Google Panda 3.8 Rolled out: What To do Next?

Google updates it’s algo or refresh the data every month and with every month data refresh, we can see the impact on our blog traffic. Google has confirmed about the latest Panda 3.8 algo data refresh rolled out on Monday 25th June. You can bookmark Google algo change page, to keep an eye on latest panda and penguin updates.

Panda 3.8

As reported by official Google Twitter profile, Google has confirmed the same in a tweet: This data refresh will affect only 1% of search queries globally.

What does Panda 3.8 Mean to you:

As we say, somebody’s loss is somebody gain and if you see and traffic change after 25th June 2012, it’s time to evaluate your site. If your traffic increased, you should work harder as Google loves your site and treats it as quality site. With hard and smart work, you can take your blog/Website to next level.

Now, for those who is missing out traffic after 25th June data refresh, as many users in webmaster forum reported that they lost significant Keyword ranking after 25th update. It’s time to work on your site from scratch. You can refer to my guide on How to recover from Google panda. Above, recovery tips will help you to optimize your site better for search engine and I also suggest you to read: How to do SEO after Panda updates.

Now, when you are working on recovery of your site from Panda, make sure to keep penguin algo too in your mind. Don’t use any automated software’s or tools to build links and take care of over SEO optimization.

Personally, here are few important things which I will take care on any site penalized by Panda 3.8 or earlier updates:

I highly recommend you to work on improving social media signals of your webiste, because Google is considering Social signals seriously and has been confirmed too.

Well, these are some of the steps which you can take and wait to see the effect. If you have few posts, you can easily work on rewriting of your content and make them high quality content.

Now, if you are wondering What’s the different between Algorithm update and data refresh, here is a nice video by Matt Cutts, where he explains what’s the difference. Take away: Algorithm update are like Car parts and data refreshes are gas to run the car.

So, if you have worked on any methods which is not natural or doesn’t fall in the radar of Google’s quality site guidelines, if not now, you might be affected in future. If you are planning to blog for long-term, it’s time you should change the way you blog and start working on adding more values to your Website. You can also opt for my personal blog consultancy, where you can learn about Blogging and SEO in depth.

If your site traffic is penalized with latest Panda update, I hope to see you recovering from Panda 3.8 traffic drop soon and do let us know what all works for you and how much traffic difference do you see after 25th June data refresh?

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. john says

    Hey Harsh, do you think I must remove all the posts I made in the year 2011 and never received visits? I got hit on April 18th. Still not much of recover. You have picked up some important point. “Indexing of only important pages ( Check: Robots meta plugin ) This is one I have not done so far. Well, I will do that. Anyway, if you have some other suggestions please do not forget to share. I lost 60% traffic since April. :(

  2. PrIyAnGsHu says

    Some of my sites have been recently got hit by this latest update and I’m unable to find out about why they were being hit. What do you think are the possible reasons behind getting hit by this latest Panda update?

    • says

      Panda penalty happens because of many reasons. Major issue is because of low quality content.
      You need to diagnose the problem and find out what made Google panda hate your blog.

  3. says

    Many people are feeling the heat. There are so many updates that many can’t keep track of things. Seems as if we definitely have to start from scratch.

  4. rakesh kumar says

    Thanks Harsh, But now i am not afraid of any panda or penguin as i am already not following the major part google algorithm is basically targetting. Just trying to improve my rank and authority.

  5. says

    I Seriously don’t understand why Google is penalizing sites which are good with content and design. According to one of my friends, Google is trying to de-index the sites from Google, so that they approach Google adwords to increase their turf. That way Google will increase their revenue by 60%. I seriously accept what he said, btw he works in Google Adwords Hyderabad. This post really explins how to save from panda update. unfortunately, i have been the target this time. My blog has been affected with this panda update, and traffic falls down to 50%. Grow up Google.

  6. Rahul says

    Believe it or not my social media blog…just exploded after this punda update traffic increased as much as 200-220 percent. :)

  7. Shekhar says

    Excellent job Harsh..thanks for always keeping us updated about the updates. Social element is just getting most of the highlight in the past couple of updates. Need to work on that.

  8. says

    Hi Harsh thanks for the post , In Every panda update my traffic increases but this time my traffic drops by 50 % , I have high quality post on my blog ,there are some guest post but I made the links nofollow ,page loading speed score 86 , no automated software used . There is nothing on my blog which lowers the quality of my blog . So how this can happen to my ? Any suggestion ? blog .

    • says

      I think your blog got affected with this update because your blog is new.In this update I can see that all the old blogs came up in google search results.
      Remove date from google search result and start building high quality backlinks.I hope everything comes to normal :)

  9. Gautham Nekkanti says

    Although Google revealed only 1% of search terms were affected, It doesn’t looks like so

  10. says

    Awesome guide Harsh
    I am one of them who got affected by this update.
    What i have noticed in this update is that google brought back all the old blogs and websites to top.
    I didnt knew previously that dates also effect ranking of a page.
    Patching work has done ,hope i will recover from this update :)

    • Sadiq says

      I am one who is affected by this update.
      I noticed in this update, Google may not be able to recover all the old blogs and websites to the top.
      I also affect the ranking of a page from the past, do not know.
      Patching work, and hope to be back from this update