How to Make Money Launching an Online Course on Udemy

Remember a couple of decades back how difficult it was to find a teacher when we wanted to learn something new? Whether a curriculum course, a professional course or any hobby that we wanted to pursue, we would ask our friends or family to suggest a class in our local area, and if were unable to find such a class, we would be forced by the lack of availability to give up the pursuit of our dreams, passions or hobbies. Those of us who are from smaller towns and cities would have particularly few resources available.

The steep rise of online business aided by the growth of the Internet over the past 20 years or so has resulted in a great shift to online resources.  And why not – when we can locate and learn from excellent connoisseurs around the globe at a nominal price?

What Is Udemy?

Udemy is a platform that brings a teacher and a student together. It is one of the best online platforms for this purpose as it provides ample amounts of support and free tools to instructors to build a course and monetize it. It also offers the teacher tips to improve his skills, teaching style and the course itself.

Check out online courses on Udemy

Anyone can create a course on Udemy on any subject in which they are knowledgeable, and can offer it to millions of students on Currently, Udemy has around 6 million students across 190 countries and offers courses in 100 languages. Udemy’s top 10 instructors have earned more than $17 million to date.

Could you be the next millionaire educator?  To find out, you’ll need to get started with Udemy today.

How to launch your course on Udemy:

Let’s have a quick look at the process of submitting your first course. If you don’t have your course ready, skip to next part or wait for my upcoming articles.

  1. Sign Up: Go to and sign up for a free account. By signing up for the account, you will have access to millions of free and paid courses available on Udemy. You can either create a course or learn anything you want based on your interests. Signing up is easy, and Udemy is simple to use.
  1. How to create your course: Once you have signed up, click on “Browse Courses” and “Go to My Courses”. There you will find a page that looks like the screen shot below. Simply click on “Teaching”, and then “Create a course”. You are now ready to become an instructor!

Create a Course on Udemy
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Course roadmap

Once you have decided the topic of your course, you will find thousands of courses similar to yours’ available on Udemy. For this reason, it is essential for you to stand out and differentiate yourself from the other available instructors and courses on the subject matter you wish to teach. In order to do this, it is crucial that you plan a distinct strategy to approach your target audience with course material that will interest them in your course in particular.

The four significant steps in launching your content in the marketplace are as follows:

  1. Planning
  2. Preparing
  3. Polishing
  4. Publishing

I will be discussing these steps in greater detail in my upcoming articles, so for now let’s stick with the basics.

Once you have followed the above steps, you are ready to step out into the Udemy ring and earn your fair market share as an instructor.

How the Udemy revenue model works:

There is no fee involved for creating a course in Udemy.

For selling, Udemy offers different revenue models based on whether the lead is through Udemy’s organic traffic, advertising campaign, affiliate marketing or entirely through the instructor.

Udemy revenue model
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  1. Instructor promotion: 100% of the revenue from sales is given to the instructor if he has generated the lead. For this purpose, the instructor can create a coupon code and share it in his circle, and anyone using his code to buy his course will be counted as his lead.
  2. Udemy organic traffic: A 50%-50% revenue sharing model will apply if the lead comes to Udemy through organic traffic.
  3. Others: The revenue sharing model will vary between 25% to 97% based on whether the lead to Udemy is through affiliates, ads, deals, etc.

Note: Effective April 4, 2016, all Udemy courses will be priced from $20-$50 each. In addition, they will still run promotions for students, but discounts will be capped at 50% off.

Resources for Udemy:

Udemy will help you from the very first step of creating your course to the promotion of it. There are many free resources available on Udemy, which will guide you through all the steps in making your course successful. In my opinion, this is one of the best advantages that Udemy provides.

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17 thoughts on “How to Make Money Launching an Online Course on Udemy”

  1. chirag motwani

    how to complete verification process in udemy?

  2. Chahit Kumar

    Hey shalu. I wish too develop course content that will cost around 10$. Should I upload it on udemt or should I offer it for free on adsense-monitised YouTube channel?

  3. Philips

    You can not only earn by uploading courses on Udemy but also from Affiliates. They really pays good. Thanks to the technology where one can learn and earn as well on the internet.

  4. Saurabh Choudhary

    Thanks a lot. This is a great avenue for people to share their knowledge and earn money from it. On the other hand, it does help people who are seeking good training material to excel in their field of choice

  5. john

    Is it Possible to embed udemy course on WordPress, Like API or Iframe?

  6. gaurav khurana

    Thanks Shallu , good to see now along with Harsh you are also doing a great job. Good to knoe this information that individuals can create their course and also learn

    Though earlier people were doing via youtube, bus udemy model of earning looks more attractive, Will be waiting for your next article on details about what all things can be added in a course apart from ppt and videos

  7. Ron Benson

    Thanks much Shallu! Your article is extremely timely for me. I have a course that will be ready to launch this month so udemy sounds like a great platform to launch it on.

    Can you tell me how much the average successful course is making on udemy and the best way to promo and sell a course?

  8. Swapnil Jagtap

    I have not tried making money by launching the online courses but i am user of Udemy. The Udemy is best site for free learning and getting materials for studying. I will also be trying to launch the course on Udemy but not prepared well. This article will help me for doing so.

  9. samex

    Lol. It baffles me how technology seems to chase away some old hard ways.

    Imagine studying online!!

    I even know some universities that their student don’t attend class but everything is online.

    Lol. Its funny but interesting.
    Thank You technology.

  10. Kidambi Badri

    The guide to Udemy has the usual stamp of clarity of I am an affiliate of Udemy and I am surprised by the wide range of courses on equally wide range of topics. Yes, it is the best platform to earn money online and also to learn something vocational online.

  11. Ryan Biddulph

    Shallu, I’ve been SO busy publishing an eBook weekly but have wanted to go live with my Udemy course. I need to create one first LOL. So much power there; I know guys like Matt Capala and Rob Cubbon are smashing it on the network, generating thousands of dollars each month. I intend to get the planning phase down pat in a bit because that would bring me the clarity I need, to make things pop. If I jumped in I’d lack the clarity, the planning and I’d rush through the process of creating a helpful course. Thanks for sharing!


  12. Ashish

    Udemy is really one of the fastest growing online business. I am also using UDEMY to learn blogging and its different platform….In short I can say It is totally valuable to pay.

  13. sangeetha menon

    I had been following Udemy for quite a few online courses and must say its awesome!

    The day wise courses are a lot more easier as you can divide your days in a week for learning and development.

    Shallu a very informative article.

  14. HareKrishna

    The Udemy revenue model information is really appreciated to me. Thanks for sharing the way to make money. Udemy is such a great platform for teachers and students. I am thinking to publish my own course. I hope you will publish your next article about Udemy very soon.

    1. Shallu Khetan

      Hey Hare,

      Personally, I am also of the same opinion that Udemy’s revenue model is very diverse and appreciable. I hope that this article will help you to start preparing your course for Udemy.

  15. Tirtha Ojha

    Really, I was thinking to publish a course at Udemy and made few videos. From few weeks I was searching for useful guide that helps me to be a tutor at udemy and I can’t believe that ShoutMeLoud published a post that guides me to start my online course in udemy.
    Thank you Shallu for this useful post.

    1. Shallu Khetan

      Hey Tirtha,
      I know that most of us get stuck when launching an online course due to lack of resources. Hope that this article has helped you. Do wait for my upcoming articles where I will be sharing more tips and tricks on how to make an Udemy course successful.

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