. The principle of blog flipping lies in creating blogs or buying cheap ones, generating traffic and developing them to the highest level and once they become popular, promoting them for the higher price.

  2. Sumil Dutta

    I was not aware of this kind of flipping. We do this in real estate but it seems its the same concept for digital space. Nice.
    But why would one sell a blog nurtured with so much effort over a period of time.

  3. Michael

    It’s a neat strategy, although it doesn’t mention Digitalpoint forums, which is the main marketplace for this type of smaller sites.

  4. Muhammad Qasim

    Never knew about this strategy. Thanks for the share

  5. Ajay

    Very well written article. I have seen people earning huge amounts by website flipping. As a matter of fact if planned and executed properly, one can earn even more than twice the amount for which the blog was bought.
    Anyways thanks for the share.

  6. Blogger Malaysia

    I want to try flipping website but to flip website but i don’t want flip my blog. I love my blog. So i have other choice, buy some blog but to buy some blog must have some modal. So this type make money will not become my first choice

  7. Mohul

    excellent information about flipping blogs for profit! This is a under-utilized strategy which can be used for great results. Kudos to Gagan for producing this useful post 🙂

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