16 Useful Resources to Drive Traffic to your Blog

We all know that traffic is very important for any blog and thus we have shared few useful articles about driving traffic to your blog from social networking websites, forums, proper SEO and more. Do check out these tips to attract more traffic to your blog, there are many working tips and you can select the ones which suits you better. Here goes the roundup of useful tips to attract traffic to your blog.

Basic Tips to Drive Traffic:

Drive Traffic via Social Networks:

Useful Websites to Drive Traffic:


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  1. says

    I so love this kinda roundup post and because I’ll be doing more of this soon on my blog I’ll do well to bookmark the page and get back to using it later. Thanks a bunch for sharing this great and of course useful resources. They sure will go a long way.

  2. Nicholas Teo@Feng Shui since 1988 says

    Thanks for sharing. I have not read most of the post and will read it to learn more about how to drive more traffic to my blog.

  3. TheTechMedia says

    Really valuable info… your blog has helped me a lot i’ll in all respect… Thanks for all your efforts in providing such info related to wp all the time.

  4. mbaonline says

    thankyou for sharing this info. still learning how to get traffic to all of my blogs.lots to read, understand, and apply. its best if can automate it.

  5. Ben Waite says

    Its quiet a great resource that you have provided for driving traffic to your blog. I am using facebook, twitter and flickr to drive traffic, but only facebook is working where as twitter and flickr are not delivering that much trafiic. Social Bookmarking site such as StumbleUpon, dig, delicious also provide traffic if utilized properly.

  6. seenu says

    I have one suggestion to shoutmeloud,
    Now we are at the end of year 2010, why can’t you list all best articles of 2010?

  7. Sharat says

    I have not read all the above mentioned post. I will have a look at all of the above, then will comment about which I liked the most. :)