Traffic Generation Tips for Smart Bloggers

When ever we talk monetization of any online site or Blog, it all come down and stuck to one point and that is traffic. Believe it, more traffic you have, you can monetize your Website better. Though, traffic generation is an art and you might find many people asking on Webmaster forums about traffic generation tips.

Traffic Generation Tips

Well, no wonder SEO is the key to drive traffic from search engine but that’s not everything. There are many other ways which you can use to generate and drive traffic on your Website. Depending upon your campaign plan, you can take the best route. If you are following professional Bloggers online, you can study their work pattern and methods they use for generating traffic to their Website.

And, if you wish to move from general Bloggers crowd to smart Bloggers group, you need to work smartly instead of working hard. Well, by the end it’s always a perfect combination of smart and hard work, that pays off the most.

Kick-Ass Traffic generation Techniques used by smart bloggers

We can always invest money to get Paid traffic but for a budget blogger like me and you, who is trying to make an income out of our blog, it’s better to invest money where it is necessary else use the free methods. And these free traffic generation tips, would create a difference for you. You can always share your tip at the end.

Publish Frequently

When you write a blog post, do a proper Keyword research and OnPage optimization. This will ensure your article will keep generating traffic in longer run. And by the end, it’s always search engine traffic which helps in better monetization of your Website. More over, regular publishing will help you to drive referral traffic from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Participate in Online Forums

Forum marketing is always useful for two purpose:

  • Exposure
  • Backlinks

I would suggest you to pick active forums in your niche and start participating in conversation. Make sure add your Website link or landing page link in forum signature and make most out of it. Participating in Dofollow forums, will help not only in traffic but also to get backlink.  Also when you are participating in niche forums, traffic coming from such Forum sites will be targeted which will result in less bounce rate and if you have quality content, your subscriber count will jump. You should consider reading following two posts:

You can easily spend 30-45 minutes a day in forum and it will also help you in learning new things. For people who are into Blogging and online marketing, I highly recommend to participate in WarriorForumDigital Point forum to find active community of Webmasters.

Comment on Other Blogs

Guest Blogging and commenting on Blogs are two easy and free gifted techniques for any Blogger. You can always take advantage of comment form below blog posts and add a meaningful comment. Make sure you don’t spam with your self promotion links. Usually, most of WordPress blogs comment box has a URL field, where you can add your Website URL. This helps in traffic and also a backlink to your blog (If do-follow), else you can use commenting strategy for faster indexing. In case, if you don’t know, commenting is one of the easiest way to improve page rank too.

Harness Social Networking Services

Leverage the marketing opportunities that the social networking sites provide. Be a part of internet sites like Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn and include backlinks to your blogs and newest updates in your profile.

Be active on social bookmarking sites like Digg, StumbleUpon and Delicious and deliver great information.  Additionally, consider getting on the micro-blogging team and get active with Twitter posts. All of these activities will enhance popularity of your blog and give it worldwide exposure.

Link to Other Blogs in Your Own Posts

Try to include hyperlinks to other weblogs in your own articles. Discuss other weblogs you appreciate analyzing or particular information you found quite interesting. When those other weblogs have the trackback feature turned on in their managing a site programs, you’ll immediately get a link back to your own blog in the feedback section of those posts.

At the very least, the other webmaster will see the inbound links coming from your blog in their traffic analysis reports, putting you and your blog on his or her lips, and that indicates enormous exposure for you.

Though, from SEO perspective I would suggest you to link to reliable and trust-able sites. This also helps in increasing your domain authority and you can do a search in Google with terms like to see which all websites are related to yours in Google eyes. Also, it’s a good idea to have atleast one external link from a web page to relevant article.

Guest Posting for success and branding 

You should be inclined to working as a guest blogger for other weblogs in your niche-market, particularly ones that get more audience than yours does. Guest posting is an excellent way to get quality inbound links to your web page and your unique style of writing attracts individuals who are likely to be interested in discovering more about you and your blog.

We have already discussed Article marketing vs Guest blogging and we all know Post panda era, guest blogging is much better way for traffic generation and get high quality backlinks. You should check out Article marketing campaign guide for creating your own guest posting plan. Something, which will create a huge difference in your online presence and marketing strategy.

Hold a Blog Contest

Blog contest are always useful to get things done on your blog. You can set a target like you have to increase Google+ followers, Twitter followers or increase Email subscription with Blog contest. Also, you don’t need to sweat much or put a big hole in pocket for sponsorship as this guide will help you to find free Blog sponsor for your contests. You can use online services like Rafflecopter to organize the contest easily.

Generate traffic via E-mail Signature offline promotion

Basically, include your site URL everywhere you can. Your e-mail signature and business cards are two of the most obvious places to promote your site with a site link or printed URL, but don’t be terrified to think out of the box.

You can use service like Wise stamp to add Blog link and your social media profile link in Email signature and for Businesss card promotion method, I would suggest you to read: How to promote online business offline.

Well, before you start following any of above tips, I would suggest you to create a proper traffic generation campaign and set a target goal. Try and see, which of them works for you and what other area you can explore. For example, sites like StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit can result in massive traffic generation but getting them to work for you is tough. Though, do you believe if there is something call “Impossible” ?

If you are one of those smart Bloggers or in the process of being one of them, I would love to know one such techniques which you are using to drive huge traffic to your Website or Blog?

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  1. Orval says

    I was really impressed with your article. I am very new at blogging, and I never knew there was sooo many ways to get traffic. You wrote in a way that even a beginner could apply these technics. Thanks for the informative information.

  2. Veer Modi says

    Hi Alok, I like this short and sweet list. I beleive that Participating in forum, Guest posting and commenting on best blog like this is really a great source for traffic and also for SEO.
    Thanks for Sharing.

  3. Hitesh says


    Nice post ! I have just started my website and I always search on net to generate more traffic for my website. I come across your post it will be very helpful to me really.

    Thanks !

  4. Alan says

    Congratulations for this post, it was quite useful for me.
    The truth is that I’ve never used forums as a marketing medium; I’m a frequent user of forums like WF and DP but until now I haven’t used my account to promote my website. Definitely that’s something I’ll start doing right away.
    On a side note, I have not seen much blog carnivals lately. It looks like bloggers are focused on other things nowadays, and that’s such a shame because it was a nice way to share.

  5. sam says

    Hi there,

    Excellent tips, I have to agree with your post above. Blogging is not easy as it seems. It requires full of hard work, proper dedication, new ideas and definitely research to bring huge traffic. Personally, I would prefer guest blogging, forum participation, blogging contests and commenting on other blogs. As a result I get number of visitors without spending money in paid traffic programs.


  6. Amrish Singh says

    Writing guest post on other popular blog of you niche is the best way to drive traffic to a new blog . We should also do forum posting and social bookmarking for blog posts to get ranked higher in search engine

  7. John Mak says

    Great article! I believe by participating in forums is a very positive direction to earn credibility and knowledge on specific topics!
    Thanks for sharing,
    John Mak

  8. Jabeer says

    Thanks for your useful tips. I came across this title because right now I am seriously looking for these kind of traffic generation tips for my new design blog.

  9. Sanjit Chohan says

    That was worthy enough for a smart blogger to know and imply :)

    Youtube is a Major Traffic Driving force for Bloggers… Give it a try ;)