How to Drive Huge Traffic to Your Blog In Few Weeks?

One day you decided to start a blog, and you created one for yourself. Now, you started writing blog post every day and even after 30-40 posts, your traffic is not increasing. The search engine is not sending you traffic and your hard work is not paying you well.

Does it sound like your story?

If yes, in this guide you will learn the tricks to drive huge traffic to your blog.

Drive Traffic to Blog

Top two points hold true, but the third one is not 100% true. When a blogger starts blogging, and he sees other blogs that exist from years, they develop a myth that huge Alexa rank and traffic is achievable only by writing lots of quality posts. Well up to an extent it’s true, but that should not be the way to drive traffic. In these posts, I will write few ways by which you can build traffic into your blog.

Quality posts and SEO

The quality of posts determine the uniqueness, and a proper SEO optimization of Blog and Blog posts will ensure that you will get lots of traffic in your posts. You should also understand the need of social media optimization and optimizing posts for search engine and readers simultaneously.


Twitter is again a great way to make your posts viral, but marketing yourself and your blog on Twitter is not as easy as it sounds, but on other hand it’s not as tough as it looks. Though you need to understand the importance of word social. In simple word, twitter is a less micro-blogging tool but social sharing site.

You need to learn the art of driving traffic from Twitter & here are few things that you should do right away:

Complete your Twitter profile by updating bio, avatar & header image.

  • Tweet on a regular basis.
  • Retweet others stuff that are related & interesting. You can use Nuzzel app to find popular stuff what your friends are tweeting & you can tweet it with one click.
  • When a share a blog post, do share it with images. You can use Twitshot to make your life easier.
  • Always use a Hashtag when posting a tweet.

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Facebook has become one of my favorite tools to drive traffic. I have been using it successfully to drive quality traffic to my blog. Facebook Fan page is the first step for your blog to start driving traffic.

Your Facebook fan page let your blog reader connect with your brand on Facebook. Now, you can use it to engage with your readers & you can also post your latest published blog posts on Facebook. This way your readers will get notified & it will constantly drive traffic for you. Unlike old-times, now Facebook traffic is not as organic as it used to be. The most important thing you need to take care of is the engagement part. If your audience is not engaging with likes, comment or reshare, your organic post reach would go down & even with the huge number of Fans on your page, it won’t work for you. You can use a tool call PostPlanner that I use & it helps me to constantly publish engaging stuff on ShoutMeLoud Facebook page.

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Commenting is one of my favorite tool to drive traffic to my blogs. Commenting also helps in getting Free backlinks and create a relation with another blogger. It is a slow process but yes one of the most effective process in my opinion. I got Page rank for my newly created blogs in, one month and most of the backlinks were created because of commenting. This is the simple reason I can suggest you to start commenting as much as possible. Though make sure you don’t write comments like “Nice” “Good share”. This will never create a good impression but will make you look like a spammer. Read my previous tutorials on

Social Bookmarking Websites

Social bookmarking websites Reddit, StumbleUpon are effective to drive traffic to your website.The hard part is making your posts popular on these sites are not easy. You need to understand every social bookmarking websites and how to make most out of it. People love quality posts, and listified (Top 10, Top 25) posts are popular among such websites.

Buy Traffic

I have never experienced this one, but if some company who provide such service, gives you targeted traffic. This will help you a lot though you might need to think, if buying traffic is good for your blog or not? In my opinion, this is only good, when you are providing any services or selling anything. Else it may be a waste of money.


There is no easy and free way to drive traffic apart from buying traffic. But instead of spending money, easiest way to drive traffic is commenting, Social media sites like Twitter and facebook. If you have some time start exploring Reddit and become a regular good contributor there. Above all SEO of your blog and blog posts is the best way to drive huge traffic with little effort.

What do you think is the best way to drive traffic? Can you add more points to drive traffic to your blog?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 41 )

  1. says

    Recently, started blogging and came across this post. The only reason I am commenting is you asked aspiring bloggers to comment and I didn’t find any better ones than yours; And coincidentally I see too many comments here. All I knew was SEO and this concept of back linking is very new to me. As they say, content is the king and SEO is the queen; I can only wish this back linking helps for me to have a better SEO.


  2. says

    Hi Harsh. Though on G+ I read blogs by shout me loud today is the first time I read your blog and want to appreciate that you have given such a effective and practical advice in so simple words. Not too much scientific jargon or very high funda language………Looking forward to your future blogs.
    Keep it up

  3. says

    Thank for your pièces of advices.
    Since the beginning of My website, i made all these tips in practise, i have more than 80 posts but i only get 500visitors per dAy.

  4. says

    Quality is important.I think regular posting with great SEO strategies will definitely going to help.There are lots of SEO tools as harsh mention before in his post which help you to get some quality contents.

  5. Aravindh Stanley says

    I’m really new to the blogging area. Just after creating my blog, I used stumble upon and got 160 page views within few hours. Social media really plays important role as organic traffic. Haven’t tried twitter yet, I’ll do that. Thanks did your post, this is really helpful to new bloggers like me. But paid traffic doesn’t sound better to me.

  6. sudha says

    the best and free way to get traffic by networking.. let say you have one online friend, and you communicate with him, tell about your blog and such, he like it and he told to other his friends, and goes on and goes on.

  7. Nisha says

    I so agree with Robert because though i haven’t been trying even a bit to drive traffic to my new self hosted wordpress by other ways, i still get plenty of traffic just by the content i write, esp keywords, i think it counts a lot!

    Google picks up every important keyword from your posts :)

  8. Dr.Robert says

    Yes, there are so many way to drive traffic to your site, but the key is the content. Content is the king of all seo ways.

  9. Pummy Manku says

    true info here.. i did the same with my site and getting 4K unique visitors to my sites daily which make me some good bucks in google adsense account :)

    again, very useful info here for anyone.. remember: w/o traffic, no site can live longer.

  10. kent roy says

    forum are the best way of online conversation which can be very useful for get huge traffic on the websie

  11. kent roy says

    Unique content and SEO both are great way to get more and traffic on your site. Without SEO strategies i think anyone does get enough traffic….

  12. seenu says

    Here you have mentioned that one word comments are spam, does google have any filters for such kind of comments?

  13. PADI IDC says

    Google is like 80% of all searches so if you manage to have a good SEO and good keywords your blog will be floding with visitors each day.

  14. Francois says

    There are so many ways to drive traffic into your website. But first, you need to focus on your contents before anything else. Otherwise, it would be hard for you to encourage readers to become loyal to you.

  15. Microphone Cable says

    The twitter tip is i think the best out of all.

    I’ve started a twitter for myself and i’ve had quite a lot of success with it. More visitors and an easier way to communicate with my customers !

  16. Shamim says

    To me, Social traffic is just the Bandwidth Eater. They never clicks nor buy anything.

    The people who will come to your site are merely for enthusiasm. If you depend on the the Social traffic, then you will have a horrific experience with your Bounce Rate.

    Better, depend on Organic Visitors from Google , Yahoo or Bing. They are real visitors who will come to your site to gather information you provide, and buy product what you sell.

    Anyways…….informative post friend!

  17. Camille says

    All your points are useful to all blog owners out there. As a site owner, he/she needs to consider the quality of his/her post to encourage readers/visitors to regularly visit the blog.

  18. gurleen says

    I think that you have a big experience of Seo. I am agree with u. unique articles is best for huge traffic. Article is always optimize a high Page Rank Sites. Social bookmarking is best For Good Search Engine Ranking. Social Site is always give a high Traffic. Commenting Step is very important for everyone. I Like your nice steps of huge traffic………Thanks

  19. Monique says

    I’m a testament to the fact that commenting on other blogs helps a lot. I’ve managed to ramp up my blog stats simply just by commenting. Great post.

  20. Ramkumar says

    Stumble Upon can generate a huge traffic to the blog, But they are just random, You can get more than 2k visitors from StumbleUpon alone on a day depending on ur SU profile.

    • Jason says

      I’ve heard about this site. Aside from it, most webmasters also recommend digg despite of the new nofollow rules of the site (if I’m not mistaken). You will surely get decent amount of visitor,

  21. Devang Vibhakar @ SpeakBindas says

    Like in 3 Idiots R. Madhavan says that “we knew” but “he did it” and I feel the same way, Harsh. The points above, I believe, will be known to mostly all, but not all following seriously.

    Thanks for hammering my mind with above points, I will keep them not just in ‘mind’ but in ‘execution’ :)

  22. chinmoy says

    Hey dude! You are 10 posts away from 1000 posts! Cool.
    I liked this post very much. Much different from other get visitors posts..
    And really helpful part was the commenting part. Commenting goes a long way in networking as well as increasing traffic.

  23. Yogindernath says

    These days I am getting huge traffif from Google along with Twitter.. My visitor base has been doubled in 2 months.. So m planning to sell direct advertisements too.. Hopefully will get some sponsors too ;)

  24. Anish K.S says

    My traffic from twitter is too low, but getting good traffic from facebook and other social media networks.

  25. Basant Singh says

    Here, I am implementing your last tip! Yet to go aggressively on Facebook & Twitter. One more good way is to ‘submit’ your blog to blog directories. BlogCatalog & StumbleUpon are a good start for me. ‘Buy Traffic’ I guess will be detrimental for one’s blog in the long run. But the Trump-Card is definitely: Quality Content. My 1st post was listed on 1st page in Google at #7 for few days. I optimized it – changing the title & post a bit. I lost it, now it’s buried at #31. Bottomline: We must NOT over-optimize. A quality content will definitely be noticed in the long run.

  26. Nisha says

    A few more Harsh..

    Submitting articles to stumble upon, digg, etc..
    Being active on forums, communities, networking sites..
    Taking part in memes/contests.. hop around and a lot of blogging are hosting them.. or hosting them yourself
    High keyword content.. we all know about it
    releasing posts in the wee hours of morning.. drives a good amount of searches to your blog! :-)

    I don’t think one should buy traffic from sites/directories that aren’t popular for they send a whole lot of automated traffic to your blog. You could come in the prying eyes of Google, esp if your doing ad sense! what say?

    Hit upon me on anything you disagree :-)

    • says

      Nisha Some great point here. I guess I missed few of points which you added here. And yes its true about paid traffic may ban your adsense account.
      There is nothing to disagree and I wish I could have added a rate comment plugin and could have given 5 star for such comment. Welcome to shoutmeloud :)

      • Nisha says

        OMG! its more than two years i left this comment here! Now returning to reply once again… your blog has reached heights. Wish you reach the stars. I so appreciate the reply Harsh(even if its already two years gone by). Thanks a lot :)

  27. Extreme John says

    Wow you did a really nice job with this one bro, nice work and very detailed. Any new bloggers or even existing bloggers need to look over this very carefully, you provided a gold mind of information.

  28. Shahab says

    There are so many distractions on net that it becomes a bit difficult to keep all the above points in mind. BTW all the above points are really great and every blogger should have these points on its daily to do list.

  29. izzat aziz says

    the best and free way to get traffic by networking.. let say you have one online friend, and you communicate with him, tell about your blog and such, he like it and he told to other his friends, and goes on and goes on.. so it free viral marketing same as twitter.

    Even often i see from other blog, about 60-70 % traffic come from seo, but its not the only resource there are lot more out there.. :D

  30. Blogsolute says

    Unique content is definitely a king while social networks are now being considered as major traffic drivers. Nice tips but, I am not on the side of buying traffic.

    • Amandeep Singh says

      Instead of buying traffic what i think is that spending that money on promoting your blog offline like giveaways (mugs, keyrings, t-shirts etc.) will help more and also in an efficient way. Till the person drinks coffee, wears the t-shirt carrying your logo… ur blog will be promoted and remember, there is faster medium than what spreads with ‘word of mouth’

      • Lismore Accomodation says

        Those are great ideas really, didn’t really think of that until reading your post haha. :) Calanders here I come! :D

    • Dinesh says

      Yes, agree with you, unique content is the king but buying traffic is a good way to drive more traffic to your blog.

  31. kalyan says

    you are absolutely true and in my personal experience all the points you mentioned are true and they work and content is king and people appreciate genuine and quality posts and using social bookmarking sites and using seo tools will help a lot .

    • taranfx says

      Quality of Posts > SEO > Dzone/Facebook/Twitter go in decreasing order of precedence for me.
      Note: DZone is only for developers, don’t spam with other post topics.