ShoutMeLoud’s April 2015 Transparency & Traffic Report

Howdy, Shouter!

Welcome to the monthly edition of ShoutMeLoud. In this post you will learn:

  • How much money I made from blogging in the month of April 2015
  • How much traffic we saw and our traffic sources for April 2015
  • What’s new at ShoutMeLoud and few pieces of background news

Publishing this monthly report has been part of ShoutMeLoud’s transparency culture since March, 2009. You can browse all previously published income reports in this mega list.

April was a month of action, as a lot of new things happened for ShoutMeLoud and my blog network. Here are some highlights:

April, 2015 traffic report:

Traffic during the month of April was better than in earlier months, as we closed in on 0.65 million page views  in one month.

Here are the traffic stats:

April 2015 traffic report
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  • Visits: 445,684
  • Page views: 652,805

83% of our existing traffic is from search engines, and fortunately, ShoutMeLoud was not impacted by the latest algorithm changes. Google rolled out a mobile algorithm on April 22nd, and if your site had a noticeable traffic drop after that date, your site may have been penalized.

Android app traffic:

Next month I will have data for the newly launched iOS app available. For now, let’s have a look at how the Android app is performing. You can check out ShoutMeLoud’s Android app here.

Last month I temporarily disabled push notifications for the web and for the app. This affected the app usage considerably, as users were not getting notifications for newly published posts. This is one reason you will notice that our app engagement is less than in earlier months. With that said, overall app traffic has increased, and I’m betting heavily on the success of the ShoutMeLoud Android and iOS apps.

Here is the Android app traffic chart for the month of April:

April Android app traffic
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ShoutMeLoud iOS App: (App Store page here)

The first version of ShoutMeLoud’s iOS app is live on the Apple Store, and I’m pretty excited about it. The app approval process took longer than anticipated, and rolling out an updated version takes time as well. I just pushed out version 1.1 of the app, and in the coming week I will be rolling out a completely new design.

Below you can find the mockup of the upcoming design for the ShoutMeLoud iOS app.

Homepage mockup
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Category Homescreen
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Menu iOS app mockup
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You can download the current version for iOS devices from the official app store here.

Note: The Android app will have a similar design in the coming week.

Earning as a Brand Ambassador:

In the past, I have done a video shooting for Citibank for a campaign, and in return I received a gift from them. Here is the video:

In the above income column, you might have noticed an entry referred to as “brand ambassador” with the value of $1,412.29. This is an entirely new category of earning source for me.

I’m working with a blogger’s related brand as a brand ambassador, and they are paying me about $4,200 for a one-year contract. In the coming months or years, I see this as a great revenue stream for bloggers who have established a brand for themselves.

Asking Shouters to try and review the app:

App reviews
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I prefer doing things on my own, and I rarely ask for help. For the first time, last month I asked ShoutMeLoud newsletter subscribers to help me with a review of our Android app, and the response I received was mind-blowing.

Special thanks to all the Shouters who tried ShoutMeLoud’s Android app, and shared their honest reviews on the app page. Your comments have been very helpful to our review process and beneficial to the app’s exposure. I appreciate your help.

If you have not yet added your review yet, I would be grateful to see your reviews of the ShoutMeLoud app on the Google Play Store and on the iOS App Store. Here are the links:

It only takes a minute to write a review, but the increased exposure for the app is very helpful.

Note: Feel free to suggest new features for the app, and accepted features will be added in the future iteration.

Blogger’s Forum:

Bloggers Forum
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Last but not least, the ShoutMeLoud forum is live. I’m using the Discourse forum, and I installed it on the sub-domain. The forum is doing great, as many bloggers are helping one another to grow. You can join and participate in the forum for free by using the link below.

Special thanks to Julia who is our current editor. She is working day and night to improve all of our existing articles. So far she has updated about 60+ articles, and she is now the person who ensures that no article goes live without proof-reading. I wish I could have found her earlier. Thanks, Julia!

That’s all from my end for the month of April.  I would love to know how the month of April 2015 was for you! Feel free to share your new discoveries, income and overall growth reports in the comment section below.

If you enjoy reading these monthly reports from ShoutMeLoud, please feel free to share them with your friends and colleagues on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Authored By
A Blogger, Author and a speaker! Harsh Agrawal is recognized as a leader in digital marketing and FinTech space. Fountainhead of ShoutMeLoud, and a Speaker at ASW, Hero Mindmine, Inorbit, IBM, India blockchain summit. Also, an award-winning blogger.

48 thoughts on “ShoutMeLoud’s April 2015 Transparency & Traffic Report”

  1. Vikas Agrawal

    I’m happy you got success through your blog. Blog is such a powerful thing, people (some of them) aren’t really aware of the value of this platform. Sooner or later, they will find out.

  2. I keep telling other bloggers you are the best. Each time I read your monthly report, I’m always inspired. Many bloggers solely rely on adsense but in your case you have everything going for you.

  3. shantanu vaibhav

    you have spend $160 Facebook ads . I need your help regarding payment on facebook for ads . When i use central bank credit or debit card also state bank debit card to pay for ads it response ” This card was declined. Please review your card information and try again or use a different card. If you continue to have problems, please contact your bank.” Can you tell me or make a post on facebook ads payment and which debit/credit card i will use to make payment on facebook for ads .. please help me

  4. Very inspiring income report ! Great to see you have an app now. That’s something I really want 2 in the future.

    Keep up the good work. Hope you will archive your milestone soon πŸ˜‰


  5. You, Harsh my friend are truly an inspiration for all the newbies like me out there in the blogosphere.

    Thanks, keep writing great πŸ™‚

  6. Peeyush Rajput

    Wow! Thats cool.I am happy for you that your popularity as well as earning is increasing every month and your reports clear shows how famous Shoutmeloud is.Really you’re an inspiration for all new comers in this field.Keep it up

  7. Hi Harsh,

    Thanks for being very transparent in providing your detailed income report.This really drives my motivation to be successful in blogging.


  8. Hi Harsh,
    Your blog was the first blog I met at the and of 2012, which was an inspiration for me to give new direction will my life. And start to learn WordPress.
    On your blog I read news about WordPress, tips on blogging.
    I think India has a great community of bloggers that I admire, and which has been a source of light for me.
    My world in Portuguese Language is very poor on the subject. Adhere to its forum. and the second time I took the liberty to comment on a blog.
    Has the freedom to delete, your blog is an authority in the world of blogs. I’m just a beginner. With a dream to create an online course
    The best in the world for you
    Ana Pascoa

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      The house which I purchased is in the final stage of development. I would get the ownership in next 5-6 months. So that’s why house rent

  9. manindra simhadri

    most of the times i visit SML for these income report shares only to get motivated. I dont know how many bloggers out there are sharing their income report but yours is really inspiring and motivating thanks

  10. It is amazing that you can make so much money online. I always learn from you site! I need to branch out into more areas other than blogging and writing for Hubpages, which is in transition. I used to make $600 a month from them until they started changing thing. Not I don’t even make $50. I think they will go the way of eHow. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket. Anyway, thanks for inspiring us with your success!

    1. Harsh Agrawal

      Internet is fast changing place, and we need to stay updated with new stuff & keep exploring new opportunities. I know many people who used to earn a fortune by marketing on Hubpages, but sadly it doesn’t work the same way. I can understand how you feel when your income dropped from $600 to < $50. Wish you luck & hope you find the next big formula for you. Since you already have experience with Hubpages, I recommend you to check out this article. This is like creating 10-20 HubPages on a single niche, and only difference is: You will be doing it on your platform.

      1. You know Harsh, I read the post you referred to in your answer, and I did create a new site. I removed about 15 well performing articles from Hubpages and created a new niche site. That is what I did with my first site I started about 3 years ago, and it is doing very well. Why not keep all the Adsense earning for myself? It took me a few years to get over the fear of getting a hosting company and using WordPress. I am always learning and still don’t feel like I know anything. I do use Smushi it, Yoast and Jetpack. I am also looking at the other resources, to see if I can benefit from them. Thanks!

  11. Avadhesh Bhunwaliya

    Your’s is too much for me, If i can do half of it.
    I will leave India anytime. πŸ™‚

  12. I’ve been a silent reader of your blog since 2012. You rock big time. This reports will motivate bloggers.

    Just one question Harsh, how come your adsense earnings on shoutmeloud is low since you have huge traffic?

    I think when one have huge traffic like yours the adsense earnings will be great.

    Kindly share your opinion here.


  13. Piyush Dhiman

    Hello Harsh Agrawal Sir, I’ve been into blogging since 2 years, I’ve learned many things from your blog, as you mentioned in an interview that your first blog was on technology, mine was also on technology but it was hit by panda update, at that time my believe and trust was broken from blogging that it’s not my thing and I won’t be able to make it. To be very honest the only thing which lifted me up was your blog reason being you also suffered from this panda update and how you overcome and conquer this situation was marvelous. The article titled “How To Recover from Google Panda Effect” helped me a lot in correcting my mistakes in my next blog, which is based on media and entertainment, thanks to you which gave the confidence of making results instead of making excuses hope the earning might increase near you with time. I want to learn about “Affiliate Marketing” Sir any suggestion where should I start from. At last Harsh Sir you are an inspiration to me and I’m sure for most of the bloggers too.
    ~Piyush Dhiman

  14. hi sir
    very very congrats for this awesome achievement for states and earnings.
    I wish to god give you increased results day by day!!!

  15. Great figures again Harsh – well done.

    Harsh, i’m putting together an income reports roundup and would love to feature your blog in it if I may?

    I’m currently collecting figures for May and would love to include your figures – can you let me know when you publish them and I’ll get you included into my roundup?



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