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Ting! You’ve got one new notification!

How many times in a day do you see such notifications on your mobile phone or your desktop browser?

Those who use apps like Facebook and WhatsApp are already accustomed to these kinds of messages. Most mobile phone apps have some kind of messaging system like this.

Most mobile phone apps
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These are called push notifications.

This technology has been used by large enterprises and Fortune 500 companies for many years now, and this simple, little thing has contributed a lot to the growth of these businesses.

Thanks to a growing number of startups, this technology is now available for bloggers and small business owners to use for their blogs and websites.

If you are not using push notifications on your website/blog, then you are missing out on a lot.

How do web push notifications work?

Web push notifications enable you to send clickable messages to your subscribers’ browsers (they support both desktop and mobile). They work on an opt-in/opt-out basis so users can click to subscribe, and they can adjust their browser’s settings to unsubscribe.

How do web push notifications work
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There are many online services that offer this marketing technology as both free and paid services. (I have recommended a few good services at the end of this article.) Most of them also offer WordPress plugins that make it easy for bloggers and entrepreneurs using the WordPress platform to make the most out of web push notifications.

After the initial configuration (refer to this tutorial), push notifications are sent automatically when you publish your post.

In the coming days, I will share many tips and advanced usage guides. But for now, let’s learn about the benefits that one will get when using push notifications.

Why should bloggers use web push notifications?

If you are using email marketing (free or paid), then it’s easy for you to understand the direct and indirect benefits of push notifications. Just like how email marketing helps you convert first-time visitors into subscribers for repeat traffic, web push notifications do the same thing.

Here are some of the most important things you need to know about push notifications…

1. They’re perfect for converting visitors into subscribers.

Subscribe on YouTube

Most bloggers make the mistake of not trying to convert their traffic into regular subscribers.

When you give an option to first-time visitors to subscribe to your blog via push notifications, email, or any other method (like RSS), you now have the opportunity to let them know about any new post you publish.

This helps you to constantly increase your traffic with repeat visits.

This is actually how most of the top blogs manage to maintain such a high level of repeat traffic.

2. They drive real-time traffic.

You can’t really ignore this.

The ability to reach out to your readers in real-time is powerful, and the higher your real-time reach is, the more powerful your brand will become in terms of the viral effect it can have.

Imagine you publish a time-sensitive blog post and you need people to see that post ASAP. Only push notifications allow you to get the word out quickly and efficiently.

Drive real-time traffic
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Here are a few practical implementations of real-time push notifications:

  • Promote your live video broadcast.
  • Promote a time-sensitive discount/offer/deal.
  • Give exposure to your latest social media updates.

Apart from driving traffic to my newly published posts, I have also tested push notifications for sending traffic to last minute deals, and the conversions for such promotions were great. This is indeed an effective conversion technique.

3. They let readers know about your brand uniqueness.

Brand uniqueness
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Pillar posts are the foundation of your blog, and if your new subscribers are not seeing the pillar content (or content that makes your brand outstanding), it will be hard for them to understand the impact of your brand.

Some push notifications services offer drip feed campaigns, and this is an effective way for you to let your subscribers see your most important content.

Pro tip: Most bloggers let users subscribe to their blog updates and then send them only new blog posts. Instead of doing this, you should nurture your newly subscribed users with your most important content, your brand ideology, your achievements, and other important content that helps your newly subscribed users learn more about your brand.

Here is what I do:

I use a service called PushEngage which offers segmentation and drip feed options. I segment users based on the category of blog posts they are reading, and then I send them pre-selected content based on their interest areas. This all requires a one-time setup (30-35 minutes), and after that, everything is automated.

Push Engage
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Warning: You need to be cautious that you aren’t sending out too many notifications. If you are using the segmentation and autoresponder feature, then you should set up your system in a way that gives subscribers a limited number of notifications in a week.

Enabling Push Notifications For Your Website

There is no doubt that this is an effective piece of technology for driving traffic to a blog or website. The sooner you start using it, the sooner you will reap the benefits of this powerful marketing technology.

What about pricing and top service providers?

The best thing about this technology is that, in addition to paid packages, it also comes in free packages.

Many push notification service providers offer free services for the initial few thousand subscribers, and then charge you when you reach a certain number.

There are a few completely free services as well (for unlimited subscribers), but the only thing about them is they sell visitors’ data to ad agencies. This might be OK for personal sites and blogs, but for serious blogs and businesses, this could be catastrophic.

I will do another post in the coming days to explain about the hidden dangers of free services (like OneSignal). For now, I have listed all the popular services below:

You can pick any of the services above and start using push notifications today.

This one little technique will help you instantly get more traffic.

If you are already taking advantage of this technology, then do share your experience and optimization techniques with us in the comments below.

And don’t forget to share this post with other bloggers and marketers to let them know about this great piece of technology.

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  1. Sinchan Dey

    I am using onesignal for my blog http://www.yourownconsumer .com. recommended by you earlier. And to be true it works like charm. It’s perfect free tool if you want to try out the push notifications before paying for the service.

  2. kanchan

    I have never seen about push notification. your article gave me most important knowledge about push notification. I have done active pushEngage plugin. On activation this plugin, my India’s traffic on website has been decreases. Please help me what should do.

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    I use OneSignal, And it’s awesome. It increases my subscriber.

    Every Blogger should use Push Notifications. Thanks for Sharing this information.

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    Undoubtedly there is no any doubt that push notifications comes up as a great factor for engaging visitors and bringing up the traffic again and again.

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    Yes Web Push Notification are very good and also i get 20%+ Traffic to my website through push notification!

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    Great day.

  8. kiran

    Nice post again.

    Push Notifications are indeed great.

    Just as you outline in the post, they are effective ways of turning your first time reader to subscribers. They also drive traffic which are needed at a particular time.

    What I love about some (the ones I’ve tested) is that they dont buzz your subscribers with tons of spammy notification.

    Actually, I read about OneSignal, gave it a try and since then I’ve been rocking it and its amazingly and incredibly free for life.

  9. Mukitur Rahman

    Hi Harsh, I recently started with Push Engage and wonder do you use it when you update a post or page as well? I’m thinking the answer is yes but not sure. Thanks!
    At first I was not crazy about these notifications but I’m starting to like them and see a value in having them as well.
    Thanks for the info!

  10. virender singh

    Excellent advice here bro.

    I am a big fan of serving up tweets my audience digs. Quite easy really; see what folks respond to, RT and engage, and then you know how to tweet in the future.

    Be observant. Spot patterns. Honor those patterns.

  11. Venkat

    I think better to start with One signal. because you said its completely free. finally today I start making something new to my blog.

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    this clears my every doubt regarding the push notification. I saw growth of 255% in traffic.
    thanks, harsh.

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    Thank you once again for this post.
    and yeah Nice post, push notifications are always best i used it for one of my website. And its really work to drive your visitors again and make a powerful source of subscribers.

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    I have been reading your posts for a long time. I have not enabled Web Push notifications for my weblog but will use it soon.
    Nice article as always.

    Have a great day 🙂

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    Hi Harsh…
    I installed push engage plugin and am getting lot of rerurning visitors to my site. Its really very helpful plugin. Thanks for sharing this informative blog.

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    Push Notifications is considered to be one of the best platforms of reaching out your post items to your old and new subscribers. It’s an engagement angle. I once used it for my blog., But it’s a way of boosting a relatively number of traffic. Hope to reinstall it back on my new blog. Thanks Harsh for this tutorial-teachings.

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