How To Change Facebook Video Thumbnail

Are you one of those bloggers who are making video for your blog? If you have uploaded video only on YouTube, you are missing out one big marketing channel for your video. Facebook is paying extra attention to video uploaded on Facebook and you might notice an increase in number of videos on your Facebook wall. Point is, make sure that you also upload your videos on Facebook. It’s a good advice to keep your video in less than 3 minutes to get more views, but if you are like me who are doing video tutorials, yon can ignore the time-limit tip.

Change Facebook Video Thumbnail
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While Facebook is making it’s platform more friendly or video bloggers and uploader, and there is a long way to make it the perfect place like YouTube. For now, there are few things which you can do to increase the possibility of getting more views on Your uploaded Facebook video, and one of them is; selecting the thumbnail of your video. A good thumbnail will catch more eye-balls and hence you will get more views on your uploaded videos. In this guide, I will share how you can edit and select your Facebook video thumbnail

Guide to select Facebook video thumbnail:

Unlike Youtube, on Facebook you can’t  can upload a custom video thumbnail.  (Facebook now supports custom thumbnail feature for videos).Your only option is to select from the 10 thumbnail which Facebook select randomly. One suggestion which I would like to give you here is, add your image within the video at the time of editing and before production. This way, you are more likely to create a thumbnail which will have great CTR.

If you have done it with earlier videos, then it’s great else start doing it from your next video. For now, lets look at the steps which you need to follow to select video thumbnail of Facebook video.

Go to your Facebook video and play it. At the bottom click on options > edit video

Edit Facebook video thumbnail
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On the next page you will see an option to select video thumbnail from 10 thumbnails. This is where you can select the video thumbnail which will show on videos page of your Facebook or on the timeline of your readers.

Select Facebook video thumbnail
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I really wish to see the custom thumbnail option in Facebook videos, but for now this is the only way you can improve your Facebook video and get more eyeballs.

Update: Facebook Added Custom Thumbnail option for Videos

Hey Guys,

Facebook now supports custom thumbnail for videos, and you can add it after uploading the video. Here is a screenshot for the same:

Facebook Custom thumbnail
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You can edit your old videos & add custom thumbnail to them too. Indeed a great and awaited feature.

To make most out of Facebook video thumbnail, I recommend you to create the thumbnail before and add it in the video in the edition portion. Don’t forget to add intro and outro to your videos to take advantage of video branding. If you don’t have an intro for your videos, you can get one for only $5 after reading this guide.

You can check out videos uploaded by me on ShoutMeLoud Facebook page over here. If you want to share any tip for optimising Facebook videos, do share with me via comments. Don’t forget to share this tip with others on Facebook by sharing this article.


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  1. Mark O

    Hey Harsh, has this feature been disable by Facebook the ‘Edit This Video’ link on the Options tab is no longer available, if you know another way please let us know. Still searching!


  2. Tanmoy Das

    Having a video in a Facebook timeline is great way to express yourself as people love to listen or watch than reading. I am very thankful to you to make such a nice article.

  3. David

    thanx harsh, it really helps me and now i can change thumbnails easily

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