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    How I Built A Micro-Niche Site And Earning $174/Month From AdSense

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    Internet is full of opportunities to make money online, and blogging is one of the smartest and rewarding way, to earn money. One big mis-conception about blogging is, you need to work day and night to make money. It’s true when you want to create a name along with money, but if your goal is just to earn money, there are many shortcuts out there. For an example, a micro-niche blog. This is  a real-life example of one such blog I created and it is making $174 from AdSense/month for me, and $100 on an average from Affiliate marketing with few hours of work.

    Niche blog ideas How I Built A Micro Niche Site And Earning $174/Month From AdSense

    This is a blueprint of creating such micro-niche blog, and you can use it for any topic/niche you like. In my case, I didn’t use any content agency, so I picked up a niche which I enjoy reading and writing about. So, instead of sharing a general post, I’m sharing the actual steps I followed to create one such blog, and after 40-50 hours of total work, this blog has made over $2000 for me in last one year.

    Why to start a micro-niche Blog?

    First of all after so many algorithmic changes from Google, a niche website ranks higher in search engine. If you create a high-quality website on any specific topic, your chances of ranking higher is stronger than any existing authority website out there. Also you don’t have to work day and night to work on that blog, as once created and automated the content posting, you are almost free. All you need to wait and see money-getting deposited into your account.

    This is the blueprint of detailed eBook that I’m working on (Will be on sale next month), which will help you to create a micro-niche blog for profit. Do remember, this is exact method I followed for my blog, and this is the same blog which I used for my Mohali blogging presentation.

    The Complete BluePrint to Build a Niche Website which makes money:

    niche site example How I Built A Micro Niche Site And Earning $174/Month From AdSense

    Select Niche and domain:

    The most important thing which you need to do is find a niche that you are most comfortable with. Make sure to think of commercial and popularity aspect of it.  Since our target is to make money from it using AdSense, you should pick a topic which is popular in countries like U.S. and U.K.  In my case, I picked a topic call “Cydia” which is a jailbroken tool for iOS device, and very popular among iPhone users. I picked this topic, as I was very comfortable with it and expiration time of this topic was quite high, and it has good searched in Google. For quick research, I used LongTailPro tool.

    For domain, I settled with Cydiaguide.com

    Keyword research and content planning:

    For content planning, I was clear about few things:

    • Pick those topics which will last for long.
    • Make this micro-niche site like a wikipedia for the topic.
    • Pick the keywords which are driving traffic or CPC.

    So instead of being particular about picking only high AdSense CPC keywords, I created a mindmap of content. Which was more like a FAQ of that topic. For example:

    • What is [topic]
    • How to use/install [Topic]
    • Advantages and disadvantages of using [topic]
    • Important Facts about [topic]

    These were some of the basic ideas which I started before getting into detailed Keyword-research, and later I used SEMRUSH to find more keywords. I picked few existing blogs which are driving traffic related to my target topic, and used SEMRUSH to find all those Keywords. Also, competitor in organic search feature of SEMRUSH, gave me more options for similar websites, and thus more keywords. You can use this link to try SEMRUSH completely free for 15 days, which is valued at $160.

    Keyword research and content planning How I Built A Micro Niche Site And Earning $174/Month From AdSense

    This way by the end I had at least 20+ topic ideas for micro-niche website. Next few hours I spent writing 4-5 blog post, and one post daily for next couple of days. This way my content part was done, and I had 15 high-quality evergreen (2-3 year expiration) content.

    Settings up the Micro-niche blog:

    Now, rest part was very easy, as if you know how to create a blog on WordPress, you don’t have to worry about much. Your content will do the rest of the magic. Here is exact tools I used to create and setup my blog. This checklist includes plugin, theme and other important details which you need to create your own micro-niche blog.

    1. WordPress SEO by Yoast for site SEO.
    2. EasyWPSEO for Keyword optimization. (Learn how to use EasyWPSEO plugin)
    3. Adrotate for rotating my affiliate ads.
    4. Akismet for preventing comment spam.
    5. Auto post thumbnail for automatic generation of featured image.
    6. Digg digg for Social bookmarking icons
    7. Google XML sitemaps for creating sitemap.
    8. Insights for helping me in inter-linking while writing post.
    9. Jetpack by WordPress for multiple purposes including stats in Dashboard.
    10. ManageWP plugin to control blog from ManageWP dashboard.
    11. No Self pings to stop self pinging
    12. nRelate related content for related posts with thumbnail..
    13. PushPress for faster indexing.
    14. SEO friendly images for image level SEO.
    15. Subscribe to comments plugin.
    16. WP Smush.it for image compression.
    17. WP Super cache for Caching.
    18. Wptouch for mobile friendly WordPress blog.

    Additional steps which I followed:

    1. Made my blog on site SEO perfect.
    2. Took extreme care of content quality and Keyword score.
    3. Made few videos on Youtube and linked to my blog from description.
    4. Submitted sitemap to major search engine.
    5. Submitted my blog to top 100 sites using IMT submitter.
    6. Created a logo using free online logo maker.

    The whole idea with this blog was to work less, and make it ready for earning. So I didn’t invested much time on branding, as goal was to great search engine traffic, solve the purpose and make money from the niche blog. Here is the traffic report of this blog from starting:

    Niche blog traffic report How I Built A Micro Niche Site And Earning $174/Month From AdSense

    Do remember, this blog have only 18 blog posts and it’s not updated from month. At this stage, I have to start preparing few more content to again push the traffic up.

    Few things which I should have done :

    Created separate Social-media page: Social media profiles are helpful in many ways, but in this case I skipped doing it, as I had few technology blog, and I integrated their social-media pages with this micro-niche site. Reason being, I didn’t wanted to create a new social media property. But, it’s always good to add Social media profile and use social-media automation.

    I use tools like Bufferapp and hootsuite to share content from this blog on Google plus, Facebook pages.

    No back link building and no promotion:

    I have not built even a single backlink, and no promotion apart from bit of social-media promotion. All traffic is organic, and purely due to quality of content. I have worked most on On site and on Page SEO.


    For initial couple of months I used only AdSense, and later added one affiliate product related to iPhone niche, which generated extra income of $100/month on an average.

    Over all if you consider all the aspects in nutshell:

    With $60 investment, and 40 hours of work I have made over $2000 till now, and blog is still making money. More over, I don’t need to spend time on backlinks and other promotional stuff which takes time. The whole idea is to set few more niche blog like this, and create different sources for online income. An eBook explaining step by step guide will be on sale from next month, for now this micro-niche blueprint is good enough for any experience blogger to start a money making site with few hours of work.

    If you have any question or more tips to add here, I would love to hear from you. If you find this blueprint useful, consider sharing it on Google plus and Facebook.

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    Mihir Naik

    Thanks for sharing this.

    I have collected 7-8 niche site ideas (keywords) but I am not enough motivated to work upon :D

    This was a kind of inspiration.

    Thanks harsh. Keep rocking.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks for stopping by and for your meaningful comment. :)


    Karshim Kanwar

    Gone the time when you had success with small niche blogs. You need to now treat your new niche sites as your daily updated blog.


    Harsh Agrawal

    I agree..It’s one time work….few regular updates and you can leave the blog as automatic money making machine..


    Ankit Bansal

    This article was extremely helpful. With proper SEO , Micro Niche Site can bloom. I started on about the Football World Cup next year , keeping in mind the global search that is gonna increase in coming months. Actually such sites can be really fruitful in terms of money .



    Nice Tutorial, Still i not getting connected with concept. if you have putted Adsense screen shot for understanding the CPC and CTR that would be more helpful to understand the result. Looking forward for update!

    Thank you!


    Kris phils

    I just bookmarked this page for future reference, because the blog post is super info packed.
    Its a clear proof that Google still allows well built micro niche site even after the emd update.
    Thanks for sharing


    Nadiar AS

    Hello Harsh, great guide!

    Why you didn’t do link building?? how long that site indexed without link building? and why you didn’t using SEOPressor plugin for that? Why EasyWPSEO?


    Harsh Agrawal

    With proper on site SEO, you can get your site indexed in no time…
    You can follow these guides:

    They will help you to optimize your blog.

    I opted for a combo of WordPress SEO by Yoast + EasyWPSEO as I wanted to have a blog with WordPress SEO by yoast, as most of my blogs are using inbuilt SEO. It’s for self use and for writing tutorials. My next blog is going to use SEOPressor plugin.


    Sugam Kumar

    Hello Harsh,
    This is useful article for those who wants to work on Niche Blog. After this post surely, I will start work on niche blogs and try to earn few bugs from it.



    Hey Harsh, thank you so much for sharing this helpful information.
    take care,



    Great and smart work harsh….
    This days making money is getting easier.
    yet, i havent experimented with micro niche sites.
    Will try to build one after reading your upcoming guide…. Waiting for your guide…


    rohit chugh

    very good tips. your blueprint is very good. which will work for newbies as well as prob bloggers some how. keep it up.


    Yashraj Kakkad

    Very true……

    The main advantage of building such website is good search engine rank, which in turn is beneficial for the site.

    Great post!


    Jotpreet Singh

    Nice thoughts. But what about making larger niche sites ? Aren’t they better too ?



    Awesome post.It help to me for earning from google adsense.Thanks@Harsh Agrawal



    Very nice,
    the above screenshot of WP Stats shows that the website was set up in April 2012. So it took 10 Months for the site to start getting the traffic?

    Not bad for a website with just 18 posts. Great case study.



    hello admin, that was a great experience and sharing. Like your experience, my experience of micro niche site is working too. It’s not difficult to rank higher because keywords were chosen carefully and long tail keyword is easy on google because low competition. I hope I can get success like yours too. I started a few of micro niche sites too but on my native language, even cpc is not high but I’m comfortable to work about them. Great share, hope I can read your ebook too ;)



    Thanks for this sharing. It’s very useful. Niche or micro niche blog is very good way to earn money from internet. I also have niche blog like that.
    I’m waiting for your incoming step by step e-book that explores for your hard work for micro niche.


    Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    Hi Harsh,
    This was an absolutely brilliant article.
    I guess most of us bloggers are unable to do well with niche sites because we want hundreds of $$$ everyday. Now, your strategy was simple and you didnt look for overnight riches.
    Infact, I can see ur sense of pride at having made $174 first month. That should be the way to go.



    I don’t know about micro niche sites, but I have copied the list of plugins that you mentioned. thanks for the tips


    Nizam Khan

    Great stuff! Well, you have earned a good amount of money with investing a little amount, but for that one needs to implement a proper balance between hard+smart work as you mentioned. This post gives a real motivation to start working on a micro niche site to earn online income. Thanks Harsh and tweeted :)



    Hi Harsh,
    I am a regular reader of SML. In this post you have specified about IMT submitter. Is using this tool google friendly.



    This post is really helped me to know the crucial blogging skills. As I’m newbie blogger surely I will follow all the steps. The pugins you have mentioned are really helpful, instead of finding them in google search.



    How about an easy way to do this? Invest some capital and ask some techie guy like harsh to do the job for you? I would like to invest if there is. :)


    Harsh Agrawal

    Surprisingly I do WordPres SEtup…This includes all the important config related to WordPress on site SEO. You can learn all about it here: http://www.shoutmeloud.com/free-wordpress-installation-service



    If my article is based on Android rooting ,jailbreaking and unlocking, can i get Adsence approval


    Nishant Srivastava

    Hi harsh!

    I am trying to build a website with amazon affiliate but I am confused in many parts like product selections, I think there are too many products by which we can make money but problem is we don’t know them, after the death of keyword tool I think LongTailPro is must for every blogger!
    I think its impossible to find good keywords and niche for blogs without Long Tail pro.


    Nancy Badillo

    Great informative article! I have about 6 micro niche websites and I am also doing quite well with them. In this post, I learn about a couple of new tools I have not used before. Thanks for sharing the list of great tools and your insights. I agree that having a micro niche is a great way to make money online. Great blueprint for building a micro niche. The best part is how easy is to read everything.


    Mary Johnson

    well said, I think while build a good microniche user have to keep in mind that, Evergreen niches can give you much money than any topic but apart from that most people does’t focus on these stuff. Microniches like,
    Make money online
    weight loss
    Dog care ,
    are the best in my opinion and i also have a great experience with these topic.


    Kate Simson

    thats very good way to start earning and with a micro niche Website. How many months Does it take to start earning???


    Harsh Agrawal

    It took a little longer period…I setup blog long way back, but started working after 5 months …Initially it has 2 posts only, and later on I added 10+ posts and it started getting good traffic.. After making the blog live with 10+ posts (2 months), it started making decent money for me… 3-4$/day from AdSense..


    Mind The News

    This is really very interesting and inspiring. What more attracted me that the effort required for backlinking etc. was almost nil. So that also saved lots of hassles. But then again it is only because of the niche of the site. Thanx



    Wow, this is just great. Inspired me to do a whole new thing with my career. Now all I have to do is find some niche topics to write on. I was also always wondering whether we had to get a new domain or whether we could just start from blogger by Google for our microniche site? Any luck when using blogger?


    Harsh Agrawal

    You can achieve the same with Blogger blog. Though, I’m more comfortable with WordPress, So I always recommend using WordPress instead of BlogSpot.



    You are right, nowadays nice blogs getting ranked higher than high authoritative sites and more than that bounce rate plays a major role since niche sites like you specified here concentrating only on a single topic interlinking all the posts are very much possible.


    Prateek Pandey

    Working on the micro niche site and the success you can get in very short time is what i love about blogging. Expect for your main blog which is also your identity, micro niche site are one of the best ways to earn a lot of money…


    Shoaib Siddiqui

    How smart! no wonder they call you the “blog-institute”. I am surprised and grateful to you Harsh that you share all of your success-mantras with your readers and newbies like me. I have seen many “top-notch” Indian bloggers who simply do not disclose their secrets of success even on asking. I am working on a similar micro-niche project and you clarified everything in this single post. I have printed the whole post (lets you delete it later for selling the ebook ;) . Any way thank you a lot…



    Nice idea and share…..Inspiring one also.. The research part got the maximum importance. Choosing a wrong niche can lead to loss of time and effort.


    Abhijit Mahida

    It was indeed a great post harsh.And all those plugins were of great help.Thanks agains



    cool! i already working on Micro-niches! got 2 ones and finally they are making some money. 2-3/day each one. thanks bro!


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