AlgoSleuth : Find Which Google Panda Update Affected your Website

Google panda is now integrated into search engine algorithm, and there will be no official update for upcoming Panda updates. So far, there has been total 40 Panda updates, along with various Penguin updates, EMD updates and few more updates.

If your site organic traffic went down in last past two years, your first step is to find out which algorithm update affected your website, and once you have figured out which algorithm update affected your website, you can take actions to recover from the penalty. Earlier, I have talked about Penguintool, which is an online tool to find which Panda or Penguin update affected your site, and based on the same tool, good folks from Delegator have come up with a new free SEO tool call AlgoSleuth.

What is AlgoSleuth and how to use it?

AlgoSleuth uses the Google analytics API to fetch traffic details from your account, and matches with known Panda & penguin updates to let you know the traffic changes on your website. If you see a green light in traffic chance report, it means that update improved your traffic, and a red color means, your website is impacted by particular Google algorithm update.  I will talk about that later in this article, but first let me guide you on using AlGoSleuth.

This tool is free to use, and you can use it on your Google docs account. Here I will share how to use Algosleuth.

Before you get started, keep in mind:

  • Make sure you are logged into Google analytics account with the same ID, which has admin access
  • Follow this link to open a Google doc file. Click on File > Make a copy to create a copy of it on your Google account. You can name it anything ( Ex. Google Panda penalty checker).
  • Click on Tools > Gallery > Search for GA API and install the script.

Google Analytics API

  • Click on Close, and click on Google Analytics tab on the same doc and click on Find profile and ID’s.
  • It will ask for authorize access to your account, allow that and again click on Google analytics tab > Find profile and ID’s.

Google analytics profile paramteres

  • Copy the ID’s and paste it in the same Google docs file. (See point 6 on the same doc)
  • Now, Click on Google analytics Tab on the same doc and click on Get data. Once script says  Done, click on AlgoSleuth data tab to see your Website traffic change after and before panda & penguin update.

Website traffic change

This tool calculates the website traffic 30 days prior and after the algo update, to give you an estimate in traffic change. Obviously, you can’t be 100% sure of which algorithm update affected your site, because if two consecutive update  happened in short span (Panda followed by penguin or vice-versa), this 30 day traffic %change is not sufficient to give exact details. A Good idea is to have a look at AlgoSleuth graph tab too, to see the graph of traffic drop or traffic grow after an update. It’s good to have another free tool to check our website for Panda and penguin penalty, and it’s worth a try. Once you have figured out which algorithm update affected your website, here are few guides to get out of it:

Go ahead, try this tool and do share your observations. If you find this tool useful, do share this article on Google plus and Facebook.

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COMMENTs ( 9 )

  1. lemonthirst says

    Ok, i’ve tested the tool provided, but i still have one question…
    It for some updates i have an increase of 2400% could that be possible?
    And for some of them just a plain old #DIV (my domain isn’t guite old)

  2. Chetan says

    Hi Harsh Most of time my blog affected for English queries, What should I do for it and How recover from this?

  3. Bharat Rawat says

    If i have many website in a same Analytic account and when I checked it its showing for all website in a same sheet. How to get this for a every website in my account ?

  4. says

    Wow what a tool, it seems now everything from Google updates can be point out and issues can be addressed.

    Thank you very much for the helpful tutorial.

  5. Aditya Nath Jha says

    Well, it’s a very nice method to find out whether you have been penalized or not! But I have a doubt, what if even before and after the update no change occurs on my site. I am just tired of everyone saying that you would either go up or down. But my traffic remains constant = at low ( around 200 Unique visitors per day) . What can I hope to learn from this tool ?

  6. Asif says

    One of my websites got affected but thankfully it’s traffic is back now. Will try this tool to see what exactly helped me get it back.