Monetize Indian Traffic With Amazon India Affiliate Program

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Amazon India Affiliate Program
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Last month Amazon launched their India marketplace and today they announced the launch of their associates program for Indian publishers. Amazon India marketplace is selling wide range of products including electronic goods, books, mobile phones, Kindle devices and movies.  If you are new to affiliate marketing, I recommend you to read what is affiliate marketing to understand the basics. affiliate program is exactly same as their U.S. front but for Indian affiliates they are paying a hefty commission on every sale. According to press release, they are paying 5% commission on consumer electronics and 10% commission on all other products including Kindle devices.

How to start making money with Affiliate program?

If you have previously worked with Amazon affiliate program, you will not have any problem getting started with this. But, if you haven’t, here I will outline quick points which will help you to get started.  I recommend you to read the following two articles, which I have written for Amazon U.S. associates program, as most of the things including getting affiliate links for the products is going to be the same.

To get started, head over to Amazon india associates page and sign in using your amazon India account. If you don’t currently have an Amazon India account, you can quickly create one for free. Signing up is a 3 step process:

  • Create an account on Amazon India affiliate program
  • Account information including payment details
  • Your Website detail

You also need to provide your PAN card number to get paid. The best thing about affiliate program is, if a buyer follows your affiliate link to land on Amazon india site and purchase any product on the site, you will get a commission out of it. Apart from getting link for an individual product, you can also get different widgets and embed it on the sidebar of your blog.

amazon India Widgets
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Here are few more details about the program:

  • Minimum payout is INR 2500
  • Payment will be made approximately 60 days after the end of each month
  • You will not be paid for returned goods. In case if a good sold via your affiliate link is returned after the payment, you might see negative balance in your account.
  • If you buy products using your affiliate link, you will not be paid.

Especially for those bloggers who have Indian traffic, this is one of the best Indian affiliate program for them. Also for those hobby bloggers who writes about movies, books on their blog, it’s a good chance to make passive income from their blog. You can use ThirstyAffiliate WordPress Plugin to cloak your link and make it user-friendly.

Amazon affiliate program is one of the most successful affiliate program worldwide and with the launch of their Indian store aff. program, Indian bloggers and publishers have a great chance to monetize their traffic. Go ahead, and get yourself an account and start making money.

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Amazon Affiliate Program
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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

38 thoughts on “Monetize Indian Traffic With Amazon India Affiliate Program”

  1. hey harsh,can you please tell me what are their main criterion to get approval.any special guidelines so that one can prepare his/her blog to get their approval fast?

    1. Jake @Agnel Wellness

      I’m not sure if you need a specific approval. All you do is set up an amazon account, fill up the affiliate application form and that’s it.

  2. Launch of Amazon’s affiliate program will teach good lessons to other affiliate programs in India especially Flipkart, I have been a Flipkart affiliate for the past 2 years and had N no. of problems, be that tracking, communication or payments. There has been no transperancy, with a professional program like Amazon in India now, FK has finally started to realise the importance of affiliate program – they have now started calling affiliates and are interested in knowing their pain points etc (where were these guys for the past 2-3 years!)

  3. Rahul Chawla

    So Harsh, What are the products you recommend at Amazon 😉

    Please share your wish list as well 🙂

  4. Is this the reason for Flipkart to increase commission rate? They have increased commission rate for electronic goods from 1% to 5%.

  5. I have a lots of targeted users from india, do you know any such indian affiliate program that award a blogger to introduce another affiliate to their network. Waiting for your kind reply harsh.

  6. Prateek Pandey

    I guess taking up the affiliates of flipkart would be better idea than of Amazon as flipkart has more buyers than amazon in India till date..

  7. You explained it well. All the details are very well laid out. This can help sites with Indian traffic mostly. I am into education sector , i can sell some banking books and many other preparation books using their referral program. And how to do so , your post tells me. Thanks.

  8. Affiliate marketing is the toughest even it earns lots of bucks to our pockets. ! Amazon affiliates will surely disturb the well settled Like flipkart and snapdeal and Myntra


  9. Now Flipkart has also started giving 5% commission on electronic products and 10% on other categories, i think launch of amazon in the India is main reason behind this .

  10. Flipkart Sucks these days. Since last 1 year I was affiliating Flipkart products. Sometimes they don’t even pay for legit sales. Amazon was really a great option to choose and I did the same. I found Amazon Affiliate Better then Flipkart.

  11. Nice sir But i have a doubt can i use affiliate program ?my site is just 20 days old and iam getting 100 page views Right now .

    waiting for your reply

  12. Hi harsh,
    I dont know much about amazon affiliate program but after recommendation from some friends I registered with it, with a hope to sell products related to my site, which are Electroncs , micro-controller and robotics. On searching products on I can see such products (DC motors , Stepper Motors , USB board etc etc ) but cant find any such products on
    Is it possible for me to register as USA (even being in India) and sell products to US Customers ? My target audience is USA, but on Indian version I guess I dont have such product listed. So u think its possible for an Indian to Register USA account and sell products in USA and earn money here in India ?

      1. Hi Harsh,

        Regarding your answer above, if I sign up for the Amazon US program, do they accept my Indian PAN number ? Or will they need a american SSN number ?

        1. Harsh Agrawal

          You don’t need any of these. You can signup for their affiliate program & that’s it! You just need to fill out a form & you should be able to receive payment from next month.

  13. Hi,
    this is inspiring as I never thought about amazon india.
    mobile devices market is huge in india.

  14. Hi Harsh,
    I have just started an blog so my question is can i become affiliate with flipkart & amazon and place their link on my single blog or do you suggest two different blogs also in future terms i like to associate my adsense approve account in my account, what is your advice
    thanks in advance

  15. I tried to setup account with Amazon Indis but it is only open to residents of India. How can people from USA take advantage of traffic from India?

  16. Hello Harsh,

    Can you please guide me, if I am fetch the products of or via API then can google rank my website due to duplicate contents because it is the same contents come from or

  17. Can you please guide me, if I am fetch the products of or via API then can google rank my website due to duplicate contents because it is the same contents come from or

  18. Hi Harsh,
    Can u please write a similar article of how to make money with Flipkart and Snapdeal affiliate program?

  19. Hi sir it is ery usefull article.
    I had faced a problem with AMAZON Affiliate a/c with USA.
    After completion of the application they were asked me to mail Tax form 8233. If i dont send that form wouldn’t I get the commissions?
    Waiting fir your reply sir please.
    Because I’m disappointed at starting itself.

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