How To Use E-Junkie To Sell Online Goods Including eBook

Do you have a digital product like software, eBook, video course that you want to sell online? If yes, read on as this detailed guide will get you started in next 30 minutes or less.

Selling your digital product is one lucrative way to earn money online. A blogger can easily create an eBook related to their niche, and sell it to their readers. Since you already have a blog, the promotion would be easier. Moreover, with single such product, you can sell it to multiple places to increase your revenue.

Update: If you are considering to sell eBooks or digital downloads on E-junkie. You should also check out Gumroad or Payhip.

In this guide, you will learn how to sell your eBook using E-junkie. You can sell other products that can be digitally downloaded.

What is E-Junkie & how to start selling online?

E-junkie let you add the shopping cart to your blog, eBay or other sites for selling downloadable items. This is one of the simplest solutions for anyone to get started. Once you have setup stuff on E-junkie, all you need to do is: place buy now button or send direct links to the possible buyer, and everything else will be taken care by this automated system. Below image explains how easy it is to use E-junkie:

How Ejunkie works
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Benefits of using E-junkie for sellers:

  • Buyers get a unique download link that expires after the specific time. This way, your digital good is safe from unauthorized downloads.
  • Your product is uploaded to E-junkie server, so you don’t have to worry about bandwidth & storage.
  • They offer 7 days free trial, so you don’t need to pay anything to get started. If you don’t like the system, you can stop using it without paying.
  • You get paid instantly.
  • PDF stamping to personalize the downloads. You can read about it here.
  • You can setup an affiliate program for your product using e-Junkie.

e-junkie features
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In the above screenshot you can see the features of e-Junkie. The best part is pricing, as they don’t charge any transaction fees. (That will be charged by PayPal or any other payment processor you integrate here). eJunkie base pricing is $5/month, which let you upload up to 10 products, and total disk space of 50MB. You can see their pricing here.

Step by Step guide To Sell your eBook Using eJunkie:

If you have your product ready to be uploaded, just follow the guide & start selling online.

Head over to E-Junkie site and click on “Start 1 week free trial now” at the bottom left of the page. Inside your e-junkie dashboard, click on add a product.

Add product
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Next step is important, as here you will configure settings for product download. Since you are selling an eBook, you should select Single file download. (This will change depending upon what you are selling).   Add a descriptive product name, at the top.

Adding product to eJunkie
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Click on Submit & on the next page, you can upload the eBook or any other digital download which you are selling. You will see a screen like as shown below:

Upload eBook to eJunkie
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On the same page, you can get Shopping cart button for your product. You have option to get various buttons, which you can use on your blog or other websites. The simplest one is Buy now buttons, which let users to quickly pay and download the eBook.

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You can click on Buy now tab, and get the link, which you can use to customize the way you want. For example, if you click on below image, you will be directly taken to PayPal page to buy ShoutMeLoud Affiliate marketing eBook. Once you make the payment, this exclusive eBook will be emailed you.


What I like about E-junkie is, in $5 anyone can start selling. The only problem which you (If you are in India), will face is accepting payment from Indian PayPal user. Since you can’t use it, you need to look for alternative payment processor offered by e-junkie, like ClickBank, & few more. The problem is, others are not so simple to setup like PayPal.

Affiliate program setting
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Another useful feature that eJunkie offers is to run an affiliate program for your product without any charge. For example, you can sign up for my eBook Affiliate program using this link here, and you will be paid 80% of all sales. You can download eBook cover image here to use with your affiliate promotion post.

Take 7 days free trial of e-Junkie here

In the coming days I will explore more options like EDD WordPress plugin, Gumroad to sell your own digital product. If you want to get notified for the same, you can subscribe to ShoutMeLoud newsletter here.

Update: When I was trying to get subscription from e-junkie after the trial period, I got PayPal error saying “You must add funds to your PayPal account before sending more money. ” I reached out to them about the issue, and here is the response:

PayPal is currently blocking domestic payments between parties both located in India, due to Indian tax technicalities for such online payments.  E-junkie’s parent company, Sine Info Ventures Pvt. Ltd., is headquartered in New Delhi; therefore, we are currently unable to accept subscription payments from Indian merchants until this matter is resolved.

I have asked them for an alternative and will update as soon as I get a solution to this. Outside India, you will have no problem with e-Junkie.

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11 thoughts on “How To Use E-Junkie To Sell Online Goods Including eBook”

  1. Vidya

    Hi Harsh, Thank u so much for sharing your knowledge.
    Do we need to register as a company if we are offering e-books and other digital files/products from our own website also? How do we go about it? Where to go and ask about all the legalities related to selling e-books or artwork?
    Thank you. Have a good day!

  2. Ankit

    I have created an ebook and I want to sell it for Indian as well as outside. What kind of taxes should I consider? May I need to go for VAT, Service tax, TDS etc. Now I have only PAN. And where should I sell it?

  3. Kamelia B

    As always a very informative post Harsh. Can you please explain the Indian PayPal user problem a bit?

    Say, I want to sell my ebook via e-junkie to Indian buyers. Can I accept payments via credit/debit card, internet banking etc.?

    If it is not possible then what is the solution?

  4. Vineet

    Can you tell me how many monetization program can I join for single website

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      There is no limit to it, you can use x number of monetization technique for your blog. The only thing that you need to take care of is, don’t use incompatible ad network. For example, if you are using AdSense, ensure you are not using any other ad network which mimics AdSense ads.

  5. Istiak Rayhan

    Hey Harsh,

    Thanks for sharing this useful post.

    I am on my way to publishing my first eBook “11 Ways to Make Your First Affiliate Sale From Your Blog”. Though I am going to offer this book for free to my email subscribers, but I have a plan to sell it on E-Junkie if I get positive feedback from readers. And this post will certainly help me to get started with E-Junkie.

    Great to see your first premium eBook on E-Junkie! I am planning to promote this eBook on my blog. Just wondering if you are going to create a landing page for the ebook.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      My suggestion is to launch first, and then take feedback. If you wait for people approval, you will never get 100% Approval. Once the product is out & people are buying it, you will do everything to improve the product to reach out to more people.\

      I’m in the process of setting up the landing page, which will be live in 24 hours. I will personally mail you, to let you know once it’s live.

  6. rahul

    Thanks Harsh for this great article.. me and my team are working on a ebook and also a video course now a days and this will help us in promoting and selling our ebook and course via E-Junkie platform… keep sharing such useful information as you always do.. Its a great pleasure to learn new things from a great blogger like you.. I follow your blog and youtube channel on daily basis and it helped me immensely in growing as a newbie and establishing my blogs… Thanks for being such a great HOST(DOST) mate..

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      If you have a video course to sell. Also look at Udemy. It’s a great place to sell your online source. The best part is, your product will be marketed for free.

  7. Tirtha Ojha

    I have created a wordpress seo ebook and I think now I have found a perfect place to sell it. Thanks you very much for this great post.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Do remember the only problem here is, you can’t accept payment from other Indian PayPal users. So if your target audience is from India, you should look at alternatives or use other payment processor offered by E-junkie.

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