How to Create Amazon Affiliate Link [Tutorial]

Create Amazon Affiliate Link
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In my earlier post, I talked about Amazon Affiliate program which is a good way to make money by selling the product. The best part is, it works for every niche & if you do it right, the payout will be huge.

Now, in this question, I will deal with the most common question asked by newbie Amazon affiliates: “How to create Amazon affiliate link.”

Extending earlier tutorial here I’m sharing how you can create an affiliate link to an individual product on Amazon. By now, I assume you have signed up as an Amazon Affiliate, in case if you haven’t you can sign up from here.

You will be earning money from Amazon affiliate online when someone follows your Amazon referral link and buys something. That also includes further purchases.

Or simply browse Amazon site while logging into your Amazon affiliate link. On every page at the top, you can find amazon Affiliate link generator which will let you grab Amazon affiliate links instantly.

Step by step guide to creating Amazon affiliate link:

Once your application is approved, login to your Amazon affiliate panel & now head to any product page on Amazon website. At the top, you would see the option call Amazon Associates site stripe.

Here click on Get link > Text

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In the above screenshot, you can see how to get your affiliate link. If you are using store ID or tracking ID for tracking, you can change that too. (Don’t worry if you haven’t started using store ID or tracking ID. We will cover this in the upcoming chapter”.

In case you want to make any changes in the site strip option, you can do that from your Amazon associate account. Here is the direct link for making changes in the site strip option.

Another way to create affiliate link for Amazon products:

The first option is the neatest & fastest one. There are other ways to create an affiliate link for Amazon product & let’s have a look at other option too.

Login to your Amazon associate account & click on Product linking > Product links:

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On the next page, you have two options. Search for a product or add ASIN/ISBN Code of an individual product. I prefer the second one as it’s fast in those ways. You can find more information about ASIN/ISBN codes here.

How to Get ASIN code of Individual Amazon Product?

Now the first step is to find the product which is relevant to your website/blog. You can search for any product by going directly to homepage. Once you have found the product, go to product detail part. In this case, I’m getting ASIN code of this product.

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Grab the Amazon Affiliate link for the product:

So now we have ASIN code of the product. Go to add a product link page. (Refer Image 1). Add ASIN code of the product and click on the go. Refer to the following image:

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Click on get links & you will be able to get text links or image links that you can paste on your Website.

Do let me know if you have any questions or faced any problem while creating the Amazon affiliate link? Also if you find this tutorial useful, don’t forget to tweet and share it on Facebook.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

80 thoughts on “How to Create Amazon Affiliate Link [Tutorial]”

  1. Arshab+Cp

    Hey , I’ve been doing a google search to know, if there is any SEO issue if I insert amazon affiliate links on my website without rel=”nofollow” attribute. I’m asking this because.. whenever I insert nofollow attributes to amazon affiliate links, it gets automatically removed when checking later. Please guide

  2. SirPhren

    Thank you SML! I just signed up for the affiliate program and I hope to make it big with them.

  3. Rohit Bisht

    I have a question. Can I publish the affiliate link to “Product Category” instead of using an affiliate link to a particular product on my blog?
    E.g. using the affiliate link to “Electronic Category” instead of an actual electronic product.
    Will I get the commission even if the visitor buys something other than Electronic products?

  4. Rranjan

    Is there any option to redirect to Amazon Shopping App in smartphone (if installed).
    Like Flipkart’s Deeplink

  5. Jyothish

    Can I create amazon affiliate link of more than two products as one?
    How to create bulk order link? How to convert it to one link?

  6. Jyoti Agrawal


    I am having amazon affiliate account.
    I want to know that is it possible that someone click on affiliate link and it will redirect to amazon app.
    And if he/she buy from amazon app then I can get commission.
    I think you understood my question.
    Please help me this.

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Hey Jyoti,

      Of course. if you have an amazon account, you will definitely earn a commission when someone clicks on your affiliate link and buy some product.

      1. Ijaz Shariff

        Hi Harsh,

        But, as you know. The affiliate link never gets open in Amazon app, it always opens through browser. Is there any way to open affiliate links in Amazon app?

        1. Harsh Agrawal

          You can use genius that creates a unique link for your amazon affiliate links & open the Amazon app if installed.

  7. Raj

    Hi, I just bought a amazon affialte website off flippa. The guy installed it on my hosting and asking for my tracking Id. The website is all good and running. How would I know it’s my tracking Id or where can I find it and make sue its all good. thanks

  8. Tech Mirages

    Hi Harsh,

    I do not have a blog or website, but I have a YouTube Channel which is running very good and getting more number of views.

    Can I apply for Amazon affiliate program with that YouTube channel?

  9. Donald Jayasundera

    Hi Harsh,
    That was a very interesting and informative article. I am from Sri Lanka. I have a Blog with 58000 page views all time and 150-200 daily. I am studying Amazon affiliate program and will join soon after reading more. Thanks for the good work.

  10. Amit

    Hi Harsha, can you guide on how to Put html code of “Image” only option of Amazon in WordPress blog ? I am trying to do that in my blog but not able to get success. I paste the code in HTML but the image does not gets displayed on front end. Pls guide

  11. Yaseen

    I have a question regarding amazon’s cookies expiration (in the aftermath).

    My question is, since Amazon has a standard 24 hour cookie duration, and says for example you’re promoting 10 products on your niche website and after the expiration of cookies you want UPDATE/REFRESH COOKIES AFTER 24 HOURS SO THAT YOU DON’T MISS OUT ON COMMISSIONS.

    Do you manually copy-paste affiliate links for those 10 products 1 by 1 ?
    Or is there any plugin/tool where we can update/refresh old affiliate links with new (which are not expired) cookies ?

    I would really appreciate if you can help out with this.

    Thanks !

    1. Ayush Raj

      Hey , use EasyAzon plugin for ur issue. 🙂

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