Why And How to Take Backup of Feedburner Mailing list

If I have to give you one tip for getting success in your life; “Work smarter rather than harder“.  As a person we all work harder and we work up to the our limit to do something, but to maximise your output, you keep turning your hard work into smart work. For example, you can still stick to same method of writing un-targeted posts to make money from AdSense or you can use this simple trick to pick Keywords which can generate more than $50 per click.  Such changes doesn’t happen over night, and while working hard you will keep discovering new tricks which will automatically turn your working style towards smart work.

One of the biggest mistake which we often make is not preparing ourselves for rainy days. 2 days back one of shouter called me to share his problem with a private VPS server crashed and how he lost his year old hard-work by not taking the backup outside the server. The intelligent kid was smart enough to take the backup on the same VPS server, but after the server crash he also lost the access to the backup. Believe me or not, this actually hurts more than you can imagine. Imagine yourself losing every inch of your hard-work with a blink of your eye. Do you really want to be in that kind of state ever in your life?

Yes, today article is all about backing up, and in particular backing up your feed burner Email list. Like me, If you are also using Aweber to manage your Email list, I will share tip for that in another article.

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The reason for selecting feed burner as a topic here is because I’m skeptic about the future of Feedburner. Google has already showed many signs, which made me and other experts to think they might shut down feed burner in future.  I’m sure they will give ample amount of time (3-5 months) to backup your data or to import it to other Email marketing tool, but it’s advisable to keep taking timely backup of your feed burner Email list. Usually I have set the backup date as end of month for most of my services, and store them on my Amazon server. Another reason is; your feed burner account is linked with your Gmail account and if somehow you lose your Google account, boom! you will also lose your priceless email list.

 So without getting more detail into importance of backing up, lets directly learn how you can backup your Email list in less than 5 minutes.

How to take back up of your subscribers email list from Feedburner?

I am discussing the process of taking backup of Feedburner Mailing List ahead:-

1. Login to your Feedburner account.

2. You will find a list of your blog websites here.  Click on the one, which you want to take back up for.

3. Click on the “Publicize” tab as shown in below Figure.

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4. On the left side menu bar you will find “Email Subscriptions” tab. Click on it, which will open up the “Email Subscriptions” tab, and then click on “Subscription Management” tabs appeared below it.

  • Save

5. You will find “Subscriber Management” section at the bottom of this page and a link as “View Subscriber Details” at the bottom of “Subscriber Management” section.  Click on this link.

Backup Feedburner account
  • Save

6. At this step you will get two options – “Search Addresses” and “Export CSV”.  Click on “Export CSV”, which will prompt you to save the file.  Select the destination and save the file.

Your Feedburner email subscription list is now save into your system and is also safe from any kind of data loss.  Now you can always use it to import your mailing list to better email marketing tools which you will be using in future. Do let me know which email marketing tool are you using for now?

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7 thoughts on “Why And How to Take Backup of Feedburner Mailing list”

  1. Nizam Khan

    Excellent and detailed guide. This is will be very helpful to those who are looking to backup or export their subscribers emails. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Mi Muba

    Hi Harsh; thanks a lot for giving such wonderful tips. I agree that now after several ups and downs in recent past by Google everything from it is unpredictable. Sometimes I afraid one day it might announce quality content are not as much powerful as infographics and all bloggers would be wondering what to do next. It is possible that Feeburner will be no more. So it is a cool strategy to opt for a more reliable and viable option. No doubt Awber is the best one.

  3. Noufal Binu

    Must important tip for bloggers, it is simple steps but i will be never try to backup my FeedBurner and i don’t know about this thank you harsh it is Must Keep up with for all FeedBurner users.

  4. Nishant

    Hey Harsh ! Nice Post.
    I have one more query related to Feedburner. How to show only headings of the post to the subscribers?
    I want the subscribers to see only the heading of the post not the complete post in feed. Can you help me with it?

    1. Ranjit J Deore

      Nice workaround harsh. And yes, I have the same query as you mate. Can you help out Harsh?

  5. vikas yadav

    A nice step by step article for taking the backup of feedburner mailing list. I have done it successfully after reading this tutorials. thanks lot@Harsh for providing this important informations.

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