Why I’m A Failed Blogger But I’m Hopeful For Getting Success


I’m sure you like reading inspirational blogging story because they motivate you to do something better, but in this post, I will tell you story of my failed blogging career, so that you will learn about the mistakes which I have done, and you avoid repeating them.

4 years ago I started my blogging  journey and till today I have created 19 blogs. Among all  I have deleted 18 blogs because all those blogs cannot get readers focus and attention, as well as they cannot gain search engine ranking.

One year back  I launched my 19th blog  which was my most successful blog in comparison with all previous blogs, but after few months of its success; It again turned into another failed blog as traffic of my site dropped to 40/50 visits a day. Sigh!

After this unexpected failure, I quit blogging for six months and today I’m again motivated to start my next phase of blogging journey with this first guest post at ShoutMeLoud.

I wrote this post for the bloggers who are doing the same mistakes as I have done, so that you can avoid repeating those mistakes.

Failed Blogger
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I will like to thank Mr. Harsh and other professional bloggers,  for providing me the blogging tips that helped me a lot to overcome and find me the mistakes that I have done in my previous blogs. If you really want to be a professional blogger just avoid these mistakes that I have done in my past 19 blogs.

Blogging Just for Money

When I started blogging I was just blogging for money not for my interest or fun. Let me tell you a story, 4 years ago I proposed a girl and after few days of proposing her I realize that my pocket money is not enough to recharge my phone.

To overcome this problem I researched on internet and found blogging is the best way to earn money.

Then I started blogging just to earn money and I started a SMS site. Since, I am not a poet or a philosopher to write couplet or poems so I used to paste the SMS that my girlfriend used to send me.

I know it was a silly thing that a silly person will do but desperate times call for desperate measures. In excitement of earning in short span of time, I forgot that I am stealing others content.  

Therefore, always remember that interest brings the topic that makes a great post. If at that I am really interested on sharing my thoughts I think I don’t have to create all those remaining useless blogs.  Do read these two articles (Open in new tab):


Do you know that I am blogger who hesitate to share his blog with people who know me personally? Yes, I never shared my blog address with my friends and family who knows me personally, because I don’t want them to read my articles.

At first I couldn’t find the reason behind that and after few years I realized that this is happening because I was not confidentt while writing my post. If you cannot share your thought with your friends and family.

How can you share your thoughts with the whole world? Therefore I suggest you to be confident while writing a post otherwise you will also encounter a problem as I have faced before.


I think this is also one of the great reason that degrades my blogging career because in all of my blogs I have used premium templates for free by downloading from torrents and other websites.

At that time I am not aware about the malicious codes that are injected inside such templates instead I think the people buying premium templates are fool because they can also get it for free.

It sounds funny, but it’s true that I used to think like that. If you want to read more details on why we should not used pirated themes or templates here Harsh has explained it much clearly.

Translating Article

Do you know that most of the articles that I wrote in my earlier blog were translated from a local Nepali magazine. I used to think that no one will ever gonna know about those article but one day the magazine put a complaint on my website because I was directly stealing their contents.

Finally I had to delete all those translated content and my blog was again a dead zone. Yah it’s one of those mistake which we all make at the initial days of blogging.

Stay Calm & Blog on

Keep Calm and Blog
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When I started my 19th blog, my target was to get AdSense approval as soon as possible, and as I mentioned above I translated content from other site to have enough content on my blog.

But Google rejected my application because all of those are copied and translated content. Sometime we get so desperate for AdSense, that we forget even with AdSense approval, we will not make money.

Can you imagine driving enough traffic with a low-quality or blog with copied content?

I’m sure many of you are trying to get into blogging for money, and believe me you will make money someday; only if you follow the right path. Don’t fall into the trap of thousands of failure like me who are just getting into blog zone to earn without putting real effort.

Yes. I proudly tell that I am not a successful blogger but you know that every person learns something from their mistakes as I do.

The experiences that learned from my mistakes will teach me to start new blog and I hope the next 20th blog will be my successful and final blog. I’m not only hopeful, but I’m sure I will do what ever it takes to become a good and successful blogger.

I have shared these mistakes of my previous blogging life, because if you are making any of these mistakes, it’s time to stop and look forward for a brighter future.

I will never come to know about these mistakes if I have not found ShoutMeLoud, I am really thankful to Mr. Harsh Agrawal who founded this blog.

Here are some more eye-opening mistakes which will help you to stop making them, and blog like a ninja:

All I’m looking for you is your honest opinion and words for me, which will help me with this new journey. If you find my writing useful do share with other budding bloggers, who might make most out of it.

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Authored By
I am Tirtha Ojha, founder of itdigitalworld.com. I am a part time blogger based on Dhangadhi, Nepal and I have recently completed my Bachelors of Computer Networking from London Metropolitan University. I started blogging because I am passionate toward it and I want to share my ideas with the whole world.

32 thoughts on “Why I’m A Failed Blogger But I’m Hopeful For Getting Success”

  1. awani

    first of all i would like to thanks harsh aggarwal to post these kind of motivational cum lesson post to all bloggers. Sometimes, i feel so bad when my articles are not ranking in google serp, but i dont focus on mistakes that what i have done in post is so natural. I learned a lot from some pro blogger blogs and finally able to get something new and started ranking. So learned from your mistakes and polish your self at each and every stage of life

  2. Dinesh Verma

    Seriously hats-off brother, reading your story was like reading a SSB experience of some guy. 19 attempts = great deal of effort.
    After reading your story I forgot what I was looking for and now I am praying for your success.

  3. Prakash Kanyal

    I am amazed to read your story. I have also deleted many blogs but I have one now and I am trying to keep it up. So I am following https://www.shoutmeloud.com blog for better results and learnings.

    Thank Harsh

  4. Pappulal

    This is exactly reads like my blogging story, well I have learned so much in my 3 years blogging experience and now getting 1200 to 1500 visitors daily on my blog. But struggling for making money.

  5. Qasim

    Hi Tirtha,

    First of all I would like to thank you for sharing your experience with us and I want to wish you the success with your journey. Sometimes It’s important that we fail to learn how we raise again. Each one of us has made a mistake at some stage so that we learn from our own mistakes, by sharing these mistakes with others also they will learn from our mistakes.

    Thanks again for sharing.

  6. Biswajit Nath

    Same story here! After failing of an Android related site which I have been maintaining for almost 2 years, I had decided to quit blogging. But after reading this article today, I have decided to write another blog post after a long 2 months break. Thank you for sharing your story. This may help several failures like me.

  7. ashu

    similar story of being money minded and then learning from the same to do something new.

  8. rishabh pant

    Thanks for the article bro..
    I hope you will get success from your 20th blog..
    I am also starting new blogging site, I hope article like these keep motivating me.
    Also thanks shout me loud to give opportunities to share thoughts of bloggers with different backgrounds.

  9. Abhishek Tavasalkar

    I always believe if you read failure stories first before reading the successful one you’ll know what obstacles does one has to go through. These mistakes are made by many bloggers and glad you weren’t ashamed and created a post about your failure. Hope you 20th blog is lot successful. Best of luck

  10. Pankaj Mishra

    Nice article, after reading this article, I get motivated not to leave anything just for its failure, but keep trying your best effort until you will not get success. Recently I have started a new blog and I was not knowing much about blogging. But after reading your article I come to know the Various ways through which I can fail in blogging field.
    thank you for sharing such a informative experience which a very few people does.

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