March 2015: ShoutMeLoud Traffic Report

This is the time of the month when I share my blog’s earnings report as well as other juicy news related to my blogging journey.

Publishing a monthly income and traffic report is a part of our transparency policy here at ShoutMeLoud.  We share this information for another reason as well.

Note: The above image was created by Shravan from Digihackers. If you have created anything exclusively for ShoutMeLoud or for the Shouters community, you can mail me at [email protected]

Unlike February which was slow in term of activities, March was full of activities and education. Last month was a terrible month for me where WordPress and hosting issues are concerned. I had to spend a great deal of time breaking free from tech hassles rather than focusing on more important issues, and that is always a source of frustration for busy people running a business.

ShoutMeLoud Hosting Changed – GoodBye Cloudways

One of the biggest problems I faced last month was a hosting issue. I had been using Cloudways hosting for a good four months, when I began to experience the slow WordPress dashboard issue. Things got out of hand, (I couldn’t even post anything!), and increasing my server size was of no help at all.

I had no choice but to move to another source of hosting, and this time I settled on a managed WordPress hosting company called Kinsta.

What surprised me about this hosting plan is that my monthly expenditure for ShoutMeLoud’s hosting decreased to $157 from $206! That’s a clear savings of about $50 a month, which is significant. I will share a detailed review of Kinsta hosting after trying it for few weeks.

On the 19th of March, Jetpack plugin launched an update, and it broke my site. Since my Android app was dependent on the Jetpack plugin, it too stopped working. It was a difficult and challenging time for me, as I received a lot of emails from ShoutMeLoud Android app users regarding the app not working. The issue is now repaired, and the problem was identified as a plugin conflict.

Last month I transitioned ShoutMeLoud from using the Thesis theme to using the Genesis theme. I have wanted to make this transition for a long time, and I’m glad I finally did it. With this change I also moved all of my SEO settings from Theme to a plugin, and I am now using SEO by Yoast here at ShoutMeLoud.

Now let’s have a look at the detailed traffic & income report from last month. I will also share a few important insights, so pay close attention to the information written below!

March Traffic report: Desktop + Mobile

blog March traffic report
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Last month’s transition from the Thesis theme to Genesis’s framework was a smooth transition overall, with one glitch: I missed adding codes to show the last updated posts in the search, and Google again indexed my posts with dates back to 2009. Thanks to this error, my traffic went down by 40% for 6 days. I was later able to recover the traffic by fixing the code.  Apart from that traffic dip, overall traffic was consistent for the month.

I have set a goal to reach one million page views per month by the end of this year. Considering my existing traffic stats, the goal is a bit unrealistic, but I remain hopeful that we will reach that target.

March mobile app traffic report:

ShoutMeLoud’s Android app was down for almost 7 days, but even with that very significant issue, my overall traffic on the Android app increased significantly.

Compared to February’s 8400 screen views, in March the app had more than 15,000 screen views. The number of active users and sessions have grown significantly.

You can see February’s app traffic report here, and compare it with the March report.

Mobile app analytic report March
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In the last week of March, ShoutMeLoud’s Android app got an update, and now the application has enabled comments. I also made a few changes in the UI and backend, which will be announced in a separate post. For now, you can download the app from the Google Play store.

Note: You can now order an app for your blog using ShoutMeLoud’s App development service! Since we are in the pilot stage of this offering, the launch pricing is pretty decent.

Last month I made a significant purchase of Leadpages, which is an important blogging tool for gaining email subscriptions. I created a landing page like this in 5 minutes with this tool. You can check out all the features here.

We are already in the month of April, and I’m pretty excited about the coming months. I have learned over the past few months that it is important to invest in the right tools and the right people. The new ShoutMeLoud design is under construction, and I’m spending about $1,000 for a complete re-design. Hopefully, by the end of the month you will see the new design live!

Before I wrap up, here is a video from our Bangalore ShoutUP Workshop:

This concludes my March 2015 blog report!

I would love to hear about your education and achievements for the past month.

Do share this report with others on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, to heighten awareness about blogging as a career option.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

98 thoughts on “March 2015: ShoutMeLoud Traffic Report”

    1. It is not net. It is gross. Great work, Harsh. How about a post detailing your long term investment plans? Thanks in advance.

  1. Wow, $15k is a huge amount, Harsh. But eventually, you also have a great deal of expenses. Anyways, good luck for the next month. I’m sure you will hit the $15k net income mark soon 🙂

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      @Thanks Pulkit, and I realize the more investment I’m making, in turn I’m making more money.

  2. Swadhin Agrawal

    Hi Harsh sir,
    I am inspired. This shows that you can achieve anything once you have patience. I quite liked your shift to Genesis and I now many other pro bloggers trying to shift their blogs from thesis to wordpress.
    Waiting to seeing your complete new redesign.
    Yes, I saw you spend some bucks in reddit and stumble upon ads. Did they work for you. What do you advice? Should I go for it.

    Also my comment with my website link never gets approved so I am commenting here without my website link with a separate email id.Please check it also. 🙂

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I was planning to move to Genesis for long, and glad finally I did. I could see an effect on traffic (Positive). Regarding spending on ads, I will be sharing a case-study in coming days. In that case study, I will share how & in which circumstance you should advertise.

  3. Congrats on making $15k on a month….I think you are inspiring and same time destroying someone by publishing earnings…Everybody wants to make money, even though blogging is not in their body… with my experience, blogging is not just about good writings with a better grammar or installing plugins or paid campaigns…All these helps with taking your blog to another level..To enter that level, make sure you are at least at the basic level (1k views a day). Harsh, you made by exploring and writing in a way that nobody even dare to try and write on that topic…I don’t think anyone can be as successful as you are. But if there is any hope, after all, these google panda updates, its just Shoutmeloud!!! Thanks

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      I agree with your on the word “Inspiring” & “Destroying”. My focus is for the people who are getting inspired, and when I publish such report, I know not 100% of people reading it would be happy or taking it as a source of motivation. Anyhow, I can focus on those people who matters more.

      You got the things right, as the first stage is to start writing. Later on, other stuff such as better writing, design, SEO would follow. The key is to start right away, and don’t wait for perfection. People who wait for right time or for the perfection would never start.

      1. More like off a Q1 profit revenue report 🙂

        Harsh can you write one article about gadgets that you are using for your podcasts.

        Thanks in advance

  4. Mazino Oyolo Kigho

    You said you dont use adsense on shoutmeloud, where did the google adSense earning of $593 comes from? Lastly you are truly inspiring.

  5. Hi Harsh,
    This report is hugely inspiring but being a blogger I am quite disappointed at this point in time. I am maintaining an automotive blog having 70-80k page views each month and using Adsense on it. The blow is after investing uncountable hours for almost an year, I am unable to make more than a few pennies. And in my niche affiliate programs are something market leaders have never heard of. Any suggestions that can help me to make a living out of it will be very much appreciated.


  6. Congrats, Harsh. Nice to see you break the 15K mark. Keep doing well!

    Please take a loot at you comment system though. I often find that my comments do not appear. This has happened several times. I got irritated and stopped commenting. Do resolve the issue.



  7. Hi Harsh,
    First I would like to Congrats you for this successful month. I am a loyal SML reader and I read almost every post you update. I am quite inspired by you but please do not mind I have some thing to ask you. Last time you said you are switching your hosting from Hostgator to Site Ground and it is hardly two months you are again switching to a new hosting. Is is a marketing strategy for your affiliate earning so that your reader will opt for the hosting provider that you are using. this just a query do not take it another way.

  8. Mohamed Ismail

    Harsh Amazing !!! Day by day your presentation of content is becoming more and more inspirational. Keep rocking !!!!

  9. Hello Harsh, Congrs Bro. Love to see your Earning report. Really that’s cool. this is really motive me to do blogging more as well i am newcomer. To be honest, i am only now 16 years and i am not thinking to earn at this time. I just wanted to learn and that’s why i started my Blogging jounrey only few days ago. But, i am trying to join with each market. Like as: Affiliate, Blogging, CPA marketing and so on. That’s why i started my learning points and set up my goal. And you are one of my Best Guideline here. I am always get motive by reading your every monthly income reports. You started 2008, and i started 2015. You are making this income with 7 years hard working. My goal is reach you within 5 years 😀

    Happy Blogging

  10. Hi Harsh,

    Congrats on consistently growing your income this year.

    I noticed that you bought Vimeo Pro for $60. Would you be able to tell me how to get it for this price? I am considering purchasing it, but the price on Vimeo’s site is $219 (I’m in Australia), and that’s too high for me.


  11. I am inspired with your work and earning SIR.. But I am confused that why you don’t use the BlueHost or HostGator, like these popular companies..

  12. That’s great Harsh! I’m in the industry for a long time too and has seen a lot of people achieving their goals. Good luck

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks Lisa. Have been following you on Youtube & I enjoy your work.
      Welcome to ShoutMeLoud. 🙂

  13. Congratulations Sir, For Your a Great Achievement. I love your work. Also i follow you. Thanks for sharing with us a great information for my motivation

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