Top 5 Proven Ways To Drive Blog Traffic That Convert

Starting a Blog is fun for many and starting a Website is business for many. Though the hard part is driving traffic to your Blog. There are many free and paid ways to drive traffic and honestly there are endless ways. Some of them drive massive traffic and some of them provide handful but very targeted traffic. Best of the traffic is when you get targeted traffic and today I will be sharing some of the easy and achievable ways to drive traffic to a Blog or a Website.

Drive traffic to Blog

We have already covered some of the easy and other ways which you can help you get good number of hits on your blog and if you missed it in our past archive, I recommend you to read following articles:

How to drive more Free traffic to your Blog?

I assume all of you are working on quality content, because that’s first and foremost way to get traffic and sustain the traffic. With crappy content, you might be able to drive traffic but won’t be able to keep it. More over, your avg. time on site would be high which shows bad user experience.

1. Ad Swaps

Ad swaps are a powerful way for bloggers to grow their subscriber lists. An ad swap occurs when two list owners agree to mail out an offer for the other person. When a subscriber clicks on the link in the E-mail they are taken to the opt-in page of the other list owner. To do an ad swap you will need an initial “seed list” of about 500 subscribers. Once you have a seed list you can contact other list owners in your niche and offer them an ad swap. This is a great way to grow your subscriber list by leaps and bounds, as well as send hundreds of targeted visitors to your website.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the best ways to drive hordes of laser targeted visitors to your blog. Having your article posted on the front page of a high profile website will give you an initial spike in traffic followed by a constant trickle of return readers.

Growing your blog can be difficult at first. Guest blogging is a quick way to drive hungry readers to your website. Once you have established a good reader base you can allow guest posting on your blog. This will allow you to help other bloggers grow their reader base, as well as provide free content for your site. Guest blogging is a win-win for both parties.

3. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is often underrated and overlooked. Blog comments can be traffic driving machines if done right. Make sure you are subscribed to the top blogs in your niche. Every time a post is made check it out and see if there are any comments yet. Read the post and make a comment that adds value to the post. Aim to be one of the first 5 commenters on the post, otherwise you will receive less traffic.

Rinse and repeat until you are content. Some blogs will bring you a lot more traffic than others, make note of these blogs and check them more often.

4. Forum Marketing

There are thousands of forums spanning virtually every topic you can think of. Why not join a few and start posting? Forum marketing is great because it puts you right in front of your target audience. You can become a part of the conversations they are having and help out where you can.

Use a strong call to action in your signature. “My blog” is boring and will not receive many clicks. Give the readers a reason to click on your link, make it stand out as much as possible.

5. SEO

Search engine optimization is going to bring you “organic” traffic. Onsite SEO is just as important as link building. Make sure you use keywords in the titles of your posts, and sprinkle your main keyword throughout the article. When you add in your tags make sure you add all of your keywords as well. Another quick trick I use for onsite SEO is to use the keyword in a link. If you are linking to an authority site in your niche use the keyword in your anchor text.

When you are linkbuilding use your keywords in the anchor text of your links. Link to blog posts on your blog and not just to the main page. When linking to specific blog posts make sure you use relevant keywords (Anchor text) as well as your main keyword. This way your post will rank for multiple keyword phrases and not just one.

These are just few of many ways to drive traffic to your blog and I recommend you to start with first few and  later on other channels like Social media, PPC and many more to get more traffic. Do let me know what other free methods are you using to drive traffic to your Blog?

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  1. says

    Hey Paul, glad to see you on Harsh’s great blog. I know of four of the ways you shared but Ad Swap. Still can’t fathom it. You wanna ditch out more?

  2. Raj says

    Thanks for the post, ad swaps is new to me but i believe it also helps in building friendship with other bloggers.

  3. navi says

    Thanx for the advice, i was searching something like this to improve my blog results. Thanx for that information.

  4. Sakshi says

    thanks you so much for these ideas but i am new to blogging and among these i have only one option and that is SEO, please tell me other ways also if you can..thanks for help in advance

  5. Suresh Khanal says

    Did you miss the networks? I find some lovely spikes through StumbleUpon, FaceBook and Twitter.

  6. DailyTechPost says

    I guess guest blogging is certainly a sure bet for a new blogger. This will help in creating a reader base as well, along with the traffic…

  7. Rojish says

    Most blog owners will not consider your guest post if you don’t have a relation between them. This relation can be made by regularly commenting in their blog and linking to their blog.

  8. Srinivas says

    Hi ,
    I have a blog on blogger where I am not seeing any traffic to my website.Can you guide me whether I chose the wrong one or any improvements are needed.I choose the my website main content is related to the mutual funds in India.


  9. Derek says

    Thanks for the post, all relevant. The challenge for most people trying to drive traffic organically is that it takes time and if people were really honest with themselves, they probably do not dedicate enough time to the task every single day. If you are attempting to run an online business, then traffic generation and content generation are the 2 single most important activities.


  10. TechChunks says

    Great points there. Already doing Blog Commenting, Guest Blogging and SEO. Need to work on the rest areas…

  11. Michael Aulia @CravingTech says

    Blog commenting gives good steady amount of traffic although probably not as much as the others. But I guess it gives a more “targeted” visitors

  12. Dana @ Blogging Update says

    I think the best way is guest posting. It is because we present our writing so people interest to know more about us and then visit our blog. It is the most natural way in my opinion.

  13. Paul Roekle says


    You can do ad swaps with less subscribers – it’s just easier to find as swap partners with 500.

  14. Ramkumar says

    The ad swapping idea is really good, But are you sure they need a initial seed of around 500 subscriber,. That makes no chance for me to use ad swapping.. :(

  15. Reshadat says

    Agreed with BTP. Content is still the king! But good list. I’m not too sure about Ad Swap. It may annoy the subscribers.

  16. Shabnam Sultan says

    Blog commenting , guest posts and SEO are effective ways of driving traffic but don’t have much idea about ad swaps……….

  17. chandan says

    Thank you for mentioning some nice tips for drive traffic on blog. There are lots of traffic source like social media, search engine, just we have to know the implementation how to drive traffic.

  18. Loudable says

    very nice article to drive traffic and I like forum marketing and ad swaps. Hars can you write an article on adSwaps ?

  19. sudharsan @ technoskillonline says

    sorry harsh….
    These are the things that all bloggers are saying about increasing traffic to a blog….
    As a experienced guy do u have any new idea or views for making traffic ??
    please share with us… It will be very helpfull for a new blogger like me

  20. Tushar says

    commenting and SEO are two of the most effective methods….but you have to be very very sincere in your efforts

  21. TechOfWeb says

    I am only working on 3. Blog Commenting
    and 5. SEO
    Guest Blogging can be equally effective as compared to commenting on other blogs as far as getting visitors is concerned.
    Guest Blogging has only one plus point compared to commenting that it gives us a do-follow link


  22. Shanker Bakshi says

    Guest Blogging seems to be a great source to drive traffic, i tired it, wrote couple of guest posts for high traffic blogs and can say that its good but not very effective. blog commenting rather works great than anything else “shouted” above.

  23. Chethan says

    This is Complete. I liked all The Techniques which You explained except Ad swaps. Nice Thing is you have Explained everything independent of Search Engine Traffic… This will be a Great Help for me, As I m Penalised by Google for Some Reason [Filtered]

    Thanks for The Nice Share :)