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4 Ways How Images Enhance your blog

4 Ways How Images Enhance your blog

Most often I get an Email from people asking me why do I use images in all the blog posts. Let it be tutorial, blogging tips and simple review posts. Personally when ever I give a consultancy session to my clients, I always ask them to add an Image because an Image in a post speaks thousand words.

There are few reasons I  use images in my blog posts and I will share them with  you :


An image in a post increase the presentation of the post. Have you checked the homepage of Shoutmeloud ? You will realize thumbnails of all the recent posts. I have notices any post with beautiful image get more click in compare to an average image.

Importance of Images in a blog posts

Blog post Images Importance

Image Search Engine traffic

Images also help you to grab lots of traffic from image search engines. Though you might need to take care of few things like Alt text and description. Initially when I used to add images, I never cared about my image names, earlier it used to be something like screenshot.jpeg, DSC023.Jpeg and so on. From the day I understand the importance of Alt text for images in search engine. I started optimizing the name and Alt text of images.

You can also use SEO friendly image WordPress plugin to optimize your images for search engine.


When ever I use an Image in a post, I keep image size around 500*200/300 , this doesn’t increase the number of words but increase the length of posts. If I’m covering a quick post, adding an image doesn’t make it look short. More over adding an image increases the value of the post.


Remember when we were a kid? How easy it was for us to remember anything by looking its picture. This also goes the same with blog posts. If you write a tutorial post, adding few screenshots will help your reader to understand the tutorial in easy 1-2-3 step. For example check my post on how to Install WordPress on Hostgator. I explained everything with words along with screenshot and made it easy for any newbie to get started with WordPress on Hostgator.

How to find Images for your blog?

Now the question arises how and from where to find images for your blog post. Here are few things which I do to find images for my posts.


I take my own screenshots. I use Snag it screenshot software to take screenshot and also edit my images. This is one such tool which I recommend to all my readers and bloggers. There are many free tools, but again a Professional tool has its own advantage.

Read : Snag it! Professional Image editing and screenshot software


Flickr allow you to find images quickly which are under creative common license. I prefer Flickr over any other sources because Flickr image database is more than any other image database. In most  of my blogging posts, I download image from Flickr and add it into post with proper credits.


Google Image search

Google image search has added new feature which will let you find images under common creative license. Though I always prefer Flickr over this method.


Stock.Xchng is another great place to find free images for your blog. They have a huge database of images which you can use freely on your blog. If you find it hard to search for images, bookmark this website and surf it anytime to find beautiful images for your blog.

There are many more resources to find images for your blog, though the point which I want to convey from this post is, you should always use an Image with your post and don’t forget to Watermark your images.

Do you add images with your blog posts or do you write posts without an image?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1068 articles.

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  • Shailendra

    I want to write something at just below the image with linking url for reference. I have tried with default option in WP but it’s showing with large outer box in caption tag & I don’t want that. Is there plugin? please guide.

  • Herman Nz

    I think images reduces the light of web running, it’s a matter of pagespeed .. but, reading all your articles in related to images, I’d love to follow you but please let me know how to reduce the image size without using software … I’m little bit confused in this case and till now I use PNG extension instead of JPG or GIF since it gives me bad performance :'(

  • Sunil

    Is it a fair use to take screenshots of websites ?? I am expecting a 100% accurate answer :)

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Yes, there is no problem when you take screenshot of a website and use it on your blog post.

      • Herman Nz

        but, most of the images are set in JPG format. It’s better to get gif to reduce it … I finally use gimp instead of photoshop to reduce the size without decreasing the quality of the image

  • shashi kant

    sir also tell me a think
    Which format we should use for images?
    like png, jpg etc…

  • Sudha Balaji

    My blog demands lots of images. All of them are my own. I use images 1.5 MB approx so that the quality is good. Will it affect my blog PageSpeed or any other parameter in the long run

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Since your images are bulky, this will certainly increase the load time of pages, and not very friendly for users or for search engine. You can try your best to improve the load time of pages by using caching and few tips that I have mentioned below:

      Optimize your images for size, before uploading. You can use service like, to compress images without losing quality.
      Use CDN, as it will help in serving the images from nearest possible destination, and it will help in improving speed.

  • Nizam

    Well yes, an image in a post increases the beauty of the post and a post with beautiful image will attract more readers when compare to an average image. Mostly Flickr creative common license and Stock.xchng are the best ways to get free images for posts. Thanks Harsh for this wonderful post :)

  • sudha

    i too have noticed an increase in my traffic since i started using images in my blog post…they do get you traffic

  • Sunny Gupta

    .png extension is best for web use.
    It doesn’t compromises with image quality and gives you transparent background which is very much need for logo etc.

  • vhinzleingod

    I have a question guys..

    I love writing guides and playing games.. now, i have a blog for placing my own guides.
    I took screenshots from this particular game and I do edit them using photoshop then unto my blog posts.

    Question: is it ok? for me to use such screenshots? plus i also use adsense for extra income… please help ^_^ thanks.

  • subcorpus

    i try to add an image to each and every post …
    sometimes i use free images from the web … thank you for the links in this post … will check services out …
    but as photography being a hobby of mine … i try to take my own pics for the blog …
    but sadly … this is not always possible :(

  • Himanshu Chanda

    I guess alone SXC and Flickr are enuf for any blog. But yes there are pais subscriptions like iStockPhoto that can take the blog to next level. One quick tip though is – Mash more than 1 images from SXC or write text on those images I tried it on my blog. The images are more relevant now and have a connect with the readers.

  • Sven Jobs

    Have you checked out It too is a great free image site to help enhance your blogs.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks Sven for your comment and more input. Never tried this since I use Snag it, and Flickr to get images. Will check this website and will see how good it is. :)

  • Tamahome Jenkins

    I like to use multiple pictures whenever I write a really long post. It helps to break it up for the reader while creating some visual interest at the same time. The search engine traffic in my opinion is just a bonus :)

  • Young

    Nice post. I like to capture the screen shot with SnagIt, which is really cool.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Young even I use it and I recommend it most of the time to my readers. Have you ever tried it’s screen video recording feature?

  • Kurt

    Nice points. Specially the Image search traffic one. There is one post on my primary blog, which brought me abt over 80000 unique since I posted it. It’s about a band name Slipknot. At the time I posted that I didn’t even imagine that one photo in that post would bring so much people in the long run.

  • Tushar

    i too have noticed an increase in my traffic since i started using images in my blog post…they do get you traffic

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for your input Tushar. In case if you are not using SEO friendly image plugin, give it a shot it will also boost your image search engine traffic.

  • Tricks tips

    nice trick…

    converting your images to Png or jpeg also improve your loading speed

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for the tip and I believe majority of bloggers are using the .jpg or .png format.

  • NpXp

    I always add nice and thought-provoking pictures to the majority of my posts on my Blog.

    This definitely increases viewership and also ensures that the Blog readers are excited to read what the content is all about.

    I use Google to find copyright free images ;)

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Adding useful and relevant images also helps to increase the interactivity Kamal. Thanks for your comment :)


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