How to Use Flickr to Drive Traffic to your Website

Images are an element of blogging which, if used wisely, can be very beneficial. If you are a blogger who creates your own graphics to use on your blog, images can be especially useful for getting backlinks and thus driving traffic to your site.

I have a little trick which I have been using for a long time now which I would like to share with you.  It involves the use of images and screenshots that I take for my blog posts, which further benefit my site by driving traffic to it from Flickr.

Before I discuss Flickr for backlinks and driving traffic, let me quickly mention a note about SEO as it relates to images.

Images not only help your blog posts look beautiful but they also help in driving traffic from image searches, if used wisely.

Here are some posts from the past, which I highly recommend that take the time to read:

How to use Flickr for backlinks and traffic:

Let’s begin with Flickr’s ability to drive traffic.

We will be using the Flickr desktop uploader to speed up the process, or you can use their iPhone app or whatever you wish to upload pictures to Flickr in bulk.

Flickr is a high PR site – #9. Getting a backlink from Flickr using your anchor text will be a great way to increase your site’s backlinks. Flickr did add a nofollow attribute to all o external links recently, but you can still use it to generate lots of traffic from Flickr, and for brand building.

If you have a watermarking tool on your desktop, use it to add watermarks to all the images that you are planning to upload. I usually upload images to which I own the copyright. Most are images which I take when I travel, images from bloggers’ meetings or screenshots.

Open Flickr’s uploader and add your images with proper titles, tags and descriptions. (NOTE: Try to use proper tags on Flickr, as it will make your articles more reachable, and you will be getting targeted traffic from Flickr.)

Here is a screenshot of my uploader tool. Notice the details in the description field:

Flickr Traffic

Prior to hitting the “upload” button, I select all of the images and add the following to the description:

Feel free to use this image, but give credits to

You can add something similar to your description using your domain name, as it is very helpful in driving traffic in the long term.

Bear in mind that traffic from Flickr is not going to be as significant as traffic from sites like SU, Digg or even Pinterest for that matter. However, you are driving traffic by utilizing your current resources in exchange for only a few minutes of work.

I have been doing this for the past 2-3 years, though not on a truly regular basis.  Still, it has helped a lot toward getting some genuine backlinks because people who often use my images from Flickr send a backlink when doing so.  Additionally, I can simply use reverse image search to find any offenders.

Integrate this process into your blogging routine if you wish, and see how it benefits your site in the long run.

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  1. Nikhil says

    great stuff brother. it was so helpful. u did a great job. thanks for the suggestion. keep posting such articles.

  2. Rajan says

    Very good post. I was looking for something like this, hopefully it will make a difference in my traffic. Thanks for the post

  3. Fashchick says

    Very interesting and useful post. Eespecially for blogs with lots of photos. You really give great tips on this blog and they are very useful to both new and experienced bloggers. Thank you for sharing this secret. Will try it and see how it works out for me :)

  4. Rani Bille says

    Thanks For Guide Harsh!
    Recently started adding my photos to flickr that I click for my food blog, almost every day. I was looking for ‘How to get backlink from flickr’ and found you :-)

    Thanks for share. I was unaware of ‘Flickr Desktop Uploader’

  5. Casey says

    I have read about this before, but I am still confused about one thing related to the watermark. If I add the watermark before uploading, how can the end user remove it? Personally, I wouldn’t want to download/use and image with a watermark.

  6. S.I. Mitchell says

    Love this post. I was just starting up my photography site and wondering if flickr was even worth it anymore. I’ll definitely give it a whirl and see how it stacks up against: tumblr, pinterest, instagram, google +, twitter, facebook and 500px

  7. Nizam says

    Well yes, Images not only beautifies the blog posts, but it also helps to drive traffic from image search if used wisely. And it’s a good strategy to use watermarking on the images that one owns, this is really useful guide on uploading images to Flickr by providing proper Title, Tags and description . Thanks Harsh for this excellent post :)

  8. Kripanath Aditya says

    Dear Harsh Agrawal
    If I upload an image/images on Flickr with a description including backlink to my website/blog will Flickr ban my account?

  9. sudha says

    Now a days Google is counting many nofollow links, i observed this many times.I have many Nofollow links crawled as backlink in Google webmaster tools.
    So Flicker links can make magic. ! as link juice.

  10. DailyTechPost says

    Nice info..I never knew that even Flickr can be a source for tremendous traffic…is unethical method that you listed safe?..anyways thanks for sharing..

  11. Gurgaon says

    Very Helpful information thanks i have spend one hour to read and grab it properly now going to implement it.

  12. Mohit says

    Hi Harsh,
    This is one of the most informative post for me I’ve ever read on the net.
    I really appreciate your skills and also thank you for sharing it.
    I’m going to give it a try.
    Thanks again

  13. Chetan says

    Now a days Google is counting many nofollow links, i observed this many times.I have many Nofollow links crawled as backlink in Google webmaster tools.
    So Flicker links can make magic. ! as link juice.

    And about traffic, yes flicker is really good way for traffic,. Using stumble upon you can driver indirect traffic to your blog through flicker. !! :)

  14. Michael Aulia says

    Hmm..never thought of this strategy before. Is it safe enough to assume that you’ll never get banned from Flickr though? Or Flickr going downhill?

    Because when it happens, we’ll end up with hundreds of posts with 404 images

    • says

      Michael I’m not saying to host your image into flickr and hotlink it on your blog. Rather I’m saying when you take a screenshot upload it on Flickr and add a cc attribute with link to your blog.

      • Michael Aulia says

        Ah gotcha. I usually put my url on the images when I embed them on my blog post. Guess I have to take out the URL if I want to upload them in Flickr too (to encourage people to use the images)

  15. KushMoney says

    None stop with traffic ideas. Keep it up. Those that use pictures a lot are going to really eat this up.

    • says

      @ Kush
      This will help those people who use pictures extensively as well as people who use little picture.
      I suggest using flickr desktop client to easily upload images in your flickr account. You never know which of your image can give you huge spike on traffic.