5 Habits That Will Destroy Your Blogging Career

You want to be successful, everyone does. But what is holding you back? Is there something that successful people doing and you aren’t. Do they have something that you don’t.

5 Habits that will destroy your blogging career

5 Habits that will destroy your blogging career

Maybe the answer is NO, but you may be possessing the following 5 Habits that can hinder your growth as a successful blogger.

Information Overloading

Most of the people are victims of this bad habit. By information overloading, what I mean is that people read, read and read. They gain so much knowledge that it becomes practically impossible to implement all that you have learned and thus all the information that you gained becomes of no use. This not only leads to loss of money but you lose time which you could have invested and turned your efforts into profits.

Failure phobia

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. -Albert Einstein

I really like this quote made byAlbert Einstein and it really inspires me. The same holds true for blogging. If you want to succeed, you have to try new things. Nobody is ever going to tell you their secret to success, you have to create your own and this can be done only by investing your time experimenting with new things and ideas.

No self-confidence

Self-confidence is something that provokes you to try new things and implement new ideas. Well, I was highly inspired by the movie ” Kung-fu Panda” and learned that the power lies withing you. You must have faith in your capabilities and choose approachable goals. If you feel that your idea is just another crazy thing that the whole world has already thought of but failed, then you must strive to find the reason behind their failure and think out a way to convert it into a pure success.

I’m an expert

Well, this is another habit that arises from Information Overloading. When people gain a lot of knowledge they start to consider themselves as experts in that field even if they have never practically tried what they learned.

If you belong to this group of “experts”, then I would suggest you to introspect and get a clear picture of what you really know and how much value do you hold.

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You just don’t take criticism seriously

Well you do what you want, right ? Who are others to criticize you, right ? Well, NO you should take and accept criticism in a positive manner. Criticism should inspire you to do better and not dishearten you.

I have faced criticism a lot of time, even when I think I did the best anyone could do. But that’s OK with, I took every comment as an inspiration to do better and a hope to get a positive note from the criticizer.

So, I think that you would be under realization till this moment. But you don’t need to get disheartened if you do possess any of these bad habits. All you need to do is introspect and try to get rid of them asap.

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Karan is the Editor-in-Chief and Owner of Techfudge.net A fun loving guy Aspiring to become a graphic designer and striving to become the coolest geek.


COMMENTs ( 23 )

  1. Shariq says

    You have mentioned effective reasons.
    We must be serious if we run a pro blog but we should not loss confidence but also should not be over confident.
    Besides we don’t think about applying money gaining shortcuts.

    • Karan says

      Well, we can’t help it.
      If we have the money and situations are right then we should never go for blackhat, but still we never know.

  2. Vuong says

    I think you should change the title to “5 bad habits”… However I think lacking of self-confident is not kind of habit. BTW, thanks for your article.

    • Karan says

      Since they are going to destroy your career, how can they be good ?!
      Well, anyways will keep that suggestion in mind for future.

  3. Mahendra says

    Yeah Karan Info overloading is my bad habit after reading your article I got an idea not to do that

  4. Natalie says

    Good thoughts. I think number three is the top reason for failure. People are scared of doing something wrong or looking stupid. But hey this is the internet, everyone can bounce back and nine times out of ten, people are only looking to catch the big companies out on mis-information.

    • Karan says

      Well, I really like that term. What it refers to is, that you keep reading books, listening and reading tutorials, watching videos but you never implement it.
      What this implies is that you gain a lot of knowledge but you never practically make use of that knowledge and all your efforts are gone in vain.

  5. Blogging Tips says

    Nice article Karan, Failure Phobia and no-self confidence are two important reasons that can destroy anyone blogging career but I believe not posting frequently or not having a plan will destroy blogging career because if you don’t post frequently you will loose readers.

    If your blog do not have readers you don’t feel motivated and will soon destroy your career.


    • Karan says

      See Kai, the thing is you should decide your blogs posting frequency and not your traffic.
      If you maintain quality without considering frequency, I can assure you that even if you get low traffic the quality of traffic will be the best that can be.

  6. Archana says

    I truly liked this article , basicallly ” Failiure phobia & I am an expert ” points mentioned in this …. I have not watched “Kung-fu Panda ” yet but after going through this blog , I will …. :)

  7. Vivek Parmar says

    Blogs are meant for sharing knowledge, even though your are expert in your niche never think about it, a new comment or a new thing will teach you new things and your expert level comes to zero.
    So always work on the principle learn and share don’t try to become a master even though you know something

  8. sureshpeters says

    yea i agree…because , we should not feel we are experts..as the life goes on the learning part never ends..more knowledge to digg always :) Be like student :)

  9. Pankaj Gupta says

    Yeah, New bloggers must try new things with their blogs in beginning. They will learn a lots with loosing much. Good Post.