How I Built A Micro-Niche Site & Earning $174/Month From AdSense

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How I Built A Micro-Niche Site & Earning $174/Month From AdSense

Internet is full of opportunities to make money, and blogging is one of the smartest and ethical way, to earn money. One big misconception about blogging is, you need to work day and night to make money. It’s true when you want to create a name along with money, but if your goal is to earn money in shortest time and long-gain, then there are many shortcuts out there. For an example, a micro-niche blog.

In this guide, I will share an example of one such micro-niche blog I created and is making $174 from AdSense/month for me and $100 on an average from Affiliate marketing with few hours of work.

Niche blog ideas

This is a blueprint for creating such micro-niche blog, and you can use it for any topic/niche you like. In my case, I didn’t use any content agency, so I picked up a niche that I enjoy reading and writing about. So, instead of sharing a general post, I’m sharing the actual steps I followed to create one such blog, and after 40-50 hours of total work, this blog has made over $2000 for me in last one year.

Why start a micro-niche Blog?

First of all after so many algorithmic changes from Google, a niche website ranks higher in search engines. If you create a high-quality website on any particular topic, your chances of ranking higher is stronger than any existing authority website out there. Plus, you won’t have to worry day and night about an evergreen blog. Once you’ve done the hard work to create it, the next step is to wait for the money to be deposited into your account.

This is the blueprint of a micro-niche blog that I created. Remember, this is the exact method I followed so you too can follow this to create one for yourself right away.

The Complete Blueprint to Build a Niche Website which makes money:

niche site example

Select Niche and Domain:

The most important thing you need to do is find a niche that you are comfortable with. Make sure to think about the commercial and popularity aspect of it.  Since our target is to make money from it using AdSense, you should pick a topic that is popular in countries like U.S. and U.K., and have commercial value (High CPC).

In my case, I picked a topic call “Cydia” that is a jailbroken tool for iOS device, and very popular among iPhone users. I chose this topic, as I was very comfortable with it and expiration time on this topic was quite high, and it has good searched in Google. For keyword research I used SEMRUSH. (You can try SEMRUSH for 14 days using this special promo link)

For domain, I settled with

Keyword research and content planning:

For content planning, I was clear about few things:

  • Pick topics that would be in demand for a long time.
  • Make this micro-niche site like a Wikipedia.
  • Pick keywords that are driving traffic or CPC.

So instead of being particular about picking only high AdSense CPC keywords, I created a mindmap of content. Which was more like a FAQ . For example:

  • What is [topic]
  • How to use/install [Topic]
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using [topic]
  • Important Facts about [topic]

These were some of the basic ideas I started with before getting into detailed Keyword research. I then used SEMRUSH to find more. Next, I picked few related blogs on my topic that had a good amount of traffic. I used SEMRUSH to find the keywords those website were using. You can use this link to try SEMRUSH completely free for 15 days, which is valued at $150.

Keyword research and content planning

By the end, I had at least 20+ topic ideas for a micro-niche website. Next, I spent a few hours writing 4-5 blog posts, and one post daily for the next couple of days. This way my content part was done, and I had 15 high-quality evergreen (topics with 2-3 year expiration days) content ready to go.

Setting up the Micro niche blog:

Now, the next part was very easy. If you know how to create a blog on WordPress, then there is not much to worry about. Your content will do the rest of the magic.

Here is the exact tools I used to create and setup my blog. This checklist includes plugins, theme and other important details you’ll need to create your micro-niche blog.

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast for site SEO.
  2. EasyWPSEO for Keyword optimization. (Learn how to use EasyWPSEO plugin)
  3. WPSocial for social media optimization
  4. Akismet for preventing comment spam.
  5. Auto post thumbnail for automatic generation of the featured image.
  6. Digg digg for Social Bookmarking icons
  7. Google XML sitemaps for creating sitemap.
  8. Insights for helping me in inter-linking while writing post.
  9. Jetpack by WordPress for multiple purposes including stats in Dashboard.
  10. No Self pings to stop self-pinging
  11. PushPress for faster indexing.
  12. SEO friendly images for image level SEO.
  13. Subscribe to comments plugin.
  14. WP for image compression.
  15. WP Super cache for Caching.
  16. Wptouch for mobile friendly WordPress blog.

Additional steps that I followed:

  1. Made my blog on site SEO perfect.
  2. Took extreme care of content quality and Keyword score.
  3. Made a few videos on Youtube and linked to my blog from description. This generated traffic and also earned decent quality themes.
  4. Submitted sitemap to major search engine.
  5. Submitted my blog to top 100 sites using IMT submitter.
  6. Created a logo using free online logo maker.

The whole idea of the blog was to work less, and make it ready for earning. So I didn’t invest much time on branding. The goal was to create great search engine traffic, provide solutions, and make money from the niche blog.

Here is the traffic report::

Niche blog traffic report


Remember, the blog had only 26 posts, and it’s not updated beyond a month. At this stage, I had to start preparing more content to push the traffic again.

Few things that I should have done: (Things that you should do)

Created a separate social media page:

Social media profiles are helpful in many ways, but in this case I skipped doing it. Reason being, I didn’t want to create a new social media property. But, it’s always good to add Social media profile and use social-media automation.

I use tools like Bufferapp and Hootsuite to share content from this blog on Google plus, Facebook pages.

No back link building and no promotion:

I have not built a single backlink, and did not do any promotion apart from a bit of social-media promotion. All traffic is organic, and purely due to quality of content, and SEO settings of the site.


For the initial couple of months I used only AdSense, and later added one affiliate product related to the iPhone niche, which generated extra income of $100/month on an average.

Over all if you consider all the aspects in nutshell:

With $60 investment, and 40 hours of work I made over $2200, and the blog is still making money. More over, I don’t need to spend time on backlinks and other promotional stuff which takes time. The idea is to create a few more niche blog like this, and create different sources for online income. An eBook explaining step by step guide will be on sale from next month, for now this micro-niche blueprint is good enough for any experienced blogger to start a money making site with few hours of work.

If you have any question or more tips to add here, I would love to hear from you. If you find this blueprint useful, consider sharing it on Google plus and Facebook.

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  1. says

    Hello Harsh , Thanks for share with us ! I was thinking to build up a MICRO Blog but, also i was thinking will i get success or not ! By reading your Article, i got motive and i am going to start my new Micro Niche Blog


  2. says

    Your success is a real inspiration for all of us, the bloggers who try to earn some amount of adsense revenue and affiliate marketing online. I think micro niche sites still can be profitable, although the strategies of popularizing them are now slightly changed due to google constant algorithm updates.

  3. says

    I was wondering if I can try it too. I am building a site on which I am targeting only a single keyword. That’s means I am going for Low authority but highly powered specific page of the website.
    So, how can I get to know how much more building is needed for making that rank.
    Any tool you would suggest? specifically for the purpose.

  4. Mohamed Maideen says

    Dear Harsh, following your blueprint I created a micro niche blog for first time. Thanks for providing those value tips and list of plugins it really helped me to create my website.

    But I read on some websites, that micro niche blog websites are not performing well after google’s updates. Is that true?

  5. says is true that micro niche sites require less work.i have started a few of them but didn’t have time to manage them.i have just written the home page and will work on it.hope to see the same results as yours.

  6. says

    What a great case study, Harsh!

    I’m impressed with the planning and the focus on quality approach that you used for this micro site.

    A question: how did you attract visitors? What made them fall in love with your site?

    Really curious, as user engagement is something we’re still struggling with. :-)

    – Laasya and the Adusu Team

  7. Manoj Bhargav says

    Hey harsha,

    This was an awesome post for which iam waiting from a long time thank you for this. Keep going.

    loved this stuff..

  8. says

    To make money there are many shortcuts in internet.For example- SEO,WEBDESIGN ,GRAPHICS DESIGN etc..etc but I am agree with ” Harsh Agrawal” beacous he said that “and blogging is one of the smartest and ethical way, to earn money.” thanks for sharing this idea.

  9. says

    Hi Harsh Sir.
    Micro niche is an good idea. But sir I want to ask one thing how I get good income from micro niche.because sir I tried many time but I didn’t get good traffic and I lost lot of money on niche blog plz help me out . and I know you can resolve my problem thank you

  10. says

    I like your blog. like others i am wondering to start blogging on niche topic but afraid of competition as there are many people who have started on same topics which i thought of. I am really confused what to topic to choose and where to get started

  11. says

    I am very impressed with this article from this I got basic guidance about onpage optimization.
    One question sir how many posts needed for blog or websites to get approved from addsense ?

  12. says

    I m very impressed with this article on micro-niche websites. Thinking to bulid a micro-niche website in future. Please tell me how to get a good keyword related to tech niche.

  13. says

    thanks sir, i am also looking to start some niche site..
    i want to know how much time it takes to get ranking for an average keyword ?

  14. says

    I am very interesting on this post and I bookmarked and visited this few times. I want to thanks for this useful guide.

    I am a newbie blogger, I made my journey on 4th August in last year. I have made $125 for last for months from affiliate marketing.

    The biggest challenge, which I have to face is building traffic for my blog and today I am getting about 40 visitors per day. It is very small amount of visitors. But I am proud for my income with a low traffic.

    I know that traffic is money. I am doing a research these days to increase my daily traffic and I think I am on the way to build a successful traffic.

    I always admire your advices Mr. Harsh Agarwal. What are the best free and paid traffic building methods according to your experiences?

  15. says

    Hi Harsh,
    I have targeted a pair of keywords and want to make a micro niche site but the problem is the domain name does not contain any keyword. Will this help or make problem? The domain is 1 year old so will give me better serp than starting a keyword containing new domain.Please suggest me , I am going to start it the next week.

    • says

      Heard of EMD (exact match domain) algo update? Exact match domains no longer get any SEO benefit (partial matches still do I think). Don’t worry to much, just get a partial match if you can. Otherwise just get a short and catchy name.

  16. Ali Iqbal says

    This is really a good post for starters and for someone who are trying to ignite a niche blog earnings. Looking forward some more statistics on this blog.

    One question Harsh, did you applied separately for adsense or used previous code on this site. Because I have read on some blogs that adsense required 6 month domain age to approve?

    Looking forward your answer!

  17. says

    That is a great post! Just wanted to mention also that targeting micro niches is a great way for beginners as first projects. I am using this method now with one of my sites.

  18. Gopal says

    First of all thank you very much You have very important role in my life i have registered my domain name just two month ago and today i have 4k Unique visitors daily with 8k Page view and all credit goes to you.90% my traffic come from Search engine i have read your all post in a week to understand word press more better. Thanks dear good going i wish u all the very best.Keep writing.

  19. says

    Although I agree with your concept of a micro niche blog as it will be the showstopper in its category but these sites are highly unpredictable according to me as any big giant can overtake them with a blow.And moreover targetting a highly specific keyword is also not a very easy task.But still I will give it a try.

  20. Arsie Organo says

    Thank you for sharing this case study Harsh :) Although it is true that we need to work hard to earn decent money from our blogs, you’ve given me an idea now to work on micro-niche sites.

  21. says

    Hi Harsh,
    Well, I have been thinking a lot about making a niche site lately.
    The thing I am not able to do that is because I have not able to find a micro niche.
    I mean of which should I write about?

  22. Greg says

    Hi. I really liked this case study however, I just checked the keywords thats in the screenshot and your “cydia guide” website doesn’t show up in any results Google or Bing???

    i suppose my question is “where is your website getting it’s traffic from?”

  23. says

    Already working on my niche blog and following your guide. Quite happy to see the results. Started getting traffic with just 11post on my blog. Now going to buy domain name, hosting.on your footsteps.
    Thanks a lot for your such useful post. Stay blessed.

  24. says

    Hey Harsh, thanks for this article, especially for the keyword research part.
    I too own a few niche sites and am making good money with them using AdSense and Amazon. Micro Niche Sites are currently the best way to earn money on almost autopilot.

    @Amit Kumar
    No it’s not compulsory. We generally choose niche which is more popular in U.S. or U.K. because AdSense CPC for those countries are generally high.

    • Nickk says

      Hi Mohan! Just visited your blog and came to know about “porestrps” , nice product. :)
      I have one question, I am running a blog based on windows phone ( don’t know if its a Micro niche or not ). I don’t about the future of my blog whether it’s going to work or not , though the blog is 1 month old with 15 posts and the majority of visitors I am getting are from US and India.
      Please suggest me if I should go for domain name and hosting plans or not. ? and if you say YES then what time would be right for me to apply for google adsense.?
      NOTE : My query is for all so any help would be appreciated.

  25. Hunain Ahmed says

    I Was very much inspired by this post. And 3 weeks back i took the initiative of creating my own micro niche site having this post of ShoutMeLoud as my instructor. Registered a Domain YesCydia , chose my niche(Cydia & Jailbreak) and started writing 1 to 2 blog posts daily.Didn’t build any backlinks just the social media and reddit , Installed all the plugins that you Described in the Blog . Used Semrush (didn’t help at all) .
    I am glad to say that in about 3 weeks of constant blog writing and average SEO of blogposts i am getting about 200+ Pageviews daily and 100+ UV’s Daily. Adsense is just been integrated, currently not earning much (about 0.3$+ daily) and this encourages me to go on.
    I want to thankyou shoutmeloud for this great post. Without this post i would not have succeeded in my microniche so early.
    Thankyou Harsh Agarwal
    From Hunain Ahmed (Hoping to be the top Pakistanii Blogger amongst ALL entrapreneurs)

  26. Deepak patel says

    Hi Harsh, I am big fan of your and you inspire me to start blogging and making money online. Like all previous articles this is also awesome. But if I am not wrong this article is quite old, I guess. BTW Great info produce in this article about Niche blog, But making only 175 is not enough.

      • Bharat Bhushan says

        Dear Harsh,
        Neat and tight article about the quick micro-nich website.
        When your E-Book will be launched on the same?

        Thanks for motivation.

  27. says

    Hey Harsh, brilliant article for niche bloggers like us. Some people say that the content is the king, and some say that the promotion. Can you please can suggest, where to put much effort on? Thanks for sharing anyway. :)

  28. says

    Meeh!!, Harsh I must say you got me thinking here. You must have really committed a lot of time and hard work to get that kind of traffic under a few months. AM not really surprised about your earnings cos traffics=$

  29. says

    Writing a Micro Blog Niche certainly shows many advantages. Is it true that google approves Micro Niche websites adsense account in less time as compared to any other broad niche websites? Also, if we choose any micro niche websites, one might not be able to post that frequently or daily as producing new topics that frequently is sometimes not possible. So if one does not update blog on daily basis, will it hamper the blog traffic?

  30. says

    I would like to ask a few things

    1) Isn’t there any legal risk in getting a domain name that has a brand keyword in it?

    2) If ever you build any backlink (not in this case), then what is your best backlinking method? Is it PBN, guest post or any other?

    • says

      1) I think you can run into some trouble if you use the exact brand name. A brand name is “trademarked”. You cannot use it for other purpose. But companies do not usually create a fuss unless you are affecting their business.

      2) For long term perspective, natural link building is best (check Brian Dean’s blog – he has some great ideas). Guest posts work well from my experience. PBNs also work as long as you don’t get caught. If you have 10 blogs on same host and IP, linking to each other, then its risky)

  31. says

    Kudos to you Harsh! Micro niche blog is an excellent idea, I wonder if it came to you like Issac Newton while enjoying the shade of an apple tree or you got it from some where else. This comes closest to ‘sitting on the arm chair and earning’. Who wouldn’t love it?

    • says

      Don’t worry about site Slowness if you are using a good hosting company and plugins from known developers. All the plugins which I listed above are verified and tested.

  32. Gaurav Dutt says

    Micro Niche is a great way to make money not just that with micro niche sites with can learn more of blogging, to be honest the reason i like that micro niche sites helps one to use his knowledge to the fullest instead of rewriting crap from other place.

  33. says

    Hey Harsh,
    I’ve also started similar project, but the niche I chose is totally out of my experience so I’m finding it very hard to generate content on it. I should have considered the topic of interest but now my progress on same path is going very low. However, I haven’t given up on it yet, glad to see that it worked for you. Now I’ve enough motivation to move forward with my project. Thanks for sharing your precious blueprint.

  34. says

    yeah micro niche sites are does not need much efforts to earn money easily. Most of us try to start work with multi niche which results in failure of the blog coz its not focusing the particular keywords..

  35. Kunal says

    Hey Harsh, Does content curation hits the SEO. As it says it puts the content on the blog. I was planing to go your way building a Niche site. Can you sugget about the content curation.

    • says

      It is not necessary to find niche ( or keywords from US or UK ) I guess. But at the end of the day , CPC is higher for US and UK, and believe me, potential buyers are mostly from US and UK if you are running any affiliate stuff.

  36. says

    Great article,i have some blogs but there is no income .I hope i will earn but i have tried many more times to create AdSense but they didn’t accept it.why it’s happened ?and how many visitors per day have to come for making money ? please advice me .

    Thanks for sharing nice informative article .

    • Jon Page Acabo says

      Hi Michael,

      Earning in blogging doesn’t come as easy as Sta. Claus. It takes more time to build your online reputation and make thousand visits in your blog. Blog traffic is one factor that make your blog earn. The articles in this site is very well-versed and it explains a lot on blog monetization.

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