How Not to Write Meaningless Blog Posts For The Success of your Blog


Whenever I publish a post about blogging, my aim is to help you to create a successful blog – not just another blog like thousands and thousands of others in the blogosphere that never go anywhere.

Creating a successful blog either happens by accident or with a well-planned strategy. With the immense growth in both inbound marketing and the awareness of blogging, we have unlimited guides on the web to help us to create a content-based blog that is meaningful and appreciated by the masses.

We often read about the importance of writing meaningful and quality content, maintaining the professionalism of a blog.

How to Write Blog Posts for Success
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Whenever I talk to my students about blogging, I always ask them to treat their blog like a person (a friend) and create a persona around it.

You read a lot about all of the things you should be doing to create a successful blog.  It is also important to know the things you should not do in order to maintain the standard of your blog.

In today’s post, I will share with you some of the things which you should never do, in an effort to maintain the quality and value of your blog.

For reading:

How not to be a lost sailor with crappy post content:

Before I begin with my usual style of point-to-point delivery of information, let me give you an example:

Think of any role model you like, and pretend you have the opportunity to meet with him one day. You have long respected his work, but when you meet him you discover that he is not the person you expected him to be.  Would you still have the same respect for his work? For me, the answer would be a resounding NO.

The same is true for a blog.  When a reader subscribes to a blog, he subscribes with an expectation. That expectation is related to the quality of your blog’s content, the content value, your insights on the topic, speedy coverage of a topic, and various other reasons.

The moment a subscriber sees a low-quality content his expectations are lowered, and he begins to lose trust in your blog.

Following is a quote from a psychological study I was reading the other day:

“When a person meets another person, he sets an expectation. Usually, the expectations are high. Now it’s up to the other person to either raise the expectations higher with his actions or to disappoint with his actions.”

This is one normal phenomenon that we see in everyday life, and today I will be relating this same phenomenon to a blog.

You can earn the credibility by not losing it!

Filler content: Maintain quality filler

There are two main forms of blog posts:

  • Pillar posts: Those are the well-researched, deeply insightful and very informative posts. Such articles usually require hours of time to research and compile.
  • Filler posts: These are quick blog posts that are written to maintain posting frequency. These posts are usually short, precise but informative.  (For example, press releases, quick update posts, Whatsapp updates with new features, etc.)

If your blog is a content factory where you publish every bit of news in your niche, your readers won’t mind as long as the content is related and adds information or value.  Otherwise, such posts are roadblocks for your regular readers.

This is the 21st century, and time is money for your readers. With a wide range of options available to them, people prefer to spend their time reading high-quality material.

If you are writing a filler post, make sure that you maintain the quality by adding insight, information and value.

If, for example, you are writing about Whatsapp getting an update, in addition to releasing the updated feature, also discuss how the update will be helpful to current users and in what direction the company is going.  This is one basic example that could apply to any niche.

Don’t publish if you can’t:

Maintaining a blog posting schedule is very important for any blogger, as I have mentioned hundreds of time in the past. But such things as writer’s block, personal matters and various other factors in life can interfere with a regular writing and posting schedule. During these times, bloggers can look to publishing press-releases, guest posts and a few other techniques to keep the blog updated.

If you are a regular ShoutMeLoud reader, you may have missed the regular flow of content during the past two weeks, as I was taking a break. I had the option to push out filler guest posts or content for the sake of continual posting, but I do not believe this best serves my regular readers. This kind of posting can cause readers to lose trust and the blogger to lose credibility over time.  In my case, instead of publishing mediocre blog posts I followed the strategy of not posting anything.

When faced with a similar situation, you can take also take advantage of social media sites to let your users know that you are taking a break.  Often people are satisfied to simply understand why you are not posting, and they may be happy to know that you are on holiday or taking a short break.

Takeaway: Don’t publish content just for the sake of publishing content.  Publish only solid, valuable content to match your blog’s standard.

Use old blog posts :

Even if you are hit by writer’s block, you can always re-write or update your old blog posts to add more value to the publication. This is one old technique used by many pro-bloggers to keep their blogs updated while at the same time maintaining the quality of their blog posts. For your regular readers you can add a note like the following:

Note: This post was been updated on x/xx/XXXX to add new ideas and information.

Use quick posts:

We never know when we are going to be very busy in life, but if your blog is your business, you need to maintain it to a high standard. There are many strategies that you can follow to ensure you are publishing quality quick posts.  For example:

  • Round up posts: This is my favourite type of quick post, as it helps to create value and lower the bounce rate, and internal linking helps to improve the SEO value of my blog. You simply need to pick one good topic and combine previous related blog posts to create a resource post. Such articles usually require very little time to compile.
  • Infographics: Infographics itself is a blog post, and they are great to improve social bookmarking and social media.
  • Polls, contests, interviews and other varied post types will keep your blog engine running. You can find a list of such articles here.


No matter what the reason is, if you wish to maintain the quality and value of your blog, you should never publish low-quality content that does not meet the high standards of your blog. It is better not to publish at all than to publish low-quality filler content. Creating a blog that can be trusted for high quality takes time and lots of effort. Low-quality posts will only serve to reduce the credibility you have worked so hard to build over time.

Let me know what you do when you are unable to write or publish anything on your blog. Also, what kind of content makes you lose trust in a blog’s credibility?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

27 thoughts on “How Not to Write Meaningless Blog Posts For The Success of your Blog”

  1. yathav

    Thanks harsh !. its reminding me how i pushed post sometimes as a sake for publishing. your words really inspires me to maintain a standard quality in my blog.

  2. Raman Bathina

    I want to give an advice to all bloggers , Don’t write blog posts with time limit because if you set time limit it reduces the quality of blog post.So take much time to deliver better blog posts because content is the only way to attract readers.This is my opinion.

  3. Pramod

    I have been a regular reader of sml for years now and I usually complained you about posting regularly or dialy.

    But since few months I have no complain as I understand whenever there is a new post by Harsh, it would be worth reading. I followed many blogs and I left few of them because they were posting filler content. That’s the mistake which most of bloggers make.

  4. Ashish Upadhyay

    Hi harsh,
    Your site has been like an interesting book for me. I am reading as well as learning from your posts. Its been a real help and inspiration for me as I have recently started a blog on technology.

  5. Aditya Dey

    Hey Harsh,
    You are so right and I think we should implement these tips right away….I personally like your idea of using old blog doing that we can revive those links in the eyes of readers and search engines both….

  6. tarun

    Hello harsh
    i am new reader of your website one of my friend has recommended shoutmelould and i really feel very happy to view your website. And from now today i will be regular user of your website usually i am not following all these things that you have write but i will try my level best to follow these tips in future…
    thanx a lot

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Tarun, I’m glad you find the article useful..
      Do come back and let me know how it worked out for you and your blog.

  7. Alok Krishali

    Thanx for giving such a great information. If we don’t Know any thing about any topic than we have to left that topic. If we write that topic than it will west our time and also that not getting traffic. So avoid the post that you have no intrest and not have enough knowledge.

  8. Jitendra Shukla

    Agree with you Harsh,
    Meaningful and Quality content has a power to keep engaging repeat visitors, while If their is lot of repetition with meaningless content then visitors get bored and finally they forget your Blog.
    So we can say real power is to keep engaging. 🙂

  9. Jyotsna Kapoor

    That’s wonderful Harsh! Thanks for these insights… have bookmarked your page to keep coming back to it as i learn. Appreciate.



  10. Madan Gehlot

    Hey Harsh! I am totally agree with you. Sometime new blogger write such article which are not up to the mark. Writing Filler Articles don’t require deep knowledge of subject while Pillar Articles always require some research and depth knowledge.

  11. Ravi

    Is using minimum 500 words article for blog is mandatory for SEO, bcoz if its not we can avoid many Crappy Long Stretched sentences used in articles

  12. lisa

    How do infographics work with SEO when used as an entire blog post? Doesn’t Google want at least 300 words per post now? Curious, thanks!

    1. Fabrizio Van Marciano

      Hey Lisa, look at what Neil Patel does at QuickSprout, he uses great visual content such as infographics, but on almost all occasions he also adds contextual content with it, it appears to be anything from 300 to 500 words. I think if you’re going to use infographics as posts, it has to be accompanied by some written content too.

  13. himanshu

    Hey i Harsh i just try to make better my old posts so that reader can not feel about the two type of content present in your blog one well written while other the worse one.

  14. Sue Neal

    I eespecially love your point about not publishing for the sake of it – read a similar comment on another blog recently and I can really relate to it because I recently had to take a break from my normal weekly posting schedule. If we can’t publish something worthwhile, better not publish anything at all – I’m a great believer in quality over quantity. I think some bloggers feel trapped like hamsters on a wheel with the pressure of having to produce regular content – when you’re a one-person band, that can be quite a challenge.

    Many thanks for a helpful and thoughtful post,


  15. Bibin Varghese

    In news blogs filler post is the content and on my blog ,i do update like that’ lg nexus 4 launched’. .
    what seo statergy i should implement on news blogs?

  16. Bibin varghese

    My blog is a news blog where all are Filler posts, so what strategy i have to maintain?
    Usually news blog go for frequency not quality ??

  17. Stephen Malan

    Great idea about re-writing old posts….didn’t give that much thought but I do remember seeing others do this.

    And your point about “Don’t Publish If you Can’t” is spot on.

    Thanks for the tips

  18. gagandeep singh bagga

    Wonderful post harsh gives me a lot of confidence whenever i read your regular . And one thing i notice about your blog is your ALEXA is down now but you are still very loyal about your Blog as you mention quality is far better than the quantity of post. Appreciate best of luck and waiting for some new articles..
    Thanks and regards

  19. Karan Singh Chauhan

    Nice post Harsh. We dont have to publish that posts which we dont know fully or deserve.

  20. Raja

    Hey Harsh!
    That’s a great article! and, I will keep reading the other blogs when I am not publishing. I strongly believe rather than filling with some junk posts I prefer to keep quite until I got something useful.

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