Dominate Google Adsense by Micro Niche Sites

Micro niche sites bring the most revolutionary change in the google Adsense. I have seen thousands of people who were claiming to waste their years on promoting their sites and getting nothing are earning great with these micro niche sites.

One of the major advantages of these micro niche sites are that they are very easy to maintain. If the keyword research is done correctly then its really not very hard to rank them number 1 on google for that particular product.



Here I’m going to mention some of the things which you must consider while creating your micro niche site.

  • Keyword Research – It is the most important part of the whole game. Always choose product based keywords which have about 1000 “exact” search volumes in google keyword tool. Check for allintitle and allinurl in google.
  • Domain Name – Keyword itself should be present in the domain name. For Example – if your keyword is toddler hoodies then your domain should be or .net or .org.
  • Theme or template – There are many free micro niche themes present on the net. Be sure to use very high CTR themes for your website.

Mini niche site theme

  • Content – Write 3-4 articles on the product. Remember, articles should be keywords rich or fully keywords optimized.
  • Off Page SEO – Here I’m going to mention some of the most common and working methods which will surely help you to be on top of the google for your keyword..
  1. Submitting articles to ezine
  2. High PR dofollow blog commenting
  3. Forum Posting

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Heya.. I'm Aakash.. I'm a successful internet marketer who have a quite great skills in adsense. Micro niche sites are specially my main focus point.


COMMENTs ( 30 )

  1. Bhaveek says

    Can you tell me potential earnings of a niche website, also what i love about this kind of sites is no need to update them regularly. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. MrMani007 says

    I agree with frank.It is very difficult to create a new website when we have lot of higher page rank websites.Since we don’t have time to update the existing websites.Any how thanks for this nice information.

  3. Benin says

    Hi Aakash,

    Wow. That was well written and amazingly informative. I’m to have read this. Think you said something that I may have been missing until now. I had been focusing on broad match terms with 100K search volumes. But see what you mean. At 1K exact match chances are much greater that if the content matches the search term the user will convert.


  4. Fabrizio Van Marciano says

    Interesting post, i thought Google were cracking down on micro niche sites but then again it was probably a load of cobble. Going to give it a blast.

  5. Simon Lee says

    I fully support on building micro niche sites, with proper research on keywords, you can make decent residual income.

    Develop a plan and follow this system to work until you get the desired earning. Work persistently! Stop building new site and expand the existing sites to niche or general site slowly.

    I currently own about 400 micro sites and is earning about USD200-300 per day with adsense. Peoples may not believe, but this is the truth and everyone can achieve the same with proper approach!


    • Frank says

      Hi Simon,
      How long did it take you to do all these sites and how do you maintain 400 sites?


  6. Mouse Scroll says

    Hey guys! Here’s an example of an Adsense Micro Niche site(my website link). I’ve also created a website about creating Adsense Micro Niche sites. Luckily I could get hold of!

  7. Samir says

    Nice article! Though I feel you should have included the negative aspects of Micro Niche Blogging too. Some of them could be having to repeatedly write about the very same topics, danger of extinction of the micro-niche within a short period of time as interests vary, increased efforts needed to create back-links to individual micro-niche blogs etc.

  8. Netchunks says

    I agree with you Akash bro, micro niche sites can be a good way of earning revenue from adsense but I personally cannot do it because they keywords and the topics that come under it mostly are boring and also we need to most of the time write about the same thing again and again. It is quite rigorous and monotonous but is still worth it. By the way I think affiliate marketing also gives you a lot of revenue if you can do micro niches

    • Aakash Gupta says

      I tried my luck with affiliate marketing too with these kind of sites but adsense converts more than affiliate of cpa offers.. (monthly)..

  9. Chandrashekhar says

    Nice post about Micro Niche site. I think keywords are life of Micro niche sites.

  10. Michael Aulia says

    I guess again it depends on what you are after. If it’s just money then go for micro niche sites. If it’s something you passion about + want to earn some money, focus on 1. I myself try to open a few other blogs but ended up having no time to take care of them :(

  11. Directory Sieve says

    micro niche was great at one time but with all the brands and stuff, i guess the internet or atleast google is moving towards sites that are an authority on a niche. micro niche sites are closed niche sites that does not really grow much, and at a later time it will become static and stagnant.

    the lack of fresh content eventually kills the micro niche, so i guess its time to go for the niche but a niche that is not too closed and has options to grow enough for years to come :)

    • Aakash Gupta says

      I select generally products based keywords with around 1000 exact searches.. and with average allinurl and allintitle

    • Aakash Gupta says

      Everything is already explained.. micro niche sites: 3 page site on a particular product

      • TechOfWeb says

        @Aakash Gupta: I am still into confusion. Is micro niche sites are any .blogspot sites that only contain information about any particular product ?


  12. Techno-Pulse says

    I think, niche sites are better if you specialize in some rare tech/know-how. A niche site on ‘making money online’ may not work these days!

    • Aakash Gupta says

      As I said earlier in previous comments.. All you need to do is to just choose a perfect keyword.. If you have enough of the time to do backlinking and updating content regular then I will also recommend you to use niche sites.. not mini niche sites.. ;)

  13. NpXp says

    Micro blogging is better but the market is over-saturated.

    It’s better to create a network of blogs that I do and add in some great content and make money out of it.

    • Aakash Gupta says

      Market is not over saturated yet.. I can find keywords easily within 15-20 minutes.. :)

  14. Amit Blogging says

    Nice idea. Can you earn enough through adsense if the keyword has only 1000 exact search volume?

    • Aakash Gupta says

      Yes.. It will took only 1 hour to create a website on it and even with no backlinking to the site you can find your website on the first page of google just after indexing.
      PS: As I said earlier.. its all keywords game.. :)

      • Rajat Jain says

        Hey Akash.,

        the post is really informative..
        But if you dnt mind, can you pls provide a detail explaination of these words “about 1000 “exact” search volumes”.. if it is possible for you pls use an example to expplain, i hope it will not eat-up ur much precious time.. Thanks in advance

      • Rajat Jain says

        Hey Akash.,

        Pls also explain the “High CTR Theme” meaning.. Thanks in advance

  15. Freshtutorialdotcom says

    In my personnel its better to maintain one website effectively. If the users can’t maintain his one blog or website then it will be wrothless to go into others. If he can maintain two or more then it won’t have any problem

    • Aakash says


      I have seen that maintaining one site which is based on the niche which is almost saturated or going to be saturated soon is far much difficult… you have to add fresh content as well as quality backlinks regularly, if you can’t do that then definitely the ranking falls as well as the conversions.. But in case of micro niche sites all you need to is just one time backlinking till it reach top then stop and then you can add backlinks even after month or so…
      IMO mini sites are easy to maintain…