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When it comes to making money from a blog, you have many options. One of the simplest is to place PPC advertisements on your blog, and you will be paid depending on the niche, quality of traffic, and the number of clicks on ads.

Of all the advertising networks currently available, Google AdSense is certainly the best, but it is also one of the most highly criticized, due to its harsh rules. Many bloggers lose their hope of making money with AdSense once their AdSense account is disabled or not approved.

I have previously written about many alternative ways to make money in this article.  Today I’m featuring, which is a contextual ad network brought to you by Yahoo! and Bing together. is an ad network that has been getting great reviews from around the globe. is currently an invitation based ad network, and anyone can request an invite here.

Here is the recent payment that I received from

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There are many great features of, one of them being a dedicated account manager to help you get started, and help you to make more money from the blog.

I will discuss all of this in greater detail later in this article, but first, let’s have a look at what is all about. features and program information: is a contextual ad network, which means that it hosts advertisements based on the context of the page. For example, if you are running ads on your page about dogs, your readers will be seeing advertisements related to dogs and dogs products. Similarly, a page about cameras will have ads related to cameras and photography accessories.

Contextual advertisements perform better than any other type of ads (direct ads), and this is one reason why AdSense is so popular. is powered by Yahoo! and Bing, and you will see only high-quality and high-paying ads through is targeted to small to large Bloggers & media houses that produce quality content. So even if you have a small blog with targeted and quality content, your chance of getting approval is high.

Here are some of the most notable features of the ad network:

  • Contextual advertisements: As mentioned above, ads will be shown based on the context of the page.
  • High revenue: The quality of ads is high, and various optimization techniques will help you to make a significant amount of money from your hosted ads.
  • Mobile ads: One of the key features of is the hosting of mobile ads. This feature is currently in beta, but with the growing number of smartphone users, mobile ads are the future of advertising for publishers. mobile detection technology automatically detects mobile and smartphone browsers and serves mobile ads which will help you to earn additional income.
Mobile Ads by
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  • Account manager: There are very few ad networks offering dedicated account managers, and is one of them. As soon as you get an approved account, you will be assigned an account manager, and he will assist you with the setup and help you to get started. Indeed, if you are not a blogger who likes to optimize ads (colour, text, etc.), your account manager will do this for you.
  • Neat and clean reporting dashboard: The reporting dashboard is neat, and it is easy to become accustomed to using it.
  • One account for unlimited websites: If you have one approved account with, you can use the same account to run advertisements on multiple websites. You will, however, need to get approval for every website, which is easy with the help of site manager. site Manager
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  • Multiple ad unit sizes: You can create multiple ad unit sizes using the ad management panel.
Yahoo ad network ad sizes
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How to get started with

Currently, the Yahoo! Bing contextual ad network ( is an invitation based ad network. You can apply for an invite code here, by adding details about you and your website. If you have multiple blogs/websites, you can apply for all of them under one account from the same page.

Soon thereafter, one of their representatives will evaluate your blog, and once you are approved, you will be assigned an account manager, and you will receive your login details via email.

To ensure the high quality of ads, they do have program policies, and before applying it is a good idea to review these policies for your information.

Once your application has been approved, log in to the dashboard, start creating ad units for your website, and place the code. The process is simple, and if you have ever used an ad network such as AdSense or any other, the process is almost the same.

Using Yahoo bing Ad network
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At the time of the writing of this post, supports payment via PayPal and Payoneer.

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I recommend you to use Payoneer for a payout as it’s cheaper than PayPal. You can read my case study on this here.

The minimum payout threshold is $100.

Overall, after reading the reviews about and considering the way it has evolved in the past year, I feel comfortable recommending that you go ahead and sign up for a publisher’s account.

If you are an existing publisher, I would love to hear your feedback, experience, and opinion.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

174 thoughts on “ Review: Yahoo! Bing Ad Network for Bloggers and Publishers”

  1. Chandan

    HI Harsh Sir,

    Can i use the and affiliate marketing in one website?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Yes, you can.

  2. Rajkumar Chauhan

    Its true that Media.Net is an alternative of adsense but It is not better than adsense. When I use it, 1st two months of earning were outstanding But after some months they decreasing the cpm day by day. I complained the this issue many times but I didnt find any proper answer. works well only with good US,UK,Canada traffic. Finally its better but not like Adsense.

  3. prem

    I really enjoyed your reading. is a really good Ad network. I have also used this ad network and get good income. But my other site related to sports niche is not approved.

  4. Kingshuk

    My blog language is bengali

    Am i eligible for

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Nope.. Only English

    2. Harsh Agrawal

      no. Bengali is not supported on

  5. Shradhha

    Nice Article bro..
    I have crossed my threshold (i.e. $100) on 23 Sept. When can I expect my first payment. I have updated my PayPal.

    Thanks in Advance!

  6. Sagar Lathe

    Hi Harsh,
    If We add both Adsence And Yahoo Ads On OUr Site , Will It Dissable Adsence??

    And What Are The Rule To qualify For

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey sagar,

      Yes, you can use adsense and media. net together. The only catch is we should not use it in such a way that it will confuse users as Google Ads. As long as we can make it look different by using a different color or having a label, we are good to go.Here is what google says:

      In order to prevent user confusion, publishers may not display Google ads or search boxes on websites that also contain other ads or services formatted to use the same layout and colours as the Google ads or search boxes on that site. Although you may sell ads directly on your site, it is your responsibility to ensure that these ads cannot be confused with Google ads.

      Please read this article for approval:

  7. Ravi Burman

    sir can i use ads in a hindi blog

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      They don’t support Hindi language.

  8. Intiaz alam sk

    Its a nice article hars.I have a blog and I got approved within 04 hours.

  9. Shanif Khan

    Hello Sir, my website is approved by but I’m not able to see the ads on my website after pasting the codes as provided by, I’ve used a plug-in for that (Ad Injector), but the ads are visible on mobile phones. When I’m inspecting my website on crome it says parser blocking has blocked contextual ad. Sir, help me get out of this matter. Thank you!

    1. Sreehari Sree

      It’s because of your caching plugin.
      I just fixed my issue now. I’m using wp rocket caching on my blog and deferred all external JavaScripts.
      By disabling this functions, I got my issue fixed.

  10. Fawad khan

    Hi Harsh,

    I have implemented media net on my website , and from my experience I get lower compare to adsense, maybe its the position of the ads

  11. Elly

    can i use with amazon ads on my website?

  12. Tom

    I have use for a month, and I have good result

  13. Petar

    I’ve been using for years. But the last couple of months the RPM crashed and it’s now 30% of what it used to be. the account managed promises how they gonna fix that but without much success. I’m suspecting a lot of advertisers left them.
    anyone else experiences the same?

  14. Rajdip Das

    I have signed up there with a niche site but rejected. What to do? I get most of the visitors from USA , UK, CANADA

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      That’s hard to say why you got rejected. What niche are you in?

  15. Mohammed ali

    Can I place Adsense and ads in one blog. Is it allowed?

  16. Ravi kumar

    Hi Harsh,
    Bro recently i have approved my and getting good result thanks for share in detail


  17. Ahmed Chougle

    Got my approval last week. The experience so far is great. Thanks for sharing the article.

  18. Noor

    Was looking for some awesome information about adds.
    This article help me in learning about
    Thanks a lot for sharing such awesome information, keep posting..

  19. Nikhil Jain also seems to be good after adsense……thanks for sharing this

  20. Md Arif

    Thanks for the review. I want to join an ad network. But I cannot decide that which ad media is best for the beginner.
    So, the article is so useful for me.

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