How To Get Traffic To Your Blog – 11+ Proven Ways for Targeted Traffic

One day you decided to start a blog. So you started writing a blog post every day. But now, even after 30-40 posts, your traffic hasn’t increased. Search engines are not sending you traffic, and your hard work is not paying off.

Does this sound familiar?

If yes, then read this guide on how to drive huge amounts of traffic to your blog.

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Get More Blog Traffic

When a blogger starts blogging, they see a lot of other successful bloggers doing certain things, talking about certain things, and perpetuating certain myths. They start to talk about  high DAs, and how large amounts of traffic are achievable only by writing lots of quality posts.

I highly recommend you to read this another post of mine for more actionable points:

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Well, that’s all true, to an extent, but to drive lots of traffic to your site, you need to focus on a lot of other things.

1. Quality Posts and SEO

Search engine optimization is single most source that can do wonder for your blog traffic. ShoutMeLoud receives close to 1 million page views every month and more than 84% of traffic comes from search engine.

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There are two aspects of SEO that could be easily done by solo bloggers:

  • On page SEO: Basically optimizting content for target keyword.
  • On site SEO: Optimizing overall blog for search engine. Yoast SEO is one simple WordPress plugin that take care of all the aspects of it.

With little learning and practice , it could become the biggest traffic driving source for you.

Learn: How to increase organic traffic to your blog

2. Convert visitors into subscribers:

This one technique can make a lot of difference in your blog traffic. Most of the newbie just focus on getting more traffic, but they don’t convert that traffic into subscribers.

Once you have worked on SEO and other techniques to drive traffic to your site, you should also convert them into subscribers. This helps you to send them updates and let them revisit your site. This way, you will always have new traffic + revisit traffic that slowly and steadily increases your traffic chart.

Wondering how to do that?

Well, there are few methods that you can use.

3. Email marketing:

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Email-marketing is one of the best medium for any blogger to drive traffic on a constant basis. It is definitely not the easiest way but it is something worth learning and implementing.

A big chunk of ShoutMeLoud return traffic comes from Email-marketing.

You can use a mix of:

To start with email-marketing.

While Jetpack plugin will send email newsletter everytime you publish a new post, using Convertkit you can send a few selected posts and also promote offers in between to generate a significant revenue.

In the past few years, I have sent more than 2.9 million emails which has received a CTR of 5.51%.

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Email-marketing is one of the underutilized traffic source for any kind of bloggers. The basics of email marketing is simple:

  • You add an email subscription box on your blog
  • People subscribe, you set a sequence for them and traffic starts driving.

There are many advanced strategies like segmentation, automation that could be implemented to make most out of email-marketing.

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Email-marketing when used in conjunction of push notifications, can do wonder for your blog traffic.

4. Push Notifications:

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This is not so new technology but not known by many. For me, this is more like plug and play method which has been constantly driving traffic to my blog.

This technology shows your visitors a notification asking them to subscribe to your blog updates. Once they subscribe, you can send them notifications whenever you publish a new blog post.

You can use services like PushEngage  to configure this. They have automation feature which basically helps you to automate the traffic part.

Just like email-marketing, when a user subscribe to your website using Push-notification, you can make them part of a sequence.

Let’s understand this with an example:

If a user subscribe to ShoutMeLoud push notifications via reading any SEO related posts, they will be automatically receiving 14 articles over a period of 30 days. This way, new users don’t miss out on useful and important topics where as we get consistent traffic.

I started using Pushengage almost 2 years back and checkout my dashboard stats:

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If you use WordPress, it also offers plugin to automate almost everything.

Read how to configure push notifications for your blog here.

5. Quora

Quora is a popular Q&A website, where you can answer users questions, and smartly add your blog/website links to drive more traffic. But, before you jump into Quora band-wagon, finding success on Quora is not easy.

In fact, Quora doesnot like self-promotion, and that’s why you have to follow techniques which work on Quora.

Worry not, as this Quora traffic guide will help you to drive traffic from one of the biggest Q&A forum of the planet.

6. Blogging Contests (Bribe them to drive traffic)

Another great way to build your blog is by organizing contests on your blog. If done properly, contests can be a great way to get traffic to a blog.

The idea here is to make your contest a bit of challenging, and capture the email of participants. You definitely would like to exclude non-targeted users, to make most out of this technique.

I have used Gleam a few times to drive traffic, and capture emails. They do have a free plan, with limited features.

Here are my results from some of the giveaways:

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You may ask,

Hey Harsh, how do I find sponsors?

Well, this one is relatively simpler, and you can read this guide to learn how to find sponsors for your blog contests.

You can get sponsors for your contest by manually contacting companies and big blogs in your niche, they will be willing to sponsor if you are offering something substantial in return.

Here is one article for further reading:

7. Twitter

Top 5 Strategies to Drive Traffic from Twitter
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Twitter is a great way to make your posts go viral, but marketing yourself and your blog on Twitter is not as easy as it sounds.

On the other hand, it’s also not as tough as it looks.

But in order to do it right, you need to understand the importance of the word “social”. You need to understand why people do the things they do.

You also need to learn the art of driving traffic from Twitter. To get you started, here are a few things that you should do right away:

  • Complete your Twitter profile by updating your bio, avatar & header image.
  • Tweet on a regular basis (at least 6-7 times a day). I use Socialpilot to schedule my tweets in advance.
  • Retweet related and interesting stuff from other bloggers. Use an analyzer tool to find trending topics.
  • When sharing a blog post, make sure you share it with an image or better gifs/videos.
  • Always use a hashtag (#) when posting a tweet.

Here are a few guides to help you make most of Twitter:

8. Facebook

Facebook has become one of my favorite tools for driving traffic. I have been successfully using it to drive high-quality traffic to my blog for many years.

Getting a Facebook fan page is the first step, and adding Facebook pixels.

Your Facebook fan page lets your readers connect with your brand on Facebook. You can also use it to engage with your readers.

But perhaps the most valuable thing about Facebook is the ability for your posts to go viral. When you post on Facebook, your readers will get notified & your traffic has the potential to skyrocket.

But unfortunately, Facebook traffic is not as organic as it used to be. The most important thing you need to take care of is engagement. If your audience is not engaging with likes, comments, or reshares, your organic post reach will go down.

Even if you have a lot of “fans”, Facebook will not work well for you.

You can use tools like AgoraPulse. This tool helps me to constantly publish engaging stuff on ShoutMeLoud’s Facebook page.

Read: How To Get Traffic From A Facebook Fan Page

9. Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking websites like Reddit, Flipboard are effective ways to drive traffic to your website.

The hard part is making your posts popular on these sites. You need to understand how social bookmarking websites work and how to make the most out of them.

People love quality posts. Also, listified (Top 10, Top 25) posts are always popular.

Here are a few social bookmarking websites that I use often:

  • Pinterest
  • Flipboard
  • Pocket
  • Reddit

10. Buy Traffic

A few years back buying traffic for the blog was not so effective. However, these days when blogging has become mainstream and most of us monetize our blog, more traffic meant more money.

One should also consider buying traffic from places like Facebook, Quora, Reddit, Google AdWords and other nativeAds programs that sells traffic. Personally, I’m a big fan of traffic from Facebook and using retargeted technique it’s cheaper to buy traffic.

WordPress users can use Pixel caffeine plugin to integrate Facebook pixels on their blog. This plugin also lets you categorize your traffic, which is super useful for retargeting.

11. Press Releases

This one is not for everyone, but digital PR has proven to help in gaining backlinks or citation, which boost the traffic.

This method can do wonders if you have a newsworthy story.

It is very important not to just write press releases for any sites but to track the ones which works for you – by doing this you will get even better results.

Conclusion: How to Drive traffic to Your blog

Keeping a mix of easy wins and some long term strategy for SEO and techniques like email-marketing, Push notifications can help you drive sustainable traffic and become financially independent in the time to come.

Also, check out how to start driving traffic from Quora.

At the end of the day, having good SEO and social media engagement will ultimately be what drives the most traffic to your website.

What do you think is the best way to drive traffic? Can you add more points to this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

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  1. goutam sachdeva

    Thanks bro, Now i am sure about my target.
    And great post.Going to create my social media presense

  2. You have to be able to provide the sizzle and not just the steak. I use FB, Twitter and I have not paid a dime for advertising of my site as of yet. I focus on the content and add value. Sooner or later, the blogs take flight. Shout me Loud is getting a million page views and 800K plus subscribers. That is not a small feat. Im all ears.

  3. Stumble upon can generate huge traffic for your blog but there will be high bounce rate wwhich can effect your Google ranking. Graet article, very nice tips.

  4. Great article Harsh !! You have highlighted most of the important ways of driving traffics. But you forgot to mention guest posting which in itself still remains one of the most crucial ways of driving targetted traffic to your blog.

    Now, imagine if I write an amazing content for a blog with traffic as huge as shoutmeloud, don’t you think the readers would be forced to view my blog and seek for more of such contents ? That’s the power of guest posting, and its even extremely potent for new blogs also. Thanks Harsh

  5. Great tips I would like to add one good post that goes viral can get you a nice flood of traffic. That is why quality content is so important.

    This all takes work.

    Thanks for the great ideas this blog post has some nice helpful tips.

  6. MahakPreet Singh

    Your Articles are Really Helping me. Its about 6month my traffic was not growing ( but now its slowly growing . Thanks!

  7. Hello, Harsh.
    This is really an informative article. Getting huge traffic within a short time is not easy. It is really difficult. But if anyone can do the right things then he/she will ultimately get a lot of traffic. You need time to reach the goal. You need to work hard.
    I think social networking is the easiest way to get enough traffic within a short time. Thanks for sharing with us.

  8. Hi Harsh, I have been building my Twitter accounts up to about 65 000 followers and only now do I start to see some results. It is indeed difficult to build a good stream of free traffic to your blog. Thank you for the points that you shared. I think in the end it is all about sticking in there and doing the right things over and over.

  9. Excellent post I also like to drive free traffic from YouTube videos after I publish a high quality blog post I will do a free read and cover the blog post with a YouTube video.

    LinkedIn is also a good source of free traffic when used properly but that falls under your social media category;) anyways excellent post some great tips.

  10. These seems to be helpful tips for increasing blog traffic. A reputed Internet marketing services provider takes a good care of each minute thing in SEO
    so that there should not be any negative effect on traffic as well as ranking in future
    as Google is already releasing major updates time to time.

  11. Harsh is always great in driving traffic through his writing.Whenever I face any prblem I just google and surprisingly Harsh has amazing twist in his answers for which I preffer him as ‘king of blogger’ in every instance.Traffic is utmost imortant and necessary for bloggers to survive in nowadays competition.Also for newbie bloggers traffic signifies their rankings in search engines. I was in a hunt for traffic and I think I have got my way out right here.
    Thanks Harsh

  12. I agreed with you that blog commenting and social bookmarking websites like Reddit are the best ways to get huge traffic to your blog. why did I say that? because, when I started my blog last 4 months, I read a lot of articles concerning driving traffic to a blog. I tried almost all the techniques but the one that worked best for me was Reddit.
    Within a week I had about 3000 page views from to my blog which I know to some big bloggers is nothing, but to me, as a newbie was something encouraging. Thank you for this information.

  13. Hi Harsh,

    Long time follower/lurker here. 😀
    I agree with those tips, except the one about buying traffic.

    9/10 are scams and not good in the long run.
    Have you thought about driving traffic from Pinterest?
    It took my blog from zero-140K within 2 months.

    Not leaving my blog link here for many reasons lol.
    But hey, just want to let you know your niche (blogging, SEO etc) does crazy well on Pinterest!

    So nice to see how much your blog has grown/transformed over the years.
    Best wishes.

  14. It really helps me , I started getting traffic from Facebook , Reddit , and other social sites, after 4 months now my site is performing good and traffic increases day by day

  15. i have a tech blog which give a high-quality content. But i don’t have enough traffic to appreciate my work. I hope these tricks will help me.

  16. Quality guest posts offer an added benefit for both parties and are the way to go in 2017.
    Also, keep in mind: onpage SEO is more important than ever to outrank your competition!

  17. K Prakash Kumar

    Hi Harsh, Thank you very much for posting useful stuff. I have a blog related to social media marketing tips and smart work tips. Initially, I was focusing on social media, through which I got better traffic. after, reading this post I realized other important activities like blog commenting, social bookmarking.

  18. Quora is a nice way to drive traffic to a blog. It works like guest post on other blogs.

    Beside this, Pinterest can be a good traffic source for a blog if it’s used properly.

  19. Hi Harsh, I’ve been a longtime subscriber lurking on this site and reading useful tips is always amazing. I have a blog related to inspirational living and motivation for women. Initially, I used social media, through which I got better traffic. after, reading this post I realized other important activities like blog commenting (which I’ve been reading much about the last few days), social bookmarking and more.

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