An Easy Strategy to Make Your Content Socially Sharable

Shareable blog contentSharable content is what you must strive for. It must be top class so that it can be easily shared with influential people and be link worthy. The truth is that the web is full of second-rate content which indicates that the writers are adopting the wrong approach to content writing that’s worthy of links. Creating sharable content is of course not an easy task; but it’s easily achievable. Churning out content that is shared and linked to can be a far easier job than rocket science – all it requires is complete commitment and ample time. In this article I will explain the right approach you must take to produce such content. BuzzFeed and Oatmeal are great example of shareable content, and a quick look will reveal why these two sites are performing so well on Social media platforms.

Content creation can be split into two parts:

  • Creating an association with influencers who’ll give you the help you need to get shares for your content.
  • Producing great content along with elements that are sharable.

Both these parts go hand in hand. You can’t get influential people on board when your content is mediocre. Conversely, it makes no sense if you produce great content and don’t have any connections with influencers. I’ll explain how you can make use of simple common sense to augment the number of shares and links back to your business campaigns.

Create A Relationship with Influencers

An association with one or more influential persons does not mean you are only establishing a relationship with that person or persons. You will in fact be connecting to his/her entire network. Not for nothing are these people called “influencers.” They are influencers because they have a faithful audience who believe in their brand.

Social media influencer relationships

The reason for this is that influencers are such that they have a faithful audience who will listen to their commendations of your brand and content sharing. A real influencer will be an appropriate fitting for your company’s brand image who will produce not only awareness but action for his/her audience that will go into your market niche. Now let’s see where and how to find these influencers.

Influential Tweets

You can start with the social media. If the influential Twitterer catches your post it can get youterrific exposure and consequently result in people keeping your post aside in order to connect to it in the days to come. This will be of help to you to discover the people who send tweets with regard to your niche as well as brand. If the number of followers they have is reasonable, think of slotting them in a Twitter category and use this list to follow them closely. After this you can use a convivial tweet to get to them. You can tweet, “@ABC, I feel we must collaborate. Please email me, we can talk.”

Use Bloggers

Bloggers can be classified in the middle level group of influencers. You must build a strong and valuable relationship with them and not simply indulge in spamming to gain a one-off post. Get them with you to share and link your posts. You must look for bloggers who are relevant to you. You can use some kind of tool, like GroupHigh, Followerwonk, BuzzStream to help you reach out to the right bloggers. Since bloggers are generally active on a variety of social media platforms promoting their own blogs, they can be of great help to you. Besides getting you a great post they can put out that post’s mentions on a lot of channels.

Use Your ‘Super Fans’

loyal blog fans

Your brand backers are your influencers for they are passionate in their mentions. Get to them in such a way that it you make them feel that they are part of your brand. Don’t forget to say “Thank You” for their support and proffer them the means to link and also share. It will be an honor for them.

Use Google Plus

Using Google Plus communities are a trouble-free way to look for niche influencers. You have to only look for and become a member of communities that include your keywords. But refrain from sharing your content in the absence of a topic of discussion; that will appear to be spammy advertising. You should first spend some time being an active member of the group, and maintain a ratio of 70:30 for other post promotion Vs. your self promotion.

Make Great, Sharable Content

You can make great and sharable content if you use one/two of these tactics in your upcoming post. You can check out this useful article on types of content people like to share on social media, and it will help you to plan out a strategy for writing sharable content on your blog.

Be Confident, Innovate

Write with self-assurance and innovate. Just researching other blog posts and rewriting them will not work. This is the primary aspect of sharable content. You must become the leader and be innovative. The bottom line is: sharing is akin to giving something a recommendation.

Create Resource Posts

If a blogger requires his/her newbie readers to comprehend an idea without the need to write lengthy explanations about it, they will link to a part that will do the work. This is where a resource post plays a vital role. Resource posts are pieces which are most linked to, from “how to” tips to a catalog of actual realities. Give a catchy title to it that tells readers it’s the definitive part in the genus they have searched. Use phrases like ‘Guidelines to ABC Topic’, or something similar.

An example of resource page could be seen at WordPress guide resource page.

Keep Visual and Informative Content Together

Combine attractive content with good content. That’s the reason infographics are sometimes linked to shared with. They have the capability of sending across a whole message with pictures as well as colors. This is a terrific way to display a chunk of worthwhile research to everyone. And, importantly, research that is well presented is something that everyone wants to share his/her own network.

Make Your Call to Action a Sharing One

While summing up your post you need to give a call to action so that readers will share it. Here are a few unique ones that you only have to copy/paste!

  • Did you like this article? Please share it so that your friends can enjoy it also!
  • Want to love the author of this post? Share his post with a tweet; link to your own upcoming post.
  • Require some nice providential points? Share my post and I may do the same with your content also!
  • Expand the word. Share my post with your group!
  • Do you acquiesce with the tips in my post? Share it!
  • Share my post to teach your network!

Build Links With Other Influencers

This guideline will also help to develop connections with influencers you want with you. Include the word or work of your influencers. Use a Tweet to tell influencers that they figure in your blog and chances are that they will link to your blog — or tweet the article to new people at least.

Give And Take

Get to folks who write topics that are similar to what you write. Make contact with people whose authority is similar to yours. Ask them to share your post on their social media page and see if they have anything of theirs then you can share on your page.

Read: How to motivate readers to share articles?

Who’s the Audience? You!

You are like the audience you are targeting. So be like them and think like them. Ask yourself, would you link to this content or subscribe to it? Ask, why did I share it? Each time you see content which was linkable to and sharable you clarify one/ two elements which made it a good content, something that you will recommend. Then, when you pen your next piece, include these elements.

Summing Up

As you have seen, building fruitful associations with influencers takes time. It takes practice to make your content worthy of getting links. But you can kickstart the processes right away. If you have created a successful bit of content which got lots of links, share a tip which made it a success in the comments column, to assist your content marketing colleagues. Also, do consider sharing this article on your Facebook and Google plus.

This Article is by Alan Smith from SpinX Web-design. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our submission guidelines.

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    Thanks for the idea. But i think twitter uses trends to connect to mass number of people. so what i do is that i check the best time so get to more audience in a particular country. Can you teach us how to create twitter trends?

  2. raman bathina says

    There is a quote which is learned from the school days that is one image is equivalent thousand words.So if we apply the same thing on social sharing too.Because images are easily attracted by the visitors and most of the people love to share those images.This is my opinion.

  3. says

    You must add value in your contents to make it shareable. Gone are the days when you used to proudly publish top 10 and top 20 types of post; now is the time of top 50 and top 100. Keeping this reality in mind you need to move ahead in your content writing strategy.

    • Alansmith says

      Nowadays, people like to read informative and useful information. If your content doesn’t contain anything useful and actionable, readers will not read it.


    hi Alansmith, i would like to say that when we have real friends i mean if we are not using any tool for making likes or followers instead making real guys who is relevant for your category then your content will be defiantly share and it is also depend on how is your article i mean your article should useful for others peoples then your article or content will be share by others.


    • Alansmith says

      When we have huge fan followers on social media platforms, it becomes easy to share our post with others. Because when people really like it, they will share it with their group and our content will reach to our targeted readers.

  5. Vishal says

    Alan, First up all I loved the image used in the article, and I think appealing images also make your content sharable on pinterest. Also Give And Take plays the main role in getting more shares.

    • Alansmith says

      Thanks Vishal. I agree with you. When you use effective and attractive images into your blog post it will give value to the content and attract more people towards your post.