30 Quick Tips to Get More Twitter Followers for Free

Quick Tips Twitter Followers
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Twitter is one of the largest social networking site of the world, and a great platform for individuals and marketers to brand themselves. Though one thing which is quite important on Twitter is to have a large number of followers. Especially if you recently started with Twitter, you might find it challenging to attract new followers.  Earlier we have shared few guides at ShoutMeLoud to learn the art of getting more followers and you can read them by clicking on the below links:

Instead of writing detailed posts, here I’m sharing 30 tips that you can utilize in your Twitter activities to ensure you get the good number of followers. Do remember, it won’t be possible (Unless you buying) to get a huge number of Twitter followers in a short span, so you need to be dedicated and follow the process to keep getting the steady list of followers. Here are some of the best tips and tricks to get more followers to your Twitter account for free of cost.

  • Search and follow people on Twitter with similar interest.
  • Add the Twitter widget to your website or blog.
  • Add Twitter share button on your blog, as it asks users to follow once they are done Tweeting your articles.
  • List your Twitter account in Twitter directories. Here is a big list of useful Twitter directories.
  • Improve your Twitter profile page with nice background and color combination. Here is a list of Websites for Twitter headers.
  • Announce about your Twitter profile on your other social media profiles like Facebook and Google plus.
  • Add Twitter follow button on all your websites and blogs.
  • Participate in forums and blog comments about Twitter.
  • Pick a Twitter name (handle) this is easy to remember
  • Share useful tweets, links and images. Also always Tweet with Hashtags.
  • Print your Twitter name on your t-shirts, bike, car, mobile, etc.
  • Add your Twitter name on on all your social networks
  • Add Twitter name watermark on your YouTube videos.
  • Add your Twitter name in your email signatures.
  • Add your Twitter URL to your business cards if you have.
  • Be honest in your Twitter profile (Bio).
  • Use a URL shortner for a link in your tweets.
  • Tweet during peak times depending on the location you are targeting.
  • ReTweet good content.
  • Don’t spam in your Twitter account.
  • Add your Twitter name in your forum signatures.
  • Reply to direct messages you get.
  • Participate in trending topics.
  • Explain ReTweet to your followers.
  • Use Hashtags for keywords in your tweets.
  • Start a contest and make people follow you on Twitter.
  • Tell your all friends to follow you.
  • Tweet Breaking news faster than anyone else.

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If you have more tips to share, do add as a comment. If you enjoyed reading this article, do share it on Twitter.

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Vijayraj Reddy is a professional blogger from India. In his blog methods2earn.com he writes about how to earn money online from internet.

5 thoughts on “30 Quick Tips to Get More Twitter Followers for Free”

  1. Deepak

    Cool tips, I use some of them. I also follow back all my followers except spammers and I’ve found it very useful. I’m adding you on twitter.

  2. Rahul @ MazaKaro

    since every site asks for twitter counts , it has became yeasier to get more followers! concerning the rest , thank you i will be following what i never tried before !!!:)

  3. Thiru

    Nice share vijayraj, I am using Tweepi tool to get my niche followers. Its working good.

  4. tushar

    cool tips…i badly need some quick traffic from twitter and this will surely gonna help me….a timely post for me

  5. Sathish @ TechieMania

    Hey Vijay, Thanks for these tips. Well, I am not using any of these methods to get followers for my clients. But if I find this methods are good, then I will change my works. Thanks again

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