ShoutMeLoud June 2015 Traffic Report

Howdy Shouter,

With 30th June, we finished half year, and we are left with only six months before we can make 2015 a remarkable year of your life.

For ShoutMeLoud & me, these 6 months have been quite productive, and here are few highlights:

Now, the next six months are going to be crucial as blogging is booming, and this is the time for every blogger to be super-active & make their blog reach new heights.

Of course, as a part of our transparent work culture, I will be sharing whatever new stuff I will be doing here at ShoutMeLoud & ShoutDreams network.

For now, this is the time when I share Monthly Income & traffic report.

If you are a new reader, you should read this to learn why I share these reports.

If you are a regular reader, you know that you are going to discover new traffic driving tips, Β new methods of making money, & many unique tips to grow your blog to the next level. So let’s get on with our monthly transparency report, and let’s start with last month traffic.

June 2015 Blog traffic report:

Last month my interview was published on, that you can read here. That story drove a significant amount of traffic over the time, and ShoutMeLoud got 35K page views on a day, which is the maximum for a day so far.

Here are the monthly traffic stats from Google Analytics dashboard:

June 2015 traffic report
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  • PageViews: 675,365
  • Session: 445,257

This month ShoutMeLoud received 80K more page-views than the last month. I have made the design change on the final day of June, so it would be interesting to see, how the new design will affect Avg. session duration, Pages/session & bounce rate in coming days. As you can see, 80% of ShoutMeLoud traffic is organic, and this couldn’t have happened without the rock-solid SEO plan & high-quality content.

traffic sources
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You can learn about ShoutMeLoud WordPress SEO Services here. For now, let’s have a quick look at our Android app traffic report.

Android app traffic report:

As stated in my last month report, I have enabled Push notification for new posts, and you can see a huge improvement in the traffic report of Android users.

Android app june 2015 report
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In the May report, screen views were about 15K & in the month of June, it was 32,840, which is an improvement of more than 118%.

Do remember, this affiliate program includes a combination of a various affiliate program, and you can see a profitable list of affiliate programs here. You can buy ShoutMeLoud Affiliate marketing eBook via PayPal or buy from Instamojo (For Indians).

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For the next two months, I’m not focusing on revenue & my focus is to make the ShoutMeLoud UI + UX better. Moreover, I would be focusing more on ShoutMeHindi, as I’m overwhelmed with the response.

A message to Shouters: ShoutMeLoud 2.0

To the regular readers,Β 

A design change is a big thing, and it took me three years to make this major change. In my announcement post, I will share why I moved from Blue to red color, and what all new changes we have made in ShoutMeLoud 2.0

This is a strategical move, and the idea is to give a better experience to you. You might feel lost at the beginning because a lot of things has changed, but one thing that remains the same is high-quality content. You may need to spend another 10-15 minutes to get used to the new interface, and of course, I will be sharing a post in the coming days.

Right now we are in the process of making all those tiny changes that are being suggested by readers. If you want to share your feedback & have suggestions, you can post it on this thread at ShoutMeLoud forum. If you have new ideas, you can mail me directly at [email protected]

Note: ShoutMeLoud iOS app user have one thing to rejoice & that is, the new version will be comment enabled. πŸ™‚

With that, I would like to ask your views & opinion on design in the comment section below. Do let me know how was your June earning & traffic report?

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A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

127 thoughts on “ShoutMeLoud June 2015 Traffic Report”

  1. anjani

    It awesome income, I never expect that anyone can make such a handsome amount through blogging. It is income for you but for me it inspires to do more hard work in right direction.

  2. Mary Ann Garson

    thank you so much for sharing your traffic and earning report to the whole world. I am new to the blogosphere and really I have no idea that there’s someone who could potentially earn that much amount of money.

    Not because I don’t believe in someone’s ability, but because I am still in the process of learning the ins/outs of the blogosphere.

    I believe you’ll be forever successful until you choose and decide to, what I am totally grateful is the knowledge that I have learned from people who been there before me, just like YOU.

    We are just right here watching you succeed and so as feel happy the same because we are just normal human being who wants to be successful too.

    Gratitude to you.

  3. Abhijit Krishn

    Love to read the blogging journey and the rewards along with it. And yeah i won’t hesitate in saying that i should agree that your blog content is kinda genuine and very attractive way of representing and articulating content in such a way that it make readers to read more and more of shoutmeloud.At last congrats for a successful blogging journey harsh.Wish me luck that i should not leave my blogging passion.

  4. Sanjay

    Hi Harsh,
    Awesome & Unbelievable!! These kind of BIG Income from pure blogging is unheard of and kinda bowled me over.Your grit story of last 8 years, 2191 days of blogging need to be circulated to masses to make them aware of your determination to pull in so long,and the rewards that follow.This would surely inspire thousands of young Indians to take up blogging as a serious business practice,aside starting up a startup.
    I am new to your website and would be exploring it to understand more about your venture.
    All the very best for a bumper rise in readers & income.

  5. Kshitiz

    Hey brooo i am really inspired by your post. can you tell me how many people are there in your team and what is their role in keeping your services running?? waiting for your reply!!!!!

  6. Pavan

    Hey Harsh. This is quite impressive earnings from you. Are you working full time on this ? I am getting into blogging and affiliates . What should i take care regarding the taxes in India ?

  7. Varun Chaudhary

    a great story bro… 16k within a month thats fabulous. Even i am thinking to start a wordpress blog and follow your blog for starting up

  8. Shrilatha prabhudev

    Harsh it’s a very inspiring report, I just tumbled upon ur site, while I was searching for online help to improve my blog and also want to monetise my blog. I’ve just started a food recipe blog on I’m looking forward to improve my blog in terms of traffic, and earn a decent amount.

  9. Ramesh

    Hi Harsh, Very inspiring income report. I am following you since last 2 months. I have started a blog, It is under construction. Followed all information provided on ur free ebook guide.

    Thank you for sharing.

  10. Akshata

    Hello harsh,
    I want to start my new blog on India 2020, which is dream vision of APJ sir. how can i start my best, how i need to promote my blog, please help me. waiting for your reply.

  11. Jeramey Lende

    Hi Harsh,

    It is motivating to see how much profits you are taking in! Teach me your ways! πŸ™‚

  12. Rakesh

    The most transparent blog I’ve ever seen…Awsome…!!!

  13. Vivek

    Hi Harsh,

    I have question here in your report. In your earning report you have mentioned earning from multiple affiliate programs like Elegant/Dreamshost/Hostgator/ Semrush…

    But apart from that you also have section called Affiliate Marketing. How this Affiliate Marketing is different from other affiliate programs mentioned above?
    I am a bit confused here.


    1. Harsh Agrawal

      For few programs like Dreamhost, Hostgator, Elegant I have counted them individually..And for rest of other programs I have added them under affiliate earning.

  14. Shibli

    Hey harsh, its really nice to find your blog. I am a regular follower of pat flyn’s smartpassiveincome. he publishes his income report just like you. Now i know even an indian has such a site and is earning decent via online. Feeling inspired. Thanks

  15. Valli

    Very Inspiring Harsh! And the new design is awesome πŸ™‚

  16. Kanchan

    A really decent income and a blog with such transparency. This is my first time in your blog and now I feel like I need to keep visiting your blog. I am motivated and inspired by your earning reports. Thanks for sharing it with public.. Cheers..

  17. Robinsh

    I think your traffic and income report would be the best resource for any wanna be blogger from India to stay tuned with the recent updates and keep going even without getting a penny in his/her bank accounts.

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