Exclusive List of Websites & Directories To Submit Your Blog


Here is an exclusive list of Websites, directory and places where you should submit your blog. Most of the sites listed here are free, and if you are creating a new blog/Website or have not submitted your existing Website to these places, you should go ahead and create one.

This also includes many social networking sites and social bookmarking profile. It’s not an extensive list like 1000 sites or something, but I’m creating a list of those sites which are important and will be helpful in either search engine ranking or tracking your site report.

Where to submit your Blog?

Let me start the list with Webmaster tools as it will be first step to get your site on search engines. Submitting you blog to other sites will help in better indexing and crawling of your blog. Especially when you create a new blog, it takes time for search engine bots to find your blog and crawl it, by submitting your site to these Websites which is listed below, it will help in faster indexing. Though if your sole motto is to let your site index in no time, here is a quick guide : How to index your site in 24 hours.

I’m not adding those directories or sites, which asks you to place a link back to verify the site ownership, as it will be considered as two way link exchange. Though, there are few directories which are quite useful and you may consider adding the link for a day or two just for the verification.

Many of these sites like Alltop requires you to have feed on your blog, so I recommend you to burn your feed using Feedburner before you get started.

Google Webmaster tool:

This is an official tool by Google, where you can not only add your Website but also submit your sitemap to Google. This will ensure, Google will quickly crawl all your links and index them. More over, GWT works as free SEO tool for your website. You can apply various SEO techniques using GWT data.

Bing Webmaster tool:

Official Webmaster tool by Bing, and like Google tool, submitting your blog to this place will ensure your site is visible in Bing. Learn how to submit website to bing webmaster tools, and how to use bing webmaster tool.


Facebook could be huge for your blog traffic if you do the marketing right. To submit your Website to Facebook, you need to create a Facebook fan page, and that’s how you start. Simple and easy.


Twitter is one of the famous micro-blogging and social networking site. I already discussed why your Website needs an official Twitter account and having a profile on Twitter for your blog, will help you to get a free link. Though it will no follow, again it’s very useful for blog branding. Learn how to create a Twitter profile.

Google Analytics:

Not a typical place to submit your blog but very useful to keep a track of your site stats and the best part is it’s free stats tool by Google. Highly recommended for a new site to add GA on your blog. Read: What is Google analytics?


Not for new blogs, but if you have a quality blog, make sure you add your blog to Alltop. Very useful for giving good exposure to your site.  Requires you to create a free account before submission. Link to submit


Pinterest is a popular image-based social networking site. When you submit your blog to Pinterest and verify your profile, you earn a free high-quality backlink. More over, it will help in improving your online brand presence. Join Pinterest.

IMT Website submitter:

IMT Website submitter
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This is an online tool, which submits your Website to over 3000 places. For example, sites which stores site analytics, site price and so on. Those links might not be very high quality, but it will help in quick indexing, and improving backlink profile of your blog. Link

If you like slides, you can use this slide on your blog or for your team:

This is a quick list for now, and I will keep updating the list with time. For now, I hope this list will be helpful for your new blog to get started online. If you know more Websites, which will be useful for any new blog, and we should submit our blog there, let me know via comments.

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  1. Himanshu Tyagi

    IMT Website submitter – It is asking for an invitation code. Can you please help? If you are a forum member, then please share the invitation code as well. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hansaben

    Harsh, you mentioned the “IMT Website submitter” is it realy worth and are you sure that it will not impact SEO and ranking ? The sudden increace in such huge number of low quality link may hamper the ranking.. is it ?

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      You cam re-submit it & it won’t affect SEO. As I suggested earlier, don’t submit to more than 100 sites at once. I usually keep it to 50.

  3. Ivy

    Thanks for the collection. My husband and I loved it. We are figuring out how to promote his new blog. Hopefully, we’ll be good in a few days or so.

  4. Aaish Zubair

    Awesome tips Harsh,
    I want to target visitors to my blog from Australia and was desperately searching for tips and finally landed here.and please tell me now Submitting to all this sites increase traffic?

  5. Ravi

    Hi Harsh,
    Very nice article. I followed your blog quite frequently. I liked IMT the most as it is easy. But not sure, whether that is consider as spam.

    Lot of SEO experts says that, you always try for the backlink of the post url not your website URL.
    I wanted to ask you how much is that true, as you are an expert SME.

  6. Rahul Chaudhari

    Awesome tips Harsh,
    I want to target visitors to my blog from USA and was desperately searching for tips and finally landed here. I want to know if there is any keyword strategy we could use for a specific country.

  7. zamran Ilyas

    I am New To Blogging That’s I searched on Google and, Surprise I found the most satisfied content here. Thanks, Harsh.

  8. Naveen Prakash

    Thanks Harsh for providing such a valuable information for beginners. Hope it will help my health article Website to give a boost in ranking.

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