Why I’m A Failed Blogger But I’m Hopeful For Getting Success


I’m sure you like reading inspirational blogging story because they motivate you to do something better, but in this post, I will tell you story of my failed blogging career, so that you will learn about the mistakes which I have done, and you avoid repeating them.

4 years ago I started my blogging  journey and till today I have created 19 blogs. Among all  I have deleted 18 blogs because all those blogs cannot get readers focus and attention, as well as they cannot gain search engine ranking.

One year back  I launched my 19th blog  which was my most successful blog in comparison with all previous blogs, but after few months of its success; It again turned into another failed blog as traffic of my site dropped to 40/50 visits a day. Sigh!

After this unexpected failure, I quit blogging for six months and today I’m again motivated to start my next phase of blogging journey with this first guest post at ShoutMeLoud.

I wrote this post for the bloggers who are doing the same mistakes as I have done, so that you can avoid repeating those mistakes.

Failed Blogger
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I will like to thank Mr. Harsh and other professional bloggers,  for providing me the blogging tips that helped me a lot to overcome and find me the mistakes that I have done in my previous blogs. If you really want to be a professional blogger just avoid these mistakes that I have done in my past 19 blogs.

Blogging Just for Money

When I started blogging I was just blogging for money not for my interest or fun. Let me tell you a story, 4 years ago I proposed a girl and after few days of proposing her I realize that my pocket money is not enough to recharge my phone.

To overcome this problem I researched on internet and found blogging is the best way to earn money.

Then I started blogging just to earn money and I started a SMS site. Since, I am not a poet or a philosopher to write couplet or poems so I used to paste the SMS that my girlfriend used to send me.

I know it was a silly thing that a silly person will do but desperate times call for desperate measures. In excitement of earning in short span of time, I forgot that I am stealing others content.  

Therefore, always remember that interest brings the topic that makes a great post. If at that I am really interested on sharing my thoughts I think I don’t have to create all those remaining useless blogs.  Do read these two articles (Open in new tab):


Do you know that I am blogger who hesitate to share his blog with people who know me personally? Yes, I never shared my blog address with my friends and family who knows me personally, because I don’t want them to read my articles.

At first I couldn’t find the reason behind that and after few years I realized that this is happening because I was not confidentt while writing my post. If you cannot share your thought with your friends and family.

How can you share your thoughts with the whole world? Therefore I suggest you to be confident while writing a post otherwise you will also encounter a problem as I have faced before.


I think this is also one of the great reason that degrades my blogging career because in all of my blogs I have used premium templates for free by downloading from torrents and other websites.

At that time I am not aware about the malicious codes that are injected inside such templates instead I think the people buying premium templates are fool because they can also get it for free.

It sounds funny, but it’s true that I used to think like that. If you want to read more details on why we should not used pirated themes or templates here Harsh has explained it much clearly.

Translating Article

Do you know that most of the articles that I wrote in my earlier blog were translated from a local Nepali magazine. I used to think that no one will ever gonna know about those article but one day the magazine put a complaint on my website because I was directly stealing their contents.

Finally I had to delete all those translated content and my blog was again a dead zone. Yah it’s one of those mistake which we all make at the initial days of blogging.

Stay Calm & Blog on

Keep Calm and Blog
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When I started my 19th blog, my target was to get AdSense approval as soon as possible, and as I mentioned above I translated content from other site to have enough content on my blog.

But Google rejected my application because all of those are copied and translated content. Sometime we get so desperate for AdSense, that we forget even with AdSense approval, we will not make money.

Can you imagine driving enough traffic with a low-quality or blog with copied content?

I’m sure many of you are trying to get into blogging for money, and believe me you will make money someday; only if you follow the right path. Don’t fall into the trap of thousands of failure like me who are just getting into blog zone to earn without putting real effort.

Yes. I proudly tell that I am not a successful blogger but you know that every person learns something from their mistakes as I do.

The experiences that learned from my mistakes will teach me to start new blog and I hope the next 20th blog will be my successful and final blog. I’m not only hopeful, but I’m sure I will do what ever it takes to become a good and successful blogger.

I have shared these mistakes of my previous blogging life, because if you are making any of these mistakes, it’s time to stop and look forward for a brighter future.

I will never come to know about these mistakes if I have not found ShoutMeLoud, I am really thankful to Mr. Harsh Agrawal who founded this blog.

Here are some more eye-opening mistakes which will help you to stop making them, and blog like a ninja:

All I’m looking for you is your honest opinion and words for me, which will help me with this new journey. If you find my writing useful do share with other budding bloggers, who might make most out of it.

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Authored By
I am Tirtha Ojha, founder of itdigitalworld.com. I am a part time blogger based on Dhangadhi, Nepal and I have recently completed my Bachelors of Computer Networking from London Metropolitan University. I started blogging because I am passionate toward it and I want to share my ideas with the whole world.

32 thoughts on “Why I’m A Failed Blogger But I’m Hopeful For Getting Success”

  1. akshay

    I really like the way you have expressed .I am planning to launch a blog on personal development ,I will keep these things in mind..
    thank u

    1. Anupum Pant

      Akshay personal development blogs are a big hit abroad. In India, yours could could start a revolution. Write well and persist. You’ll do wonders.
      Wait no more…

  2. Sourav Ghosh

    I really appreciate Tirtha for your honesty. Very few people can admit their mistakes, accept their failure, learn from that & try again. That’s why very few people can succeed in life. Most people would rather say “this (blogging or anything) stuff doesn’t work” rather than retrospecting what they had done wrong. So you are on the very right track. My best wishes.

  3. Syed Usman

    Amazing article. I have a small issue about my free blog. It never used to happen, but suddenly it started from my last post on my blog. The problem is when I give ENTER after each para, that is not taking. It is as same as not giving an ENTER. How do I resolve this problem? I’m sorry, if this is not the correct place to question. But, I terribly need help in resolving this problem ASAP.

    1. Anupum Pant

      Hey Syed, the reason could be literally anything. May be you have started writing on word first and then are copying to the wordpress editor…or some other reason.
      The first thing I’d suggest to you is to check the HTML code. You need to make sure that paragraphs are enclosed in the and tags. If it is not like that, then the paragraphs will have no gap in between…
      Do tell me how it worked…

  4. Anchit Shethia

    To be true, I have faced no problem in using a pirated theme 😛 Its been 2 years and still going on. Hehe

  5. krishnan

    Confident is an important tool to success in blogging as you said most blogger do not like to share their post with friends and family, i like it , if we believe in our post after that people believe. thx

  6. Mayank

    A very inspirational article and one that made me want to write once again for my blog. It’s been a long time since I started writing but I haven’t tasted any success.
    Thanks for the inspiration and I should learn a lot from your spirit.

  7. Sekhar

    Nice post, many things to learn. As I have read somewhere, we can get messages from successful stories but learning’s from failure stories.

  8. vijaykumar

    hi ojha thanks for posting this article beacuse in less time we wont get huge cash. but iam also blogging from 1 year but i suggest newbie bloggers should prefer alternatives also like freelance.

  9. shiwangi shrivastava

    I can relate to this I did commit loafs of mistakes during my initial time or as a newbie.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas loved this.

  10. Nitin Patel

    I feel that I am very much lucky that I am following an awesome blog like ShoutMeLoud where people share their blogging stories and I get to learn something new everyday.
    Sincerely, I feel blessed. I would never be doing such mistakes because of reading these posts well in advance ! I am very much grateful.

  11. Noufal Binu

    Hi Ojha, first time I have Read failure inspirational Article and Awesome Points, Sure it will be help my Over confidence and Keep Calm on blogging Thank you so much Ojha :).

  12. Mi Muba

    Hey Ojha: I salute your spirit of never giving up. I am dead sure you must succeed sooner or later. Struggle must go on. Failing is not bad, quitting is the worst crime in this world. You also note that you are not alone in this journey. Several have passed it and many many are still just passing it. So show must go on. Either we fail or succeed it doesn’t matter.

  13. Sayyed Parvez

    Hi Tirtha,
    Thanks for the wonderful post. It has something for everyone who has started blogging and your have mentioned it very boldly. Its true we often feel ashamed of sharing our negative actions. Although the moment we started accepting our mistakes, we take a big step towards self improvement. I am learning too.

  14. Tanveer

    This article is as inspiring as any other posts that are full of success stories. Most of us feel shy to share our failure but here we have a true blogger who is sharing his failure just because new bloggers should not make mistakes. Hats off to you Tirtha. The day is not far away when you will be among the top bloggers.

  15. sadath

    Hi Tirtha Ojha…Now we can avoid mistakes what you have done in previous blogs …Thank you for sharing this article …All The Best for your 20th blog ………………

  16. Tirtha Ojha

    Thank you for you wishes and I further need your support so that I can start my new blog. I heartly want to thank Mr.Harsh Agrawal for publishing my post.

  17. Krishna Moorthy.D

    Really the newbie’s are making these kind of mistakes.This is a must read story for the newbie bloggers.
    @Tirtha Go on man with your new blog I’m sure that you’ll reach the peak, the best time of blogging is understanding these kind of mistakes and now you have good qualities to become a good blogger.

    Eespecially a 1000+ Thanks to Harsh ,now I’m a freelancer harsh 😛 and If I’m making $100+ a month now it’s just becuase of you SML.Really Love you man 🙂

  18. vikas yadav

    A very inspirational story for the new blogger who are struggling to make money from blogging. This story proves that one can not make money without taking the interest in blogging. Thanks a lot@Ojha for sharing this inspirational story with us.

  19. sahil

    Awesome article, true story of many bloggers. We should learn from this.

  20. Pramod

    Really interesting post, yes piracy and stealing content is one of the most common mistake ever every blogger do and I too have to started again when I got nothing and realized my mistake, but now with originality my second blog has been achieving much more than that of my previous blog in just 2 months of hard working.

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