5 Ways to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog

From beginners to professional bloggers all want to make money blogging, but attracting advertisers to your blog is a bit tough task. Even if you have good domain authority or huge traffic then also it becomes a challenge to make advertisers bid for your blog.

Especially when there are thousands of sites in any niche, and advertisers can use a network like Google AdWords, BuySellads to find many websites where they can advertise in a cost-effective way.

Though, out of all if you realize, advertisers run behind blogs who have a good subscriber base, great social media following, have authority, and established as a brand.

If you have all these, congratulations!, you are going to get a blog advertiser really soon.

Here I’m sharing a few tips which will surely help you to attract advertisers to your blog.

1. Banner :

It is very important that you must have an “Advertise with us ’’ banner on your blog. You can place these banners either on the sidebar or top bar. Decide advertisement rates for all the banners depending on Impression, demographic. You can ask for more revenue for advertisement above the fold and less for advertisement below the fold.

A good idea is to display an ad saying “your ad here”, and link it to your advertisement page. If you want to automate this, you can use a banner ad WordPress plugin.

2. Advertise Page:

There must be a page on your blog which gives all information about:

  • About blog niche
  • Updated status of your blog like domain authority, Age, Traffic
  • Rates of Advertisement space
  • Payment mode

Include a contact page so that interested advertisers can easily get in touch with you with one click. You can see an example advertisement page here at Shoutmeloud advertisement page.

Attract Blog advertisers
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3. Specific Niche:

Advertisers always try to attach to the blog of a specific niche, this helps them to reach their targeted audience. You must write high-quality articles and update your blog regularly to attract advertisers to your blog. That’s also one major benefit of having a niche blog over a multi-niche blog.

4. Display relevant Ads :

Keeping relevant ads on your blog is the most important point. If you have a tech niche blog, you must display advertisements which are relevant to technology, it might be gadgets or software. It looks bad if you display financial advertisement on a technology blog.

One reason AdSense is very popular among bloggers because it shows relevant ads and that is also important for good CTR.

5. Professional blogs:

Advertisers are always attracted with a professional layout of the blog. Try to choose a professional theme for your blog. Themes of White, blue or gray combination gives a professional look to your blog. Though depending on the niche you can play with colors.

Adding a prominent ad spot also helps a lot to attract advertisers.

To sum it up, getting direct advertisers on your blog is more profitable in terms of revenue. It may seem hard at the beginning, but if you put up all important things in place like your advertisement page, ad slots and attract media buyers on your blog, you are more likely to earn more than what others earn from AdSense or other ads. If you have your experience to share, do let me know via comments.

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A Shouter who love to help the blogging community grow.

26 thoughts on “5 Ways to Attract Advertisers to Your Blog”

  1. Nice tricks ! add one from me !

    Cool Thumbnail in Each posts attract both visitors and advertisers .

  2. sudharsan @ technoskillonline

    Nice article Ruchi..

    Give me some tips to get instant approved in Buy and sell ads…etc., for my blog

    Bcoz my blog has most of the thing that you said here and too i have a good alexa rank of around 70k

    1. As far as I have experienced , Buy Sell ads want good traffic also apart from PR and Alexa rank. What’s your daily traffic?

      1. Thanks u very much Ruchi…

        I had seen that article before…and also implementing those techniques..

        Im expecting for Pagerank Update if i get good rank I think it may boost my Organic traffic…

  3. the importance of advertise page cannot be neglected…..a good page can assure you lot of visitors and moolah

    1. Right Tushar, That’s the vital part for attracting advertisers.
      You can check out ShoutMeLoud’s Advertise page , it’s the best one I ever came across. 🙂

    1. Agree with you Himanshu, as traffic is main key to advertising anyways. As if there is not traffic there will be no advertisements.

  4. Hi Some nice point. My main goal of blogging is to sell ad space on my blog. I have applyed all things on my blog for attract advertiser on my blog.

  5. Shabnam Sultan

    Nice read Ruchi 🙂 . My blog has PR 4 but less traffic so do you think Adverise Here page will do good to my blog? I am working on my traffic.

  6. Another thing that can be done to attract more advertisers to blog is join some ads buying/selling networks like BuySellAds.com

    1. Right Anil. They are worth trying ,bloggers are making good money through Buy Sell ads and such networks.

  7. Advertisers are mostly concerned with the website or the blog’s theme. It’s better to get a professional looking theme which is free or something which costs you.

    In any case as long as the blog is of good niche you should find advertisers.

    1. First impression is your blog theme, you can take chances with it. Specially for Tech niche blogs it is always better to choose a professional theme.

  8. Nice tips.. I think the placement of ads will also play a major role here.. Advertisers will usually prefer to advertise where people actually look…

  9. Very nice. Harsh agrawal reading one post on your blogs attracts readers to read 3,4 more. Thats great. I gona subscribe your blog for receiving new posts. Thank.

  10. Hi,

    I have a question. I started a political blog in 2009 and today I have almost 1.7 million visitors with an average of 2,000 to 8,000 new visitors per day. One day last year I reached 32,000 new visitors. Today I have had 15,844 new visitors and counting so depending on the topics, the numbers fluctuate from high to very high. Last month I got 63,000 new visitors and today I found out my blog was even having problems for having too many people on it at the same time.

    I want to sell advertising on my blog to different companies but I don’t know where to start. Since the topic is politics and it is about politics in South America, I was thinking that any company would love to tap into the Hispanic market knowing that my blog by Dec. last year was read in 161 countries and there are only 198 countries worldwide.

    Any ideas?


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