5 Working Suggestions To Get More Interactions On Twitter

Many people don’t get too many interactions on Twitter. So, they get frustrated and stop promoting their businesses on Twitter. But, let me tell you that Twitter is worth it and you should join it. If you are not using twitter for your blog or business, you are losing a lot of traffic and customers. So, don’t ignore Twitter and follow these tips to get more interactions and followers on Twitter.

1. Follow Interesting People In Your Niche

It’s not like you are gonna join Twitter and people are gonna visit your profile and click the follow button. You need to follow the interesting and influential people in your niche. This way you would come to know more about them and your industry as they would be posting the latest stuff going on. So, this way you’ll be able to update your blog with the latest things going on. Please don’t use follow and follow back method to get more follower. Because you would never receive quality followers that way.

2. Interact With People

Don’t just follow others also interact with them. If you are not gonna interact with anyone, no one would know about you, and you will be all alone tweeting and seeing your tweets yourself. So, interact with people whom you follow or like. Reply to their tweets, help them wherever possible. Now, this way they would come to know more and more about you.

If you would reply to their tweets frequently, they’ll be like, “He is a cool person.” So, interact with others, and they’ll interact with you. Maybe they’ll like you so much that they’ll follow you and retweet your tweets. So, if they have 20,000 followers and they are retweeting your stuff. You know, you are gonna get a lot of visitors to your site. And, don’t forget that you can interact with as many people as you want.

You should take advantage of various Twitter tools to keep track of all the engagement. If you are using Twitter on your Mac or on iPhone, the official Twitter app is pretty decent. Tweetdeck is one of my favorite, and if you need more power and control, you should get a free Hootsuite account.

3. Use #Hashtags

Use of hashtags is really important on Twitter. Hashtags would increase your audience reach on Twitter. For example, a normal tweet on New Year without a hashtag would just be visible to your followers. But, a tweet with #HappyNewYear would be visible to all the people searching for #HappyNewYear.

So, if you are adding hashtags to your tweet with your blog’s link. That tweet is gonna be visible to all the people searching for the hashtag you add to your tweet. So, this means that more people would be able to view your tweet and visit your website through the link you gave them in your tweet.

4. Join Twitter Tweet Chats

A Twitter tweet chat is a pre-arranged chat that happens on Twitter through the use of Twitter updates (called tweets) that include a predefined hashtag to link those tweets together in a virtual conversation. Now, once you join a twitter tweet chat. 

There would be all the people having a conversation on something. So, once you know what the conversation is all about, you can just tweet about a relevant blog post you are having on your blog. You can help all the people who are asking any questions. If they like you they are gonna follow you. 

Twitter chat is a really great way to interact with influential people in your niche as many influential people also join these. If you are a brand, you can also host your own Twitter chat. Here is a definite guide to hosting Twitter chat by Forbes.

Note by Harsh: You should check out Twchat for Twitter chat directory or even for participating in a Twitter chat conversation.

Read: The Ultimate Guide To Joining or Hosting A Twitter Chat

5. Let Your Current Followers Know, You Are On Twitter

Maybe you are not too popular on Twitter, but you are very popular on other social media websites like Facebook and Google+. So, just tell all your fans on other social medias that you have now officially joined Twitter and give them link to your Twitter profile and ask them to follow you.

You can also add your Twitter profile link to your website, So, all your visitors can get to know that you are on Twitter and they would follow you.

A good idea is; post about your Twitter presence on other social-media platforms like Facebook and Google plus. If you don’t want to post similar updates every month, you can selectively post status update from your Twitter profile on other social-media platforms.


1. Follow all the interesting and influential people in your niche. Please don’t use follow and follow back technique to get more followers. Also, don’t use any bots or hacks.

2. Don’t just follow others also interact with them and they would interact with you too.

3. Use hashtags to increase your reach and target more audience on Twitter.

4. Join Twitter Tweet Chats to interact with more and more people in your niche. Some of them may also follow you.

5. Tell all your friends and followers that you are on Twitter and tell them to follow you.

If you are new to Twitter and still lacking engagement and interaction, here are few amazing posts on Twitter which you should read:

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Chatty Sharma is Growth Hacker at ShoutMeLoud. He likes to play with numbers and test new things to drive more revenue and growth to the company.

12 thoughts on “5 Working Suggestions To Get More Interactions On Twitter”

  1. Jasmeet Singh

    Thanks @Chatty I am also frustrated with Twitter if I will not read your article then I will leave Twitter after some time. Your article is very useful to me thanks again.

  2. Syed Qasim

    According to my analysis. All i know that we to get more social engagement on our website. Otherwise we will receive any ranking or traffic from search engines.

  3. Chatty

    Adding others in your tweets is also a really great way to get more engagements. Because the next time they tweet they would try to add your to their tweets too.

    I hope you become pro at Twitter soon
    Thanks for reading 🙂

  4. Miracle Ayodele

    I really love your post chatty. I have been trying to get myself acquainted with Twitter this days.

    Anytime I tweet, i try to carry others i follow along by including there twitter handles in my tweets. I guess that is okay too.

    I also use hash tags very well. I will continue to use it, with time I will be a pro in twitter :-D. Let us start with including our handles, anyway you can follow me @techracle. 😀

  5. Noufal Binu

    🙂 Hi Chatty,
    Another Interesting Topic, Twitter is my favorite Social media but Formerly I Don’t know too better about twitter-interaction and Hash tag I think it will be help for make more followers and Get lot of visitors with my blog. lot thanks Chatty Sharma.

    1. Chatty

      Yeah! sure hashtags would get you more reach and more interactions.

      Thanks For Reading, Noufal 🙂

  6. Abhishek Tavasalkar

    Thanks for this article. I already knew about the first three points but the 4th point was a twister. I should definitely try twitter tweet chats. It should increase my twitter followers and also interaction on twitter. Thanks for the article. Really a great post!

    1. Chatty

      Twitter Tweet Chats are the main fun on twitter. You get to know more people and learn more. Start to join more tweet chats soon!

      Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. Nilantha Madhushanka

    You are absolutely right. I Kept out my twitter account, because I thought that it is an useless. After I read your post, I understood twitter account is a very useful to get more interaction for my website.

    1. Chatty

      Hope you get more interactions soon! 😀

    2. Yaling Zheng

      I think Twitter is a virtual world. In a real world, your presence is critical. While on Twitter, talking and interacting with other accounts is important for other people to know you too.

  8. Vikas Yadav

    Hello@Chatty, I’m new on twitter and don’t know how to use HashTag on Twitter, can you please suggest me an article, how to use HashTag on Twitter so that I can take the maximum benefits of twitter to promote blog posts.
    At last thanks a lot for your important points regarding how to use twitter effectively to get more traffic on blogs/website.

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