How Effective is Social Bookmarking For Blogs?

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Social Bookmarking sites provide a flexible way for your readers to bookmark your articles and organize them.

I’ve seen everyone mentions about social bookmarking in post-panda link building.

So how effective is Social Bookmarking actually, to your blog?

There are many sites which users use to bookmark the best of content from webs like Flipboard, Pocket,  Reddit and many others.

These sites are not only useful for users but for site owners, such bookmarking sites are very effective.

Though there are pros and cons of social bookmarking for example, traffic from Reddit increases your bounce rate and from link building perspective, it opens up a lot of opportunity.

Benefits of social Bookmarking

Many Bloggers (newbie and pro-bloggers), believe in writing great content but by making their content they will leverage the power of Social sites and this will not only drive traffic but there are many other advantages and benefits of Social bookmarking. I’m listing down some of the advantages below and if you believe I missed out something, do let me know via comments.

Traffic From Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is often considered as a  good source of traffic. During my budding days as blogger, I’ve managed to make it to front-page of few Bookmarking sites like Reddit and Pinterest.

I was pretty impressed to evidence a surge in my blog traffic in just 2-3 days of the launch.

After deep analysis, I found that this traffic has very low conversion rate. I had less CTR even with the thousands of unique visitors flowing in from those bookmarking sites.

There was an increase in my blog’s bounce rate enormously.

But it’s just one side of a coin, I’ve also the leading Social Bookmarking sites Digg and Reddit.

Getting featured on Front-Page in these sites isn’t a child play. However, I’ve managed to make it and eventually there was a considerable amount of traffic flow. I was pretty amazed by seeing my subscribers list grow and good reader interactivity on my blog through comments.

Branding and Subscriptions

Social Bookmarking fetches you targeted traffic. I helps you build authority and brand your blog. If they find your content helpful, they will eventually subscribe to your blog.

More Subscribers = More Returning Traffic and Reputation.

Never aim for untargeted traffic using irrelevant Titles and Description, it doesn’t benefit you much.

Effect on SEO

Social Bookmarking is a safe and effective method to build relevant one-way links. A majority of the Bookmarking sites consist of High domain authority and Allow Do Follow link attribute to your article summary links. Social Bookmarking has a positive impact on Index Rate and authority of domain.

Generally, most of the good and popular Bookmarking sites consist of a high Pagerank which passes quality link juice, eventually helping your blog out to improve in PageRank and SERPS.

Especially in 2018, when being social really matters for search engine ranking, I highly recommend you to not ignore the importance of using social bookmarking sites.


Social Bookmarking is a great way to market your blog presence and drive consistent traffic by increasing your subscription list and visitor activity on your blog. Follow the ‘Content is King’ sutra to convert visitors into returning traffic.

After All, It doesn’t hurt to place bookmarking icons at the bottom of your posts and spending a few minutes bookmarking each time you publish.

Tips for Effective Social Bookmarking

With WordPress, it’s quite easy to bring the power of Social on your blog with plugins. There are many Social bookmarking plugins like Social Warfare, which will instantly help you to add bookmark buttons on your blog posts and users can quickly share it. Apart from adding buttons, here are some tips to make most out of your social bookmarking campaign:

  • Never use Automatic Tools and blast hundreds of Social Bookmarking sites.
  • Use variations in Title, Description and Anchor text for Penguin Safety
  • Focus on the Content primarily. Quality of your content determines your subscription rate and chances of getting into front page of high traffic bookmarking sites like Reddit, Flipboard or Pocket.
  • This is where most of the bloggers face misconception. When you are asked to choose categories of your article link, only choose relevant ones. Spamming categories/tags doesn’t relate to traffic you receive in any way and it might push your links down to the bottom
  • Use interesting titles to get higher CTR.

I also recommend you to join niche based bookmarking sites, which will make sure your bounce rate and avg. time on site will get better. Also, if any of your post is getting good referral traffic from social bookmarking sites, make sure to add more related and internal links to direct users to other related content on your blog.

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How many of you feel that Social bookmarking is effective and important for any blog growth? Which all sites you recommend for bookmarking a content for SEO advantages?

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12 thoughts on “How Effective is Social Bookmarking For Blogs?”

  1. Pawan

    Thanks for your awesome tips. I have just started my new blog and it seems that your blog will be my daily destination for new blogging ideas. Social bookmarking is very effective in this for fast indexing and ranking,

  2. Dheeraj

    My Concern is that almost every bookmarking site give no-follow back link. And we all know very well that no-follow link means no love from search engine. In that case how bookmarking site can help SEO?

    Author I am eager to listen from you?

  3. manoj

    great information . social bookmarking plays an important role in SEO.there are some advantages and disadvantages too.but very helpful in raking the website

  4. Gloria Jeans


    Social bookmarking is effective but it is too easy doing it wrong. Since there are many automated tool which many consider useless now a days but it more about how we use them. One such tool is bookmarking deamon. It is a great tool in good hands and a terrible one when in blackhat hands.

  5. Kuldeep

    My Concern is that almost every bookmarking site give no-follow back link. And we all know very well that no-follow link means no love from search engine. In that case how bookmarking site can help SEO?

    Author I am eager to listen from you?

  6. salek ahmed

    I never use social bookmarking. I was thinking that it is so boring to doing. But I suffer most. Now I will start to using them, they give me incredible result.
    Thanks bro. here you listed some good point about social bookmarking.

  7. Sunil K Chaira

    Social bookmarking can boost overall SEO experience but we have to be very smart while doing social bookmarking for our website. Thanks for making efforts and providing such a great article for us.

  8. Perky Seraph

    I am new in blogging world and I don’t give much time to Social bookmarking because my whole concentration goes to my blog and SEO. After reading your content I am thinking to consider social bookmarking. Thanks!

  9. Nizam

    Yes, social bookmarking is really a good source of traffic and submitting blog can be useful. And yes most of the bookmarking sites have high Pagerank which give quality backlinks.
    Thanks Gautham for this useful post 🙂

  10. George Lee

    Well I really found this article very informative and my experience with social media websites is the same. I agree traffic from social media websites has a very low conversion rates but still it indirectly provides us with benefits of improved search engine rank as a result of increased social signals. Overall i love social media websites for SEO purpose

  11. Manoj Rawal

    I focus on Twitter mostly, but have recently started experimenting more with Facebook and Google+.

  12. stargaterich

    Thanks for the great post on the benefits of social bookmarking in regards to blogging. On a footnote, it is interesting to note the there are signs that Google no longer emphasis link juice from such sites, as evident from Digg which is sold for a mere 500K!.

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